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Finally my video is up on City Point in Brooklyn. I wanted to work on this last weekend but I had a bad migraine on both Saturday and Sunday so I didn’t get too much done. I finished up this weekend and I hope you enjoy it. This is the first video I shot on my new Canon G7X and I must say I am quite impressed. The image stabilization is phenomenal and it was this factor alone that won me over and why I purchased the camera.

Again I used the Filmora software from Wondershare. The only difference with this video besides the camera is that instead of uploading directly to You Tube via Filmore, I exported an MP4 to my desk top and then upload to You Tube myself.

Uploading videos yourself gives you a lot more control. I found when I uploaded directly through Filmora the videos looked a little low quality. Not soft, but low resolution. Granted the last video was not shot on the G7X but it was shot on a DSLR with a fairly decent lends.

Export your video as an MP4 and then upload to You Tube

I didn’t check all the video settings when I was shooting on the Rebel T3i, but I still saw a difference from how the video looked straight out of the camera and after I uploaded to YouTube directly from Filmora.

I see a significant difference between the last video I posted and this one. So my advice is if you are going to use the Filmora software, don’t upload directly. Export your video as an MP4 and then upload to You Tube. For more information on this, here is a video on the best way to configure your settings when preparing a video for You Tube and here is a video on how create a more searchable video on You Tube. Also keep in mind when you are editing in Filmora it will look low res, and this is because the files are compressed so you can work faster and your computer will run better.

Let me know what you think. And if you are interested in the G7X here is a helpful video on what that best settings are for shooting cinematic looking videos. Next up? Learning how to man a drone for those eagle eye shots. OK, um it may be a wee bit too soon for that!


  1. You did a terrific job with this video! I still haven’t made it out to City Point yet and I want to go soon. I have to admit I’m more interested in the Dekalb Food Hall than the shopping. I ‘m a bit bummed I din’t make it before the Domino popup was still open. I want to learn more about your Canon G7X when I see you tomorrow 🙂

  2. The video is so cute and well shot. This camera looks good I so want a middle option between my phone and dslr.


  3. These are great Filmora tips- I actually got the software after you recommended it, although I have yet to really dig in. 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. This was a great video. Thanks for your advices about uploading the video on Youtube.

    Nina’s Style Blog

  5. Very cooool!!!

    Have a nice evening!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  6. Oh thank you for the tips. I just purchased video camera myself, also Canon and I am learning how to use Filmora. It seems easy but I find it hard to cut the scenes by seconds. Do you have any tips on how to cut different parts of the video? I keep zooming in all the time and it takes so much time.

  7. What a fun video!

  8. What an amazing job girls! Love the vid! You two looks fantastic!
    Have a fab weekend ahead!
    Much love, Len

  9. I think it’s amazing that you’re venturing and publishing more and more videos, Allie! Love watching this!

    Shireen⎜Reflection of Sanity

  10. Thank you for the tips Allie! 🙂 I loved watching the video! And †hose rose gold graters are so pretty! You’re so cute! The banana scene made me smile! Looking forward to watching more videos! Have a great day!

  11. It looks so nice! I loved the video!


  12. Hubby is asleep so I can’t watch this tonight, but am looking forward to seeing it with my morning coffee!
    How to start a week !
    X x, Elle

  13. Wonderful video, thanks for sharing!
    Isn’t That Charming.

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