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French Connection and a Seasonal Sale for “Confessions of a Bargainista”




Y es, it could be said that sales are my downfall, or you could say that I just like a good bargain. In this installment of “Confessions of a Bargainista” I will be sharing with you some of the many purchases I made at French Connection the last few weeks. I mean how could one possible resist the giant black and white signs advertising this most tempting of vices? “I’ll  just take a quick peek” I told myself, standing on the snowy wind swept corner of Spring Street and West Broadway. Well a “quick peek” turned in to forty five minutes, and I walked out with three “I must have these garments” in my possession, and then I went back a week later and bought two more items. So bad, I know. However I will have something to wear to fashion week. This long-sleeved, quilted “Rocky Road Sweat” pull over retailed for $118.00 was marked down to $69.99 and then was an additional %40 off. I am sure you can do the math, but oh yes, I was one happy Bargainista.[blockquote]I have come to appreciate the slow burn of paying full price for a quality item I truly covet[/blockquote] And the trousers retailed for $178.00, were marked down to $109.00 and yup you guessed it—an additional %40 off. I live for these kind of sales and I actually do get a thrill when I feel like I “cleaned up” as they say. Though I must admit, in recent years I have come to appreciate the slow burn of paying full price for a quality item I truly covet. It is a different kind of satisfaction, but just as addicting. And we all know these addictions do need to be fed now and again. I hard a particularly rough week at work, and I also experienced the trauma of a bad haircut for which I received a full refund. So I convinced myself that the only way to spend this new found money and to reward myself for surviving these injustices was a new wallet—which I do desperately need. I am currently running around with a plastic $20.00 special that is peeling and fraying. The only thing that stopped me was the weather and being to lazy to put on the all the layers needed to trek off to the shops. But, there is always next week. So there just may be a Michael Kors wallet out there with my name on it. I thought I would style this top and pant with these booties from Donald J Pilner and this necklace that I picked at the Brooklyn Flea a few years ago. I think this is Fashion Week worthy ensemble, yes?  But with the uber frigid temperatures I will probably ended up wearing my knee high Cole Haan boots instead. But hey, it’s all in the name of fashion! French Connection is still having a sale, so if you are in need of a fix, do stop by.


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  1. Great finds, I am staying away from the sale right now too tempting.


  2. There is NOTHING like a good sale haul! I used to love that French Connection and that neighborhood (so much good food in the area!) It’s ok to splurge once in a while. Enjoy!

    little luxury list formerly Chic ‘n Cheap Living

  3. Oh wow, these are amazing purchases, what a good bargain! I am like you, I can’t resist the word ‘SALE’! I also tell myself I’ll just go in for a peek and always come out with something. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  4. Sales on top of sales are the best! It’s too cold to go out so I’ve been doing my shopping online. Sorry to hear about the bad haircut. I’ve been there too and it’s definitely traumatizing. Did you try a new salon?

  5. It always feel good to get what you want without breaking the bank, No post today.

  6. love the boots and necklace!!! 😀

    have a great week!
    Animated Confessions

  7. The boots are to die for! Enjoy fashion week!


  8. What a fantastic sale! You found some beautiful pieces!

  9. Lol. I agree. I always love a good sale as well.

  10. I love a good sale! I picked up a pair of Zara jeans a couple of weeks ago, for $29. Marked down from $79! 🙂

  11. Sounds like you got some great deals! I have been trying really hard to avoid the sales, but they are so tempting!


  12. Great items!! Who does not love a good deal?Oh yes I am from the same bargainista team! xx

  13. I love a good bargain! Great pieces you got hold off

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