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Dr Marten’s SS 2016 Collection a Celebratory Riot of Color and Texture




















Loving the new line of boots for kids based on these famous TV Shows






No, no football or track stars for us, our boys wore camouflage and Dr Martens

I remember when I was a kid in junior high school all I wanted was to own a pair of Dr Martens. There was a punk rock band at my school that were so cool they even had a rehearsal space in the basement of a surf store. And once every two months or so they would put on a show as a way to raise money to pay the rent on the rehearsal space. I actually hung out there between shows because my best friend was dating the lead singer and we considered it our answer to the infamous CBGB’s. No, no football or track stars for us, our boys wore camouflage and Dr Martens. And well for that matter so did the girls, we didn’t subscribe to the rules society wanted us to follow and stomping around in a pair of black Dr Marten’s was our way of flipping off what we considered the restrictions of traditional society. So as you can imagine I was super excited to check out the new SS 2016 collection which brought back fond memories of my post punk high school days.

Back then Dr Martens came in black, oxblood and army green. But I distinctly remember when they came out with white, my friend Gina was one of the first people I knew who had them, she liked to wear them with a black tutu skirt she got at Patricia Fields and a black moto jacket, what we use to call an MC jacket. Today Dr Martens stays true to it’s rebellious spirit but it has expanded it’s line and now offers shoes, boots and accessories for men, women and children. And the collection for SS 2016 is a celebratory riot of color and texture. From pastels to metallics, to the psychedelic influenced splash floral design, and the paint dripping print splash mono design, to the rainbow colored leopard prints for kids, to the fifteenth century painter D’ Antonio there is a statement making pair of combat boots to please us all.

But what hasn’t changed is the quality that goes in to their products and to that end they have partnered with one of the most respected English tanners Charles F. Stead.

But Dr Martens are not just known for the combat boot anymore. Now they make creepers, oxfords, loafers, sandals, and even heels. They also make backpacks, wallets, handbags and totes and a few of their newer lines are even, dare I say it? Distinguished. Oh my how times have changed. But what hasn’t changed is the quality that goes in to their products and to that end they have partnered with one of the most respected English tanners Charles F. Stead. And in keeping with the tradition they are famous for, they are now offering a limited edition collection of combat boots featuring the art work from the covers of two of the Scottish psychobilly band Demented Are Go’s most famous albums; Go Go Demented and The Day The Earth Spat Blood. This collection will be offered until January 2016.

From a work boot company to the underground music scene to more main stream fashion Dr Martins have come a long way, but they still hold true to their working class ideals of craftsmanship and an independent spirit. And I am sure they will be around for a long time to come.


  1. This post reminds me of my own younger years. I used to love Dr Martens growing up and always wanted a pair but was never able to get my hands on some. Loving some of these designs, like the splatter. Oh so cool


  2. YES,the shoes are very cool, i love these shoes

  3. They have an amazing selection.

  4. I’m not cool enough for these shoes, but they are awesome indeed.


  5. I had a pair of Docs in high school and I never wanted to wear anything else. They were the perfect shoes for concerts. I love that they’re still going strong and have also evolved with their styles. That is the mark of a strong brand.

  6. Holy crap, these are Doc Marten? I remembered back in the days when the brand was all the rage, they were only known for combat boots. Oh gawd, do I feel old or what? Damn I’m showing my age. LOL! I really need to browse their website and see what they have.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  7. These are really unique shoes! Have a nice week!


  8. These shoes are definitely a work of art. I loved how the colors blend together seamlessly to create something as so beautiful as these. Thanks for sharing this with us Allie. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing these photos.

    Kia / KTS

  9. I remember dreaming about Dr Martens when I was younger! Love all of the colors that are available now 🙂

  10. Definitely original! I like the new prints.

  11. Love he Dr Martens SS 2016 collection.. such a colour riot

    – New Post – Acro Yoga & Fall Colours

  12. What a cool collection, so many amazing shoes!:)

  13. Docs definitely take me back to middle school, ha! I love all these new fun prints + colors!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  14. It’s exactly what I thought when I saw the new collection! It is totally not what I remember the brand being!! I was in a similar scene growing up, and it was all about the combat boots, studded jackets and rainbow hair. Our prom cap-off was actually in CBGB!

    I love the artistic twist Dr. Martens is going with. It’s like the brand is growing up with me while retaining its edge.
    Style Tomes | Style Tomes on Instagram

  15. I’m loving their new collection…the different designs and colors are amazing!


  16. Ugh I couldn’t get to this 🙁 Glad you did because it looks awesome! Those patterns are so cool.

  17. I love these cool shoes *_* They make every outfit edgy and kind of casual 🙂

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