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The Embroidered Boot Trend What’s Not To Love

Yay it is almost fall! And soon we will be able to wear all fabulously chic cool weather clothes. Don’t get me wrong I love a flowing maxi dress just as much as the next girl, but there is something to said for sweaters, tights and boots. And there is one trend that I am seeing all over the place and as far as I can tell it is going to be a huge trend for fall—and that is the embroidered boot. First was jeans, then it was jackets and now boots. Last week in this post I featured a pair from Rebecca Minkoff, and stay tuned for this weeks Look Book Friday because it seems all the designers are showing a variation of this trend. Be it straight up embroidered versions like this from Balmain or floral motifed patterns to even stars this decadent and chic way to make a statement is the hottest thing since the gladiator sandal. I don’t own a pair yet, but I must admit I was quite tempted last week at the Rebecca Minkoff event I attended. Do you own a pair of embroidered boots? If not, is this on your must have list? It certainly is on mine!

Image via Pinterest, boots by Balmain. Click through below for more ideas and to shop.


  1. Those shoes are to die for.

  2. Don’t own a pair of embroidered shoes but they are so chic indeed and would love a pair! Wouldn’t mind your pick above hahah! Have a lovely week! Xx


  3. I’m with you girl, what’s not to love! I will definitely be rocking a pair this season, looking forward to your look book xx


  4. Embroidered boots are really cool and chic but they’re a little too trendy for me. I’m boring these days and prefer more classic or unbasic basic footwear.

  5. Those boots are so amazing. I’m not stylish enough to wear them, wish I were. They are so fab.

  6. Those boots are fabulous!

  7. I’m so into embroidery right now. I’m predicting that we’ll get way more of it next spring/summer!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

  8. Omg statement shoes!! Sooo bold. Love it.


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