Chainguardians @TheNolchaShows SS2023

I have heard a bit of a buz about the future of fashion and technology this Fashion Week. From the Metaverse to having an avatar to augmented 3D reality. Not quite sure what to think of all this yet. After all we still need to eat and breath in the real world—a human body still requires food, shelter and to be clothed against the elements. So don’t think I will be buying digital designer duds any time soon.

But the clothing created in the real world for this debut collection is a delight to be sure. Fun, quirky, and definitely colorful—this streetwear inspired lineup featuring eye popping avatars and graffiti like graphics even comes with a unique NFT for those that end up purchasing the garments. This NFT will allow users to interact with clothes in the metaverse in the not too distance future. Are you ready?


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Nazranaa @The Nolcha Shows
Chainguardians @TheNolchaShows SS2023