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Video, Vloggers and the future of blogging…

We all know the world of blogging is changing. When isn’t it?  It seems it has been changing ever since blogging became a “thing”. First it was enough to just snap some pix and write about your day and post what ever you were wearing—remember the early days of  The Man Repeller? Then it was all about beautiful professional looking photography shot with an expensive DSLR and carefully styled looks.

Then bammo! Instagram arrived on the scene and suddenly everyone with a smart phone was an influencer. And the blogs that really blew up, also had super robust Instagram accounts. Then it was all about SnapChat and Insta Stories which of course led to a “renewed” if you will, interest in video.

Yes, You Tube has been around for quite some time and people have been posting videos to the platform for almost a decade. And yes we have all heard the term “vlogger”, a term most people associate with makeup tutorials. But now it seems poised to be the next influencer take over. And we are not just talking beauty and makeup vloggers and tutorials.

It seems that if the Instagram phenomenon is any indication then having a static blog with no video could be a problem in the future. What say you? Do you think it is important for bloggers to have videos on their blogs? Or to have a YouTube channel they post videos to on a some what regular basis? It seems it never ends…right?

 She speaks quite a bit about the Sony Alpha 5100. Another techie gadget I am adding to my must have list

So today I am posting a few videos on making videos, when in Rome…The first video is about Final Cut Pro, video editing software from Apple. It costs $200 and you can buy it out right and install it on your computer and not have to rent it on a monthly basis via the cloud like you have to do with Photoshop. This is certainly affordable, so something to consider. You can also use IMovie which is free and comes installed on all Apple computers. But even with all the advancements in technology I am not going to sugar coat it, video editing is time consuming and there is a learning curve. If I do end up buying Final Cut Pro I will have to take a class to get me started.

The next video is from Shameless Maya and is about setting up a home studio. I have to say the Shameless Maya series are super fantastic. Very informative on an array of topics and Maya does such a wonderful job of communicating, in way that is fun and easy to understand and follow. And the third video is also from Shamelessly Maya and is about Cameras. She speaks quite a bit about the Sony Alpha 5100. Another techie gadget I am adding to my must have list.

At first I thought I was hearing things, did my cat just fart? What was that?? Did I pop one of the bubbles on the bubble wrap?

Well I hope you enjoy these videos and find them helpful. And just a side note here about Monday’s post. But when I went to set up the second soft box the weirdest thing happened. I got the stand set up and  the soft box mounted to the stand with out a problem. But when I went to unwrap the light bulb I heard an electrical popping sound. But thing is, it was not turned on, or even inserted in to the soft box I was just moving it around as I unwrapped it. How can that be?

At first I thought I was hearing things, did my cat just fart? What was that?? Did I pop one of the bubbles on the bubble wrap? Though of course it sounded like neither of these two things. The first time I heard it I was not sure, as I was moving the bubble wrap around so it was not clear. But then it happened again, a second time with a two or three popping sounds in a row. Very similar to the popping sound a strobe light makes when it is fired though not as loud. The popping was not loud, but I distinctly heard it. Weird. Needless to say I did not attempt to connect and plug in this light. I wrote to the manufacturer and will keep you posted.


  1. I can’t wait to really sit down and watch these videos because I am so interested in this topic. Great post!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  2. Videos do seem to be the next wave. That’s so odd what happened with your light especially since it wasn’t even plugged in. Hope the manufacturer can help you get it straightened out and do keep us posted on what happens.

  3. I know nothing about editing videos…this is something I will need to change in the future because I’d like to be more active on YouTube and post some decent videos. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. So true that the blogging world has changed and is changing. What was enough a few years ago wouldn’t work today. Hahah I love that every other person on IG writes “fashion influencer”. Like, what’s the definition here. Are you a fashion influencer because you tell people they can buy your outfit by liketkit? Hahah, oh well. I love the new video format though, although youtube is the worst for procastination hahah! Xx


  5. Okay, what happened to the light is scary AF! Keep us updated on the manufacturer reply please. On to the other topic, many have said that blogging is dying a very slow dead. People have very limited amount of time and short attention span these days hence most rely on quick, on point reviews and promotion on Instagram. I don’t know how it would be moving forward but I definitely have been more active on IG too and it seems like my pictures that have longer descriptions are doing much better and gaining me followers.

  6. Great post! I definitely think having videos on a blog is great thing to have! I have been trying to add more to mine!


  7. Oh no I hope you get a replacement, that popping light doesn’t sound good at all!

    I do have a youtube channel but don’t seem to use it much lately. It’s hard finding a time that both boys are occupied and won’t need me for me to film a video! People keep asking me to make more, I really need to get around to it. I usually skip the editing or do a very basic editing, I don’t have a lot of time to edit.

    Hope you are having a really good week.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  8. Other than occasional Snaps and Insta stories, I’m not really into the video content production game- at least not yet! There certainly is a lot to keep up with in terms of blogging- I feel like the tides shift from platform to platform. Gotta figure out where you wanna be + where you audience is, and jump!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  9. Another great article Allie! Very pertinent questions, and I do see a larger role for video. I am just still getting my photos to where they should be, so i doubt i will be an early adapter, am not as it is, and they will likely remain so.
    I imagine, the very successful bvlogers will go viral and then can enjoy great success,
    but for now I will be still, I am already self conscious about having photos taken. But never say never.
    Great post.
    xx, Elle

  10. Its always something new, and frankly its just too much to keep up with! The blog and Insta are enough for me at this point 🙂



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