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An “Influencer”, Privilege & Self-Entitled Rage.

I do not often speak about politics on the blog or my social media channels. Occasionally I post my sentiments on social movements like BLM and #metoo. But for the most part my blog and my YouTube channel are a forum where I create content that inspires and topics that I am passionate about such as fashion, beauty and photography. I try to keep things positive. But sometimes one is pushed to the limit of keeping silent. So I am sharing with you an experience of sorts that motivated me to speak out. Granted this is not an earth shattering event, but eye opening to be sure.

This past Fashion Week in addition to attending shows much like previous seasons, I also shot street style photos outside the venues. And on one of these cold February, pre-Covid days I shot an attendee who was impeccably dressed in an eye catching look. I loved her style and of course I had to get a snap. She happily posed for me and we followed each other on Instagram to stay in touch, and so that I could alert her when I would be posting her photo. Which I have since deleted off the original NYFW Street Style post. It has earned a slot here. We chatted a few times via Instagram and we also followed each other on Tik Tok. I liked all her Instagram posts which I do for the majority of the people that I follow. She mainly posted fashionable looks, NYFW event photos, and some very clever well done Tik Tok videos. However, this all changed a few weeks after the Black Lives Matter protests.

The first post that caught my attention was one where she said, more or less in all caps followed by 12 giant red exclamation points:” I KNEEL FOR NO ONE BUT GOD!”. Umm OK. That is her prerogative, no one is forcing her to kneel, the BLM protests were not Nazi death camps. No one was putting a gun to her head and forcing her to kneel. If she did not want to kneel, a polite “I am sorry I can not kneel, this goes against my religious beliefs” would suffice.

SO. This is news for what reason? If you don’t want to kneel, don’t. But why do you feel the need to broadcast this on your social media channels? I mean I am not broadcasting on my social media channels. “ I DON’T EAT LIMA BEANS! I WILL EAT LIMA BEANS FOR NO ONE!” I don’t eat lima beans because I don’t like them, as they make me feel like I am eating cockroaches. But no need to broadcast this on my social media channels, it’s my prerogative not eat them so I don’t. I don’t feel the need to share this. So, why does this person feel the need to share that she does not kneel unless in church? And it is not so much that she posted this, but rather, the sense and expression of indignant rage. Rage? Really? She has since deleted this post. She has stated she is brave for voicing her opinions, but she only keeps comments that agree withe her view, and she has also deleted the post on looting featuring an image of an African American woman. A little too hot to handle? Maybe not so brave after all. And finally a week after I wrote this post she set her account to private. I guess she couldn’t keep up with deleting all the comments that did not agree with her. I did not engage on any of these posts. I have my blog and can express my views here.

What do think you think of when you think of a Trump supporter? A middle aged, over weight white male from a red state that use to work in a factory? Would you think of a young, slim, attractive, affluent, fashionable Asian American woman living a life of leisure? I am guessing this is not most people’s vision of an enraged Trump supporter. We are (for the time being) a free country. We are free to have different opinions and not have to agree with one another. That is our prerogative as Americans living in a democracy. It is one thing to support Trump, it is one thing to be against abortion and gay marriage as your religion tells you this is not allowable. It is one thing to not agree with defunding and dismantling the police. That is understandable. I may not agree with everything per say, but as a free country we are free to disagree. Probably better to not bring up politics, but, we can agree to disagree. I can deal with that. BUT…she continued with these posts…

Additional posts said that the BLM movement funded the Democratic party. Many organizations contribute to both the democratic and republican parties. So? This is legal. Nothing secretive. No deep state conspiracy. So your enraged about this why? Other posts called out looters with a photo of an African American female. And in other posts where she speaks to the camera she says that everyone who is not working and does not have a job is lazy and she says this with a sneer. And this, during the worst recession, bordering on a depression in a world wide pandemic. And the kicker? She doesn’t work. I am not %100 sure about this, but about %97 sure. To be honest the majority of influencers I have met from their twenties to their sixties are stay at home housewives (not all but most) who are supported by their husbands. Some make money as influencers, some do not. Some work, but many of them don’t. That is just the way it is. Obviously she does not seem concerned about working with brands. I mean let’s be real, no brand is going to touch her with ten foot pole. And I hope she does not expect invites to Fashion Week anymore. The PR firms will take one look at her Instagram account and it will be umm nope. She sealed her fate there. She also has less then 4k followers (though I think she use to have almost 6k,) on Instagram so she is certainly not supporting herself as an influencer. Most employers can only tolerate so much when it comes to posting political views, so my guess is she is not employed. I can only guess her husband works, or owns his own business. Though they should tread carefully. Her extremist views could effect their bottom line. Please listen below for her views on unemployed people.

Yep it is a free country you can say what ever you want and you will not be rounded up by the secret service, jailed and tortured. However that does not mean that there won’t be consequences. Much liked Rosanne Barr who last we checked is living freely and not in jail. But yes, her show was cancelled. Why? Well, her views worried the network that employed her. They were worried that their viewers would be offended by Roseanne Barr’s views, and that advertisers would also be offended, or that the advertisers also worried about viewers being offended and boycotting them if they were associated with the show. They were worried about their bottom line is as their right, so, the show was cancelled. Rosanne Bar is not a child, the network that employed her is not her parents. They owe her nothing. There are consequences for your actions. Even young children understand this. Put your hand in the cookie jar when you are told not too, you know that you will be punished and lose a privilege or two. The only type of human beings who do not understand this are: infants, toddlers and psychopaths. So yes feel free to post your views, but don’t complain when there are consequences, which of course is exactly what this young woman did, via a lengthy video post portraying herself as a martyred victim. She speaks of love and kindness, but only eschews condescension and rage. But expects kindness and “understanding” in return. Umm OK. I guess this makes here brave. However, she deleted all comments that did not support her beliefs. Brave? You don’t have a job to lose, and you only keep the comments that tell you how great you are. This is brave? Please listen below for her “brave” speech. The image below was a post she reposted to her IG stories. Why does this not surprise me? You can not make this stuff up.

And this is the part that really gets me: the MIND-BLOWING sense of victimization and rage. This is a person who has only known good fortune, good health and affluence. And it is not just WHAT she is saying but HOW she is saying it. As you can hear for yourselves, the breath taking conceit, condensing tone, and self righteous judgment. Umm, not for nothing, but pride and conceit are sins. Just saying. From what I can tell with her level of self-importance and self-worship, her parents must have gave her everything she wanted and needed growing up; and she went from being taken care of by her parents, to being taken care of by her husband like a privileged pet.

I mean lets be real: she has a roof over her head, food in her stomach and designer clothes on her back because someone else goes out to earn a living to keep her in the affluent lifestyle she demands. No low effort men for her. A self made woman she is not. Though nothing wrong with that, a rather nice life if you can pull it off. More power to you, no judgement. If the arrangement works for you and hubby so be it. But as the old saying goes “Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones”. Or to be more blunt, it you looked up the definition of “hypocrite” in the dictionary there would be a photo of this woman.

But, there is that RAGE. From what? Her affluent easy life? Being told she is the best? Being attractive and healthy? Everything being handed to you? This young woman is the epitome of privilege, elitism, and affluence, she IS the American dream: with her husband, 1. child, and beautiful home. But, there is that RAGE. Because some how SHE is victim. Or worse, a martyr. Really? And whats more, she is using and hiding behind her religion, and not owning up to her own narcissistic, mean spirited, elitist I am better then you mindset. No, it is not your religious beliefs. Don’t hide behind God, religion, or conspiracy theories. Claiming it is your “religious” beliefs or your duty to “wake up America” motivating you, when it is all YOU. This is who YOU are. When push comes to shove it is all about YOU. A megalomaniac in designer clothes, carrying the cross of self-entitled privilege. This woman is a Karen to the 10th power. If this America’s future we are doomed.


  1. Ugh, and more ugh! I have quit trying to get in the minds of Trump supporters. Totally baffled why Evangelicals support him. They must not have read the book they worship. My husband was in the elevator today with young Latino man of about 25 wearing pro-Trump garb. Um…., seriously? Do you hear how he talks about brown people?

    In regard to this influencer, a lot of successful people have high opinions of their contributions to their success when in fact, they usually had rich parents (or maybe in this case, especially good looks) that accounted for them not truly having to work from the bottom up like so many people of color do. And then they denigrate poor people because being successful is so easy. Yeah when you started way ahead of everybody else, it is easy.

  2. I truly understand your disappointment about this person.
    I can’t stand when people share their opinion when it doesn’t concern or affect them.
    And I agree we all have different opinions and it’s beautiful to be different but sometimes it’s just something you can’t accept.


    1. I am not so much into foreign politics, but definitely I am not Trump supporter. I think that politic is some kind of puddle of mud – it’s so easy to get dirty stepping in them.

  3. Wow! This is a lot to take in but I am with you on this. Spewing hate and rage is not going to help our country. I feel your pain and anger with her posts. I’m hoping that you got this off your chest and you can feel peace moving forward my friend. I struggle seeing people like this but I pray and try to react with love if at all possible. Take care Allie!


    1. It is. Yes being able to write about it here was helpful. As I mentioned in the post I did not engage with her on these posts at all. But rather wanted a thought out response as opposed to feeding in to anger and negativity.

  4. I try to be openminded but when someone is a Trump supporter and has such disgusting views while hiding behind religion, I just can’t. Actually I have stopped talking to anyone I know who voted for DT in the last election because they are partially responsible for the of this country right now. It’s fine to be conservative but when your beliefs are rooted in crazy conspiracy theories, there is a real problem. I have unfollowed so many people for crazy stuff like this. What do they think they gain by putting it out there. And there is often so much hypocrisy with these people as well. I don’t blame you at all for cutting ties.

    1. Yes I agree and I can understand how you feel. It is sad how this election has actually ended friendships but I can understand.

  5. Holy S**t! What a looney…and as a Filipino-Canadian, frankly, I’m not surprised. I know many Filipinos who are Trump supporters, and it frankly embarrasses me and boggles my mind. They have deluded themselves into thinking that the people they look up like Trump are concerned for the good of the Americans like themselves when honestly, it is the exact opposite. .Good for you for deleting her picture and calling out her bulls**t. Man….I listed to the short audio you posted…I have no words.

    1. Haha yes I do think she is a wee bit unhinged lol. She posted so many crazy and angry posts and then would delete them weeks or days later. My guess would be her husband or husband to be has an employer to answer to. Wow I did not know that about Filipionos. Yes very strange. And the media still does not get it. It is more complicated with people who support Trump. But really it was her sense of indignation and coming from someone who is sheltered and does not earn a living.Nuts

  6. When I think of Trump supporters I think of ignorance, prejudice and gullibility and hate coupled with short attention spans. Sadly, although Trumpholes can be found infesting a wide spectrum of occupations, far too many of them work hard at spreading QAnon and other right-wing-nut conspiracy lies spoon-fed to them by Twitter troll farm leading talking-point liars like GatewayPundit, Gavin McInnes, DailyCaller, TuckerCarlson, WeeklyStandard, NRO, Breitbart, Drudge, TheBlaze, Twitchy, etc. etc..
    Just this morning I tried Googling ‘investigative reporter’ and one of the top results was for a QAnon Trump troll. Ugh!
    It’s sad, but not altogether surprising that there are Trumpholes tangential to the fashion world like the wanna-be ‘influencer’ referenced above. Oh how I wish that the Wizard of Oz could somehow give them compassion and attention spans long enough to apply it.

    1. It is really nuts to be sure. And yes!

  7. This is such an enlightening and honest post about entitlement and lack of self-awareness. Like you said negative actions have consequences and the fact that she seems so unaware of that is quite mindboggling!
    I don’t like to wish anyone bad luck, but it seems that she ruined herself/sealed her fate for at least a long while.

    Will you be posting an update about her in the future? (ie how she responds to lack of offers for companies, victimizing herself)

    Loren | Plaid + Sugar

    1. Thank you.Her account is now set to private. She only has and IG and TT account, no blog or YT channel. I don’t think she worked with brands all that much she had about 6k followers and now has a little less then 4K so not a huge following. She did attend NYFW but I don’t think she will be anymore unless she creates a whole new account which not surprise me as the name of on her IG I don’t think is her real name. I think she put two names of religious together and it sounded like an average name like Mary.Paul though this was not it.

  8. It is a time to be enraged.. can’t just be okay now. Enough is enough!
    Design Mom wrote a powerful post similar to yours https://www.designmom.com/the-consequences-of-your-actions/

    1. OK will check this out!

  9. Very interesting!

    Cores do Vício

  10. I believe we screw no matter who we have in office base what I’m observing. If they care for U.S. we would not be in this situation and we will not have to get into any worst than what we already have.

    1. Yes sadly this is somewhat true. All this unrest seems like it happened overnight but really it has been building since the late 70s and 80s when the chasm between the haves and have nots and the CEOs and average worker has become so wide. And off shoring, outsourcing and now AI. With a population that is 7 times bigger then it was during the last big pandemic with %40 less jobs which is predicted by 2030 b/c of AI. Don’t ask me how that is going to work.

  11. Allie, This disturbs me as a human being and as a follower of Christ. I can’t defend it and I won’t. I’m sorry.

    1. Yes she is just a mean spirited elitist looking down her nose at other people and hiding behind her religion to try and deflect who she really is as a person.

  12. We’re in a wild time- there is definitely a stereotype when it comes to your “classic” Trump supporter, but I’m learning (unfortunately) that there are a LOT of younger people who support him. And I can’t understand it. The hatred he and his administration have emboldened is just horrific, not to mention his complete lack of attention to the pandemic in its early stages (and even now! Downplaying it!). This influencer sounds so entitled and quite frankly, gross.

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. Yes the landscape is more complicated then the press and media realize. And yes did she is quite entitled.

  13. I truly support your way of thinking, such an honest post! Sometimes it is difficult to understand the way of thinking or reason of a person going live with such a statement. Gosh, some people should think twice before posting.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. Yes they should, but that is the thing she was filled with so much rage and a condescending mind set that she couldn’t help herself.

  14. Girl PREACH IT! Can I co-sign your whole post?!

    Green Fashionista

    1. Hahaha yes!

  15. Crazy world we live in, isn’t it?

  16. oh my goodness this is totally crazy as in so dramatic. I believe as a citizen of a free country, we are free to choose any political side to be in or to support any kind of movements. The thing is that sometimes we don’t need to state things that we don’t like or support in such a way it becomes a hate speech.

    1. Yes exactly

  17. Ugh my blood was boiling throughout this whole post! How freaking entitled … I try to be open minded about people’s beliefs, but when they directly knock down other people I can’t support it at all xx

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com/

    1. Yes I know how you feel hence this post, helped with the blood boiling lol

  18. Politics make me sad and angry most of times, partially because people doing this for work very often lack moral and ethic values and partially because all the fanatics that argue about it. A few weeks ago I also posted a blog post about some nasty habits I noticed more and more often among people interested in politics but maybe I was too generic because people didn’t really cought the message.
    Sadly there are still people that can’t a grasp on how important the movement BLM is. I am glad that there are people like you and like all those who are fighting for this cause. Thanks to this kind of movements we women have the right to vote, there is no more slavery and so on. Therefore before condemning a movement, we must understand and be grateful for all the movements that have been there before and that have allowed us to speak freely today.

    1. Yes well said. And sad that a person would use this movement to put themselves on pedal stool.

  19. OMG! I totally get what you mean, dear Allie. Thanks for this honest and important post.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  20. É uma pena que algo assim tenha acontecido, entendo a sua frustração.
    Conhece o meu Blog : This Is Me By Virgínia Ferreira
    Passa pelo meu Instagram @virginiapferreira

  21. no way, really???????????????????? OMG, I am astonished! Can’t believe how people can make a fool of themselves…..
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. I know right? Her account is now private I guess she could not handle being called out.

  22. Wow! What a post, Allie! I’m glad you have a safe place here to vent your frustrations. As you said, this is a free country and we all have the freedom to voice our opinions. However, there are consequences to free speech now, unfortunately. I often wonder, when did it become impermissible to politely agree to disagree? I stay away from politics on my blog, but I hear you. Sometimes, it pushes that boundary. I pray our country can find some sense of civility soon.


    1. Thank you and yes this is a good place to have though out response. Me too.

  23. I’ve been seeing these types of posts on IG. It makes me sad to know all the awful things going on in the world. I try to be open minded and respectful towards Trump supporters, but the things he says and does are just horrible.

    1. Yes indeed.

  24. I don’t know much about the politics in the US and I really don’t understand the way things work there at all. I know Australia doesn’t heave the cleanest record with things either, but the stories out of the US just seem a lot more hate filled. I don’t understand people like that at all and it’s a shame this person has to spread so much hate on social media. It’s good you can just unfollow!

    Hope that your week is going well 🙂

    1. Yes I think DT really uncovered something that was always there. He did not create this. He just revealed it and like they say fanned the flames. But he is just one person. It is all the people like this young woman who are the ones filled with hate and who are really fanning the flames amongst themselves.

  25. Hello Allie
    What we know here in Portugal is that the BLM movement was a genuine movement, but that it was said “manipulated by Marxism and that it intends to destroy America and the American way of life!



    1. TBH this sounds liked another #fakenews conspiracy. As I stated in the post, at this time many organizations, groups, companies and individuals are free to legally contribute to either political party. Not illegal, not a secret, not a conspiracy. The founder of My Pillow contributed to the Republican party/DT campaign. As is his right to do so. Not illegal, not a secret and not a conspiracy.

      You don’t live here. Trust me. There are a multitude of factions and reasons that are contributing to the potential demise of America. And it has been happening and building up for decades. It is complex and goes back a long time–long before the BLM movement, long before the pandemic, long before the current administration. No offense. But again. You don’t live here and know nothing about what is like to live in America.

  26. Ohh this is really shameful, I can truly understand your disappointment about that person. I’m not much surprised after reading your post because it is happening in India every day. Indian Narendra Modi supporters are even worse than Trump supporters. They spread hate for Indian Muslims. You should ignore such persons. I hope everything will be better in our countries.
    Have a nice day <3
    Kisses 🙂

    1. OH wow I did not know this. Sadly hate knows no boundaries it is everywhere and has been since the dawn of time, or at least when man-NOT-so-kind showed up LOL. Yes I ignored her, did not respond to any of her posts, unfollowed her. And expressed my views here. Lets hope people wake up one day…

  27. Very good post 🙂

  28. I can sense your frustration and disappointment here, and I’m glad you have a place to vent about it! It’s crazy how many people speak out without really knowing what’s going on, especially when it’s at the expense of other people. I wish people would just stop spewing so much hate everywhere. ?


    1. Yes I agree!

  29. “A megalomaniac in designer clothes, carrying the cross of self-entitled privilege. This woman is a Karen to the 10th power. If this America’s future we are doomed.”

    Thank you for articulating the rage I also feel, really, really well. I want to compare these ignorant people to snakes, monsters, trash, and all the derogatory words I can think of but that would be offensive to the aforementioned things I’ve just listed.

    Thank you for sharing xx

    Mari | http://www.dazedmari.com

    1. Hahaha yes. It is truly mind blowing for sure.

  30. Thank you for using your platform to be political here, it’s so important to reject this kind of viewpoint publicly. I really do worry about our future, here in the UK and over in the US. God help us if Trump does get back in.
    Soph – https://sophhearts.com x

    1. I do not generally engage in politics on the blog as it is about fashion for the most part. I try to keep things positive. But as this was a person who I met during FW and our connection was via fashion and she herself is in the “influencer” sphere it seemed appropriate to address it here. Yes the UK has some similar issues to the U.S. sad that other parts of the world have to worry about who is the President in the U.S.

  31. Hey Allie!

    Feel free to share what you want! This is your platform and we need more voices that can tell us about how movements like the BLM are lived, specially since you live in the US and you can narrate the story from the point of view of a human but also from the point of view of a photographer, we need voices from many platforms and channels!

    And influencers (or call them what you want) must be more involved and use your platform to tell stories that can improve your country, community or a specific problem, it does not matter if you have a small or large community, but I believe that we can all contribute to expand our voices and try with our actions to find a future best. And when it comes to privileged influencers… well, that’s another story but it is pitiful that she’s using her platform to support the atrocities committed by certain characters, that at least to me (as Latino) can not tolerate.

    Of course I understand there is a variety of opinions in the world, but there are things that are just unaccceptable!

    Have a good weekend and thanks for all your support in my posts!


    1. Yes I do have somethings on the blog on social commentary. I attended the Children’s March against gun violence and photographed that. And I attended a BLM protest and photographed that as well. I try to keep things light and positive and fashion focused here on the blog but occasionally one is pushed beyond the pale. And as this woman is (or was) part of this influencer/content creator world I felt it was OK to high light the systemic and complicated problems we are facing now. Things are not so cut and dry. And the very people you would expect to have an open mind, do not. Scary indeed. Not to mention the hypocrisy of someone who does not work and is taken care of like a pampered child being obsessed with wether or not other people working…

  32. It is always great to see people using their platform to speak out on social issues and just being real. I’ve been seeing a lot of different perspectives on social media, making it hard to see what is true at the root level. The cancel culture right now is so big. I get that we keep encouraging free speech, but there is a difference between advocating for what’s right vs. straight destruction.

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  33. Wow, such an honest post Allie. I’m glad you’ve been able to use this post to vent your frustrations in a safe place. x

    A Blushing Beauty Blog

  34. I don’t know what gets into people sometimes. To think that they can just spew this kind of hate and judgment. I get that everyone has their opinion, but there is a better way than displaying it in this manner with this tone of entitlement and privilege. As someone who’s lumped into influencer category, I’m always think twice about the things I say publicly. I believe that just because you have a platform to speak on, doesn’t mean you should say anything you want.

    Eileen | yesmissy.com

  35. It’s incredible. I think we are free and indipendent.

  36. Allie,
    Like you, I don’t indulge in any political issues as saying anything goes against someone else out there. Besides, politics to me personally is power corruption, but I see where you are coming from and I admire you for taking the courage to share your disappointment in this person, clearly privileges are mistaken as luxury, needs mixed with wants, opportunity as an earning and success as the only right to rich. I feel so done when I meet the so called women who have no clue about what it takes to relocate to a different world and start all over again. Hope more people practice empathy mindfully and not hide behind religious beliefs, no religion says to miniscule the opposite based on an idea,attitude,money,race,looks and status.

  37. Such an interesting read. I’ve been thinking about the impacts of social media & personal branding a lot. ‘influencers / social media bloggers ‘ whatever you call someone earning off their platforms, I think sometimes forget that they are a business and forget that there will be repercussions of their actions. That’s how we seem to always end up with these huge PR scandals with influencers/YouTubers etc. they seem to forget that they are operating as a business not as an individual… an individual with a huge audience that will speak out against them if they feel inclined to do so. Maybe it works both ways, there’s the whole freedom of speech, I will share what I want on my platform…but also those consuming the content that will also stand up for what they believe in and call people out when they are wrong.

    Hayley || hayleyxmartin

    1. Yes, exactly and one of the points of this post. Thanks for reading and leaving a comment

  38. This was such an interesting post sweetie!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

  39. I support your thoughts. Enough is enough. Have a great day!
    Rampdiary | Fineartandyou | Beautyandfashionfreaks 

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