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2020 The Future of Blogging & How Will We Communicate in the Future?

[bigletter]Once again it is that time of year when I like to look at the current environment of the blogosphere. We all know that there have been tumultuous changes with many spelling the end of the independent blogger. The first thing I have noticed is how many bloggers have dropped out and quit blogging completely. Some have stopped all together, both blogging and social media, while others have switched to Instagram only. Though a few rogue bloggers have continued with blogging but stopped using Instagram. I personally know a blogger who I had been following for years, we even met and became friends, but she stopped blogging in 2019, and now only posts to Instagram. She found all the hours sitting in front of a computer exhausting and finds Instagram easier and quicker. She takes multiple outfit photos a day, posts them to Instagram and then spends the bulk of her day on Instagram engaging.[/bigletter]

For her this is easier then creating posts for her blog with the accompanying research, writing, photo manipulation, scheduling and promoting it, which often requires reading and commenting on other blogs. So, not only has she stopped blogging, but she has also stopped reading and engaging with other blogs as well. This I believe is adding to what many are calling the blogoapocolypse with the downward engagement on the blogosphere. However there is an upside. This means that less people are blogging as the trend itself is falling off, so for those that remain it could be easier to stand out. But, the fact remains how will blogs be sustainable in a breakneck speed digital landscape.

Where exactly all this leading? And not just in the blogosphere but the world at large. A decade ago, many were speaking about how early childhood education institutions were no longer teaching handwriting. OK. How can a person not know how to write with pen or pencil? How dependent on technology are we? Recently I met with a friend for lunch and she told me she read an article about children and teens not knowing how to use computers anymore. And by computers I mean desktop computers with keyboards. So, in a decade from now, will desktop computers be obsolete? And in another decade after that will tablets and phones be obsolete? How will we communicate and retrieve information exactly?

Are we looking at a Black Mirror future where all information is monitored with a digital profile from which there is no escape?

Yes, I am speaking of how this effects blogging, but there is a bigger story here. Are we looking at a Black Mirror future where all information is monitored with a digital profile from which there is no escape? Wait, did I say Black Mirror? Did I say the future? This is already a living breathing reality in China. And it is coming to a first world near you. Wait, did I say coming? It is already here via the brick and mortar Amazon stores where you shop via facial recognition. In the video I posted here James of Fohr touches on how in the very near future that typing a URL into a browser is going to become obsolete. And on that note, has anyone noticed how useless the internet is? Yes you can carry out transactions and you can stream content. But, when it comes to research you only see what Google wants you to see, or is paid for you to see. I can not believe how much harder it is now to research anything online beyond basic information or widely known historical information.

What say you? What do you think will happen with blogs? And how do you see the future of communication? Do you think big brother is right around the corner? And do you care?


  1. This is a really tough time for blogging. In India, most bloggers have stopped blogging and switched to Instagram. I don’t know what to say but this is the reality. Instagram is easier in comparison to blogging. I have seen the girls who never did blogging are successful instagramers today. As for as I’m concern, I don’t like these things. I’m a true blogger and love writing articles and reviews. I hope the time of blogging will come back again.
    Have a great day.
    Kisses <3

  2. Very insightful post Allie. I noticed when I started blogging almost 7 years ago that most people I followed don’t blog anymore. I use Instagram in addition to my blog.

  3. I think it’s an interesting topic! I’m not sure how my kids schooling will differ from mine – I still remember the first time I used the internet, they have had it all their lives! I know technology is a big part of school but aside from family movie night we don’t use screens at home with the kids (my blogging is done while they nap or rest). Oh and I guess they ask me to take photos with my phone a lot, haha! I like taking pics and if I don’t have my camera I use my phone – sometimes I will show them a picture a friend or family member has sent and so they ask for pictures to be taken and sent back haha! I wonder how old they will be before they are snapping and sending themselves!

    Hope that your week is off to a good start! We had a relaxing day today with the public holiday 🙂

  4. I honestly cannot imagine typing a blog post or anything that’s a lot of words without a laptop/keyboard. I’d hate typing on my phone or tablet for that.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  5. This post is really interesting, Allie! I can definitely understand what you’re saying. Everyone seems to be on their phones 24/7 these days, especially kids growing up now. I still want to believe that there will be bloggers who want to create and run a blog as we know it, on a desktop/laptop computer, and there will be readers out there that still enjoy it. I think a lot of the issues that I’m seeing lately is that people don’t want to work hard to make their blogs successful.

    They want to the quickest, easiest way to get there – and while I know it’s hard to be successful on Instagram, I think they find that to be an easier method. It does cut out a lot of the other work, as you mentioned. I think blogging is well worth the hard work, and you can make so much more from it than just Instagram, I think. But it also depends on your goals, too. Great post friend, I really enjoyed reading it!

    Make Life Marvelous

  6. I’m not sure what will happen with blogging in the future but I do feel like all this reliance on technology is making people stupid. Sure Instagram makes “blogging” easier but at the same time I’m tired of looking at streams of photos that all look the same especially when some of these people can’t even be bothered to string together coherent sentences and it’s all about the shill. I’d rather just do my own thing and stick with blogging.

  7. I really hope not because I love blogging and the little community we have! But I can definitely see truth in what he said because the way future generations do things are so different now.


  8. Okay you just officially freaked me out!

  9. I think that all this hype for socials is just temporary: it’s new, it’s fun and everybody wanna try it, but with time, in my opinion, people will get tired and will look back to something else.
    Obviously technology gonna keep on be part of our lives, but I guess that in some years people gonna overwhelmed of this “full immersion” and will look for a more balanced way to use it.
    Black Mirror is a dystopia, definitely entertaining to see, but I don’t think these stories could became real!

  10. It’s a little bit frightening for me. I loved to use the internet as an independent media, where I can find the information which I need and see what I want, but now I feel that’s less and less possible. It’s annoying how several giants like facebook, instagram and google want to control everything.


  11. While Instagram has become such a huge mode for “bloggers” now, I have a hope and a feeling that blogging won’t completely die out, and newer bloggers will continue to emerge from the blogosphere & get big in their own right. Absolutely not a fan of big brother type situations, and I hope that’s a reality that never comes to fruition haha!

  12. that is actually super scary that kids don’t learn to hand write! I didn’t know it was to that extreme! I get the blogging thing though, I think it also has a lot to do with the audience not wanting to read though posts anymore because information is getting to them faster through instagram. I find myself slowing down on blogs as well but something in me just can’t seem to let it go completely!


  13. I too have seen many bloggers dropping their blogs and just using Instagram. I understand as its quicker in the delivery but I still enjoy my blog and the connections you make. The other thing that many don’t realise is that with a blog you own your site , unlike Instagram . I guess it all depends on your own reasons for blogging from a commercial take . Many thanks for an interesting post.

  14. Blogging is dying a very slow death imo. I still blog once a week or I try to when time permits. I am tempted to switch to Instagram only but I hate doing reviews on there when sometimes I have so much to say. We’ll see how much longer I will keep up with it.

  15. Such an interesting post hun, I also don’t like using my phone to write posts or anything that is longer than say 50 word.


  16. This is such an interesting topic as everyone sees and experiences blogging a bit different. I think blogging will continue to exist and even grow as we continue to have access to the internet. Even thinking about it, whenever I need some type of information, I always find it online.


  17. A lot of people are telling me that blogging is too old fashioned nowadays, but I honestly don’t think I will stop because of that. I have a tendency not to listen to what others say, and will continue blogging until I don’t enjoy it anymore, haha.

    I can’t imagine typing out an entire post without a laptop/keyboard though, I don’t enjoy doing that on a phone or tablet.

  18. Wow! What a thought-provoking article. If blogging ends up being all Instagram, I’ll be out. I HATE Instagram. I HATE having to come up with hashtags. I HATE having to enter everything from my cell phone. I HATE doing anything but calls, texts and photos on my cell phone. I now have a Bluetooth keyboard for my cell phone but I sure don’t carry that with me. And the more Big Brother sneaks into our lives, the more complacent we get – we just don’t realize it’s happening. As far as what kids are learning in school now…..don’t ask me to help them with math! The outcome is the same, but the route is completely different. I feel that I can write in code (cursive) and my cars come with theft-proof devices (they’re manual transmissions) 😛 I enjoy the writing and the blog format (no matter how many bad words you might hear me say when I’m putting it together and the text doesn’t come out right or the photos won’t align or something disappears).


  19. Keeping up with the blog and IG is very time consuming. I prefer the blog over IG because it is totally relaxed, no fake followers or likes. Instagram still has a lot of advantages, it is only one picture and short caption and it drives people to your blog.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

    1. I totally agree with you Simone 🙂

  20. It saddens me to see so many fall off the blogging wagon, and rely solely on Instagram which is a platform that has lots of frustrating changes and is over saturated. I do see a huge shift in Instagram Influencers as opposed to actual bloggers. But I believe what you said about how being an actual blogger still will help you to stand out more. I still enjoy reading actual blogs which have so much more real content instead of the overly staged and curated IG feeds <3

    Green Fashionista

  21. I loved this post! I have been blogging for 6.5 years and I don’t really see a time where I wont want to come to this space and write about what I have going on. It’s a journal of sorts and a creative outlet for me. I appreciate people who are on IG only and post there, but they dont own that content and IG will go away one day and then what? The blog and our words we own!

  22. Ahhhh!! Okay, I’ll admit this gave me a little scare! Lol. I have sometimes wondered if it is even worth continuing to blog for those same reasons. The main reason why I choose to continue is because I personally feel that engagement in the blogosphere is a lot more genuine. I do have a soft spot for Instagram, but there is something superficial about it that doesn’t sit right with me. It’s scary to think of all these changes that are happening, but what else is there to do? I think we just have to keep up in some cases. Lol.
    Have a great week!

    PerlaGiselle | iamperlita.com

    ♥ | instagram.com/iamperlita

  23. This is a lot to take in. I am sticking with my blog just because it’s my passion. Instagram is just another way to promote it. I understandably see where you are going with this. It’s a little scary but I hope people will not rely on digital profiles to get all info. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  24. Buff!! Ally… this is really the blogoacopolyst! I’m scared of this big change that is happening right now in our society: everything monitored… it seems like nothing is real! That’s why I like to disconnect in my countryside house. To keep these thoughts away… and the technology too.

    In terms of blogs, I don’t think they will all disappear: as you said, I think many of them are shutting down. But in the end, everybody searches information in google, websites are still a thing… so in my opinion there will always be room for blogs. Or at least, I hope so.

    Great (and a bit scary) post!



  25. Wow this was a really great read and so informative. With blogging I have already minimized the amount of time I dedicate to it with everything else I am working on. Also, I did not ever see blogging as a career choice for me, but to brand myself as a stylist. However, I do like the fact that having a blog site creates a place of your own personal real estate. What happens when Instagram goes away? At least you’ll still have a website of your own and the contacts that follow you there. Thanks for sharing love.


  26. Hi Allie,

    The world from Black Mirror scares me so much and I hope that humans are not going in this direction cause technology is gonna to destroy all of us so easily.
    It’s scary when you think that in this days among young generation are people they can’t write using a pen or pencil.
    This Amazon system scares me so much. I am so happy that I had a childhood without computers and internet .

  27. Wow, this was an intriguing read for me as a blogger. I’ve been blogging since 2015 and I have really noticed the decline in engagement for blogs and even social media throughout the past 5 years. I think the industry has become heavily saturated, which has lowered the demand for influencers and bloggers unfortunately.


  28. The landscape has definitely changed, and it’s only going to get tougher from here. As for me, I’m going to keep on blogging and try to have a good balance with others as well, including IG. Anyway, this is a really thought-provoking read dear. Thanks for sharing!
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  29. This post is so interesting to me! Two years ago I tried really hard to focus on Instagram for content. Although it was fun posting pictures, nothing makes me happier than putting down my thoughts into my keyboard. I really hope blogging continues to add value to people’s lives – I know it does for me!

    xo Logan

  30. Love your post,
    sometimes I’m scared too of the future of blogging
    and of our security overall. But part of me feels excited
    too. Hmmmm…I love pics too,
    sometimes I think that some bloggers spend too much
    time on words. Well, that is just me. There are still bloggers
    who gets my attention through their wonderful words and


  31. Have a great day <3
    Love <3

  32. I don’t know, I personally think blogs are still prevalent. While Instagram for a moment took away time from blogging or people to look at blogs, there’s something about blogs that provide more information. Therefore, I think the people that comes across a blog post are more intentional and meaningful. But who knows, technology is constantly changing!


  33. This was really interesting to read! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers stop with their blog altogether and just post on Instagram which I understand because it’s easier and quicker. But a blog or website is something you own and Instagram can go away tomorrow if it wants to. And it’s honestly scary how much technology is becoming a part of every aspect of our lives, and what that means in terms of privacy. Although I do think there is some good in social media and the Internet, I think the bad is starting to outweigh the good.

    x Kara | http://karascloset.net

  34. You make a lot of excellent points!
    I recently thought about dropping out of blogging myself because an incompatibility between Google’s Blogger and Apple’s Safari browser made it impossible for me to comment on Blogspot blogs. Just yesterday, however, I was able to download an Apple Security Update and it’s updated Safari 13.0.5 browser update. Now I am able once again to comment on my own blog, but only if I enable “cross-site tracking” so that other unrelated companies using Google can datamine me.

    I personally have avoided using Instagram for three reasons:
    Instagram’s outrageous misogynistic algorithm-driven censorship;
    Instagram datamines its users;
    Instagram is owned by Facebook and, not surprisingly, employs some of the same unethical business practices Facebook does.
    It is not just Instagram and Facebook that operate in this manner either.
    The Electronic Frontier Foundation recently published an article revealing that the Ring Doorbell App is packed with third party trackers and shares its users’ sensitive information with Facebook and many others.

    Fair warning: Overly verbose run-on sentence ahead:
    George Orwell’s ‘1984’ was prescient, but sadly not nearly enough heed was paid to its messages. The insidious nature of the invasive corporatocratic exploitation and totalitarian rule of the masses, surveilled, categorised and analysed using A.I. (Artificial Idiocy) which has been programmed by very fallible entities who often hold disturbing views and have unethical agendas, leaves the users of devices incorporating these programmes quite vulnerable to the whims and agendas of corporate masters, the strings of whom generally lead to unscrupulous robber barons.

    I find it extremely annoying when both government agencies and corporations make it difficult for people to live without buying internet devices and then demand more and more unnecessary identifying information from people in order to do everyday things like drive a car and to travel.

    I am sure that the increase in spam and scam telephone calls I receive is enabled in part by the aforementioned excessive datamining.

    George Orwell must indeed be rolling in his grave.

    P.S.: I type URLs into my browser all the time and HATE it when the browser auto-completes to URLs I want nothing to do with. I hope it does not continue to get worse.

    P.P.S.: I have also noticed search engines excluding results from subjects I am familiar with and which I know used to be available via internet searches. It is disturbing…

  35. My best friend and I have been talking about this alot. There is a blogger she really likes, and most of her stuff is in insta format. What I mean is she takes pictures in her mirror. She posts that to the blog and to instagram. My friend is a teacher. Her argument is she doesnt have alot of time. If shes in class the only time she has on her phone is if she goes to the bathroom. If she finds something on facebook or insta clicks it to go to the blog, she doesnt have time to read it. So, its better for her to just be able to swipe and shop it. I just started blogging a few months ago, but Im wondering if blogging is really dying or just going to other platforms? Pintrest isnt dying and neither is insta. I think its about us as bloggers moving with demand. Maybe there is just more required of us to work in this industry.

    Really awesome post and topic thank you, Thexglitterbox

  36. so interesting – and kind of sad!! as much as I love Instagram, I couldn’t imagine not using my blog for more detailed posts since I love writing and really feel like it’s my number 1 creative outlet.

    xo, allie

  37. I do think that the Big Brother is right behind the corner, in some ways it is already here…I’m worried about it but I just don’t know what to do about it.

  38. Oooh Allie, you talked about a topic that has concerned me for the last couple of years 🙁

    I’ve been on blogspost and them WordPress for so many years and even tho I am not a famous bloggers, this platform has given me professional contacts, friends, nice experiences, etc.

    I use IG (and other social media channels) in addition to my blog and I’ve noticed that many bloggers are just posting pictures on Instagram…. But sometimes I am afraid to put all the eggs in one basket, you know…. what if Instagram goes down one day? At the end it is a platform that is not mine and my website will be always mine.

    I heard one day that you always have to keep your website alive, since social media and apps are moving constantly….

  39. This was super interesting and really thought-provoking! I love blogging and I love expressing myself that way. So it makes me sad that the fact that it could become obsolete (to some, at least). I know technology is every growing and changing, but I love how some things have stayed the same. Lots of us have Kindles or e-readers, but people (myself included) still love to read actual physical books. Maybe blogging can still have a place on the internet, where everything is becoming more convenient and more focused on images and videos, and less on the written word. You never know! I have to believe there is a place for blogs. As for me on Instagram, I’m not going to read a super long caption and count that as a blog post. I’m in it for the actual expression of words, not cute pictures and likes. But that’s just me!

    Emily | http://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

  40. This is pretty scary Allie. I’ve started reading 1984 by George Orwell and his “big brother” society (a novel written decades ago) is fast becoming our reality. The way we are being monitored, in what started off as safety is being morphed into God knows what. We are being manipulated with information. You know I hadn’t even thought about the credibility of Google until you pointed out how most is paid for. They also have immense power in blacklisting sites too. I know with the fires in Australia there was a CRAZY push of misinformation (thanks to Rupert Murdoch who owns the media) in benefit to their anti-climate change agenda. Painting out these fires were started by arsonists and that alone. When in fact this was a very small percentage. The majority of fires are caused by insane dry weather and lighting strikes. We’re constantly bombarded with false truths. “Fake news” is even being used now by Australian political leaders to deflect from their wrong doings. And people just accept it?!

    When it comes to blogging, I really don’t know what the future holds. I hope more people return to it because it is such a powerful platform. You publish what you want. You have that freedom and you don’t have algorithms to contend with. I’m one of those bloggers who has ditched Insta. I do want to return but it’s just to hard. There’s zero incentives and far too much competition and sameness. Even on the rare occasion I do open the app (my friend likes to send memes hahahaha!) my feed is flooded by posts from two seperate friends who, surprise, surprise, have personal accounts. All the bloggers I follow, who no doubt have business type accounts, get hidden because they want the $$$. I remember years ago a fellow blogger commenting on an Insta post saying how she hadn’t realised I posted so much (mind you, this was years ago now!) and how I never showed up on her feed. I think it was with that comment that I decided enough was enough. It’s sad to see so many bloggers leave here for Insta. I feel like a lot of them have also ghosted on me because I am not active on Insta and they take it very personally (one person actually told me so!). Even if I visit their blog, I never hear back from them. And even if I was active on Insta, I have no idea how I’d begin to keep up with everyone. The feed is not designed to keep me informed of who I follow, but who pays for me to see them first.


  41. Really enjoyed this post Allie, it was so insightful. I’ve actually been thinking about the changing landscape of digital media for a while. I started a different blog about ten years ago and then the community was buzzing. I’d spend lots of time commenting and made friends so quickly. Then, blogs were more personal in that you’d be happy to share imperfect photos and not give a second thought to optimising posts for search. Now everything is more slick in terms of blog design, copy and images, but the community as a whole seems a lot smaller. Even popular blogs probably receive a tenth of the comments than they did a few years ago.

    I think people are moving towards YouTube and as you said, Instagram now. It’s much easier to consume those types of content, as opposed to reading a whole post. There’s still something lovely about blogging though, especially when writing a post you’re really proud of.

    Sarah xo Oomph London

    1. Hey tried to comment on your blog but could not because DISQUS was not set up to comment as a guest. I also tried to email you but could not as could not use the mail client.

  42. WooHOooo! I can see the comment box now!
    OOoooh this is a super interesting topic. For me, I am blogging less coz I’m prioritising other side hustle’s in my life but the thing is I love writing, so I’ll keep on blogging but do less of it.
    I also use it as a way to improve my SEO which is a niche I want to kick ass in even more.
    I don’t see blogs going obsolete because of the independent charms it holds but who knows…Xo

  43. Thanks for this post, i guess google traffic will be more limited so building traffic from other sources will be more important to reach an audience.

    Kiss Silke

  44. I hope blogging continues

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