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Betsey Dresses NY


I have always been a fan of Betsey Johnson and the first designer dress I ever bought was a Betsey Johnson. It was a sleeveless black turtle neck mini dress with over sized zippers on either side of the turtle neck. The zippers also had big hoops at the end of them so it looked like you were wearing earrings. It looked very sixties mod and I wore this dress to death!  So Wednesday I headed over to Macy’s at Herald Square as rumor had it that Betsey Johnson would be dressing the windows live. I arrived early and there was a small crowd gathered in front of the Macy’s window. As I had time to spare I ran to Starbucks to get a coffee. Well as usual, and is generally the case at any Starbucks in New York, there was a line. Needless to say my coffee run took longer then expected, and when I finally returned the crowd had tripled in size! So much for my front row seat. There was a hot pink sign that read “Watch me do my thing!” and that is one of the things I have always loved about Betsey – her love of hot pink! 
Everyone was eagerly staring at the windows and chatting amongst themselves when someone suddenly noticed a tear and then another and then a hand and arm popped out and waved at us. Betsey had finally arrived, she tore through the paper in her usual punk rock fashion grinning from ear to ear. The crowd cheered and waved back and then Betsey did her thing!  There were four bald mannequins in black lace undies just waiting for their turn to be dressed and primped. Betsey chatted through the glass, aided by a microphone of course and introduced her team and let us know about her new line of dresses to be sold exclusively at Macy’s. Then she and her team got to work! There were rub on tattoos, oodles and oodles of jewelry and each mannequin was donned with a blond wig. The first “gal” was decked in a floral peplum number, the second one was a little edgier in a black lace flouncy mini dress and a ton of bling on her arm. The third mannequin was dressed in hot orange-coral colored dress with a textured bottom and the last one was the most punk rock in a form fitting leopard print dress and red belt. The first three dresses were strapless and the last one had a peek a boo cut out right below the neck. And all four had the Betsey touch! She will also be designing active wear for Macy’s as well. And if this new line is anything like her dresses, it will be sure to be a hit. 
The event was such a blast, I can’t believe I was standing there for three hours! Time flew. There was music to get the crowd going – everything from Rihanna and Katy Perry to David Bowie and Madonna. And the crowd itself was half the fun. I met lots of interesting people like Stella Rose in her gold knit dress and pill box hat and Jean Claude in his red infinity scarf. I also met a blogger named Martha with a blog called MdollNYC and another blogger named Alina who has a blog called The StyleSocialite. I also met a young women named Falicia who owns her own chain of lash extension salons which you can check out at www.fracassilashes.com
The only thing that marred the event a bit, was a crazy car chase. An ambulance and a black van collided with one another and then drove up on to the sidewalk. The black van appeared to be trying to escape and after ending up on the sidewalk it backed up crashed in to the ambulance again, it then backed up a second time and charged down the sidewalk with scores of people running for cover. Luckily as far as I know, no one was hurt. But wow, that shook me up a bit. The crash literally took place directly cross the street. If it took place on the side of the street we were on, we would have been the ones running for our lives.  Just wow,  is about all I can say about that!
I am so glad I got to attend this fun and memorable event. To me Betsey Johnson is a living icon and she still has that spark and lust for life she is known for. She has handed down this lust for life to her granddaughters one of whom played in the window with her and waved happily to the cheering crowd. And we will be seeing more of Betsey and her daughter and grand daughters this April when her reality TV show Betsey + Lulu airs on The Style Network.  So be sure to tune in, I mean, Betsey a living icon doing her thing? Some how I think this is going to be my favorite  new TV show of the spring seas
To see more Betsey’s dresses go to Macy’s.com
All images owned and copyrighted by ALLIE NYC.  Please do not use without permission and crediting Dressing Ken ( www.ALLIENYC.com ) Feature image of Betsey Johnson via OCWeekly.com


  1. I love this woman, admire her and her collection is always fun!!

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  2. This is great! Betsey’s such a badass!


  3. It looked like a lot of fun! And the outfits look amazing! 🙂


  4. Aw! Go Betsey! She/ her clothes are so fun! Sounds like you had an exciting day!


  5. That woman is an unnatural force of nature! Love her! Too bad her shop in Vancouver shut down… It will be sorely missed.

  6. Absolutely love your pics! 🙂
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  7. I love Betsey Johnson so much!! Her clothes are incredible and so unique!! Great photos! :))


  8. So fun! Love your pics!

  9. Oh my gosh. I LOVE Betsey!

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  10. Love Betsy Johnson!! How exciting!! Great pictures.

    Best, Mree

  11. How fun! It’s nice to see that Betsey is still such a ball of energy. I wish I could’ve gone to this with you!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  12. i love seeing designers and artists create window visualizations, see their visions manifest; what a treat to get to see a lady so rad as madame betsey johnson!

  13. I love her SO much 🙂 I’m really sad I missed this but thanks for posting!

    xo Ashley

  14. Very cool! Looks like a fun experience to watch her do her thing 🙂

  15. How awesome 🙂 thanks for sharing this experience!

    – J

  16. beautiful post!!!

  17. That sounds so cool! I love her pink too. Sometimes her style’s a bit more wild than mine, but I would love to hang out with her.
    xoxo Aimee of The Sitch on Fitch

  18. wow thats sooo awesome!!! 😀 i totally wish i had known about this!!


  19. this is such a fun event!
    love the quirky exciting vibe

    style frontier

  20. So lovely!

  21. Love it !

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  24. nice post!!!

  25. I love fashion, and I saw those dresses, I think this is great <3 Do you wanna follow each other? <3 xoxo http://ourloveourpassion.blogspot.com

  26. These are some u issue edgy street fashion scenary lol
    Thanks for visiting my blog! And yes the black shorts I was wearing under “Vintage” are puffy around the side so sometimes they appear to look like skirt lol

  27. Super cute photos!!!

    The Purse Snatcher

  28. Betsy Johnson is one my favorite designers – hands down! Great photos.

    Charlotte & Elisabeth

  29. Love BJ – I was so sad when our store closed in Dallas, Texas. I love that she is still doing her thang after all these years. . .


  30. Amazing! Shes such a rockstar- I love her designs too. Great post, bet you had the best time!

    Sarah XxX

  31. AMAZING pics:) she has such positive energy, everybody should act like that and the world would be a much better place.

    Thanks for following beautiful and come back visit me soon:)

    LOVE M

  32. Wow, what a fun event! I have loved Betsey Johnson for a while now as well! Her dresses are so fun and unique. Loved reading this post! 🙂

  33. sooo cool! wish i had known about this! 🙂


  34. So cool that you got to be there!


  35. love this she’s incredible!

  36. such fun pics! xx

  37. so cool you got to see this. betsey johnson is so fun and i love her dresses. crazy about that car crash/chase. eek. glad no one was hurt!

  38. oh my betsey is my favorite designer too! my betsey dresses are some of my favorites. i was so sad when i heard her stores would be closing; i had no idea she would be selling through macy’s now. so cool!!!!!

  39. Love Betsy so much !!! I live right across the street from her now shuttered Melrose store. It was like going into a fun little world when it was open and I was so sad it closed…. Great blog by the way.


  40. Thanks for the comment! I travel mostly for work and less for pleasure! Anyway i love it!

  41. love this pics and also your blog! It’s so nice!!! ! I’m thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!
    xoxo Gloria

  42. What a crazy (but successful) advertising event.

  43. This is so cool!!

    Curated by Jennifer

    That black Betsey Johnson sleeveless turtle neck mini-dress you bought long ago sounds fabulous. I too love hot pink and love Betsey’s (and your) love of it.
    It has been forever since I have been to Macy’s at Herald Square,
    but I do remember shopping there. Looking at your photos makes me want to be there.
    I have always loved how ultra-feminine and colourful Betsey’s designs tend to be.
    Seeing your coverage of the event is making me wish I had been one of the mannequins.
    Those dresses sound pretty.
    The street styles being worn by the fashionistas outside looked great!
    What a fun show!

  45. I love Betsey Johnson, how amazing you got to see her ‘do her thing’ what an experience!
    Milli x – http://millidavison.co.uk/

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