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Girl in Miu Miu and Garance Dore

Who doesn’t love to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the doors of fashion?

In the last few weeks as my regular readers will know I have posted about my adventures during NYFW, and one of the highlights was getting to go backstage at a few of the shows. Who doesn’t love to get a glimpse of what goes on behind the doors of fashion? And it seems brands are well aware of the public’s love of behind the scenes sneak peaks and back stage access and the power of a good influencer. And one brand that does not shy a away from the relatively new realm of social media and the rise of the “influencer” is Miu Miu. They recently started a new Instagram campaign called Girl in Miu Miu in which a popular influencer is given access to what goes on behind the brand of Miu Miu and then shares what they discover via the popular social media app. And one of our favorite influencers ( Right girls? Any self respecting influencer has to love her) Garance Dore was recently invited to participate. To read more about the days she spent with Miu Miu go to Garancedore.com and you must also check out her #GirlinMiuMiu instagram feed too. And be sure to watch the video below, a gorgeous and creative look at the new collection and fashion through the ages.


  1. I am not a huge fan of animal prints or anything that resembles that personally, but I do love the CONCEPT of the video, especially the music and the way the history of fashion is being represented here, a mix of madman feel, nostalgic with a western cowboy spaghetti western flavored infused into it. Quite refreshing!

    Yes, who on earth in the fashion work wouldn’t love Garance Dore, right? Am a fan of her work, especially her photography work and how to portrays women in fashion in general. Such high quality work from her.

    Thanks for sharing this, Allie! It’s been crazy busy here for me due to my full-time production work and it is great to be able to be back and read up on what’s happening with you over in NYC! Yes, I do find going backstage super exciting, glad that I had a chance to do that a little here at our own KLFW recently, and you too!

    Looking forward to see more of you in actin backstage soon!


  2. I’ve seen that on IG I need to check it out.


  3. Like the era they took the fashion in the video outstanding advertisement.

  4. oh yes, she is so inspirating 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂 happy monday!

  5. Going behind the scenes is always fun when it comes to fashion but even more so when it’s cool label and through the eyes of someone cool like Garance!

  6. I enjoy the fashion shows as much as all the preparation going on backstage. Thanks for the video! Have a nice week!


  7. That’s a really lovely short clip and I thought one of the faces look familiar and then I saw Mia Goth’s name. Nice to see her appearing in a Miu Miu video.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  8. I am so loving a look into Miu Miu. I just watched the video and the handbags look absolutely incredible. Girl, it made me feel like it was time to go shopping, immediately lol. Thanks for posting this Allie, I enjoyed it.

    Kia / KTS

  9. Oh, that video is fabulous!

  10. Her coverage and photography are so beautiful! It really is such a photogenic setting. I love the video style and all the gorgeous shoes. Miu Miu shoes will always have my heart.
    Style Tomes | Style Tomes on Instagram

  11. Love this! It’s so cool that you got a sneak peek.

  12. Hi dear Allie, I like Miu Miu and I did enjoy Garance Dore on girlinmiumiu, This video is one of my favorite campaigns form ss15, I specially enjoy the amazing pictures by Steven Meisel for Miu Miu.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  13. I haven’t seen this video so thanks for posting it. I love Miu Miu!! They have the cutest shoes.

  14. This was a really clever collaboration – thanks for sharing!

  15. It’s cool. Miu Miu never shy’s away from prints.

  16. I love the opening picture and the clip was mesmerizing ! I adore this designer and live precariously close to the flagship store. when I wander by, i try to leave my wallet behind. 😉
    Love her sensibility, the wild patterns and pattern mixing, the ladylike bags with artful twists, andI WANT that blue python coat, or was that a dream…?
    Always fabulous Allie!
    xx, Elle

  17. Oh, Miu Miu….so sweet, lovely and fun. Miu Miu is definitely young-at-heart and it speaks out through it’s designs. It’s like no matter how old you are, by wearing Miu Miu, it speaks the youth in you.

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