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Plastic Surgery Yay or Nay, What Say You?

The pressure to look our best is at an all time high and we can squarely blame it on social media. The days of magazines and movies making us feel inferior feels so quaint now. With filters and blow by blow larger then life Insta stories and feeds and everyone looks like a model on YouTube, well OK not really but the pressure can be intense. And celebs are not immune to this pressure either. There has been a lot of talk and buzz on the internet about Khloe Kardashian with many speculating on what kind of plastic surgery she may or may not have had. You kind of have to feel bad for her to a degree with the level of scrutiny she receives. Personally I thought she looked find the way she was but that was I felt, not what she felt.

Personally I do not have a problem with anyone getting plastic surgery I don’t judge.

People go under the knife for a multitude of reasons. Lets be real here, for most part the more attractive you the higher the likelihood that you will get more breaks in life. There is no guarantee of course but you are treated better. Could be a leftover survival instinct from our cave man past but there you have it. Personally I do not have a problem with anyone getting plastic surgery I don’t judge. To me it is no one else’s business people can do with their bodies whatever they like. However, I do feel that some people do it for the wrong reasons, or they get addicted to having more and more done.

We have all seen the horror stories of people who looked just fine and ruined their looks with bad cosmetic surgery. It is amazing these doctors are practicing. But. there are also many more success stories where someone gets one or two things done, it improves their appearance or least in their eyes, and they stop and do not have additional procedures. One influencer I follow on YouTube had a couple of things done and she looks very different, but natural, she does not look like she has had plastic surgery. She is very successful on YouTube and has admitted she is living her dream life (lots of hard work and talent too). How can one really judge that? I mean kudos to her.

But if you treated better in society and it can help you get where you want to go, on some level I do not see a huge difference.

If someone was born blind, or deaf or unable to walk, and there was a surgical procedure to change this, without batting an eye we would recommend having it done. Of course seeing, hearing and walking are not on the same level as ones looks. But if you treated better in society and it can help you get where you want to go, on some level I do not see a huge difference. What say you? Do think people should love what God gave them? Do you judge people who have had plastic surgery? And would you ever consider getting plastic surgery?


  1. Such an interesting post Allie, in my opinion we must love ourselves like we are, but it’s true that some people have been accomplished for years and in this case, I think surgery could be a good way to solve this accomplishments. Anyway, we must use plastic surgery as the last way to achieve the change. I don’t like to judge, and maybe I change my opinion in the future, but at this moment I shouldn’t use it and probably I would try other things 🙂 Have a lovely week!


  2. I think it depends on the circumstances.To help a health issue and to improve ones life.

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  3. May for me personally.

  4. I don’t judge people for doing plastic surgery, everyone is free to do whatever they want with their body! I just don’t agree with the fact that people have plastic surgery and then deny it and want to make us fools!!


    1. Hahaha yes they should own up to it

  5. I think I am on the same page as you, Allie! I think people should do what they think is best for their bodies! I’m currently subscribed to Dr. Youn on Youtube and he’s a very good and honest plastic surgeon. He makes it clear whether someone is a good candidate for a plastic surgery operation and if they are healthy enough to undergo surgery, he supports their decision x

    Mari | http://www.dazedmari.com

  6. I completely agree, Allie – what people do with their own bodies is their business! The only thing that concerns me is (like you said) the risk of addiction – but also just the fact that it’s become so normalised that I worry the next generations will feel like they need surgery and it will ruin their confidence xx

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com/

    1. Yes I could see that, there is more pressure now then ever to look perfect

  7. It is completely a personal decision and choice 🙂
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  8. I don’t judge anyone, to each it’s own 🙂


  9. I have never considered cosmetic surgery. It’s definitely a no for me, but I don’t judge anyone who gets any work done on themselves. I think it’s a personal decision. The only thing that annoys me a bit is people lying about getting plastic surgery. I mean if someone’s nose suddenly gets significantly smaller, then plastic surgery it was, so why deny it and lie about it? Celebrities are never open about getting a nose job and it makes them look silly.

    1. Yes people should own up to it, in particular when it is obvious.

  10. I don’t judge people who had plastic surgery for their beauty. It just need to understand, once we go procedure, we need to fix and do some corrections later on. Seems we have an addiction for surgery, actually we need them.

  11. I don’t judge anyone who chooses to have plastic surgery if it’s important for their self esteem – I think we should all be able to choose what is right for us without being judged. That being said, whilst I love a facial, I don’t think I would ever resort to plastic surgery.
    Julia x

  12. Hello Allie, I hope you’re doing good!

    Such an interesting topic and it is something that sometimes we take for granted, specially if we work on beauty, fashion or something related….

    As you I don’t have a problem with people getting a plastic surgery, if you have the money and if you can feel better about yourself with the help of a professional GO AHEAD! I’d say the problem is when people don’t inform themselves about sequels or future consequences related with abusing of plastic surgery, sometimes results can be disastrous or even affect other areas of your body.

    Sometimes a surgery can have a big impact in the mental issues of a person, not only about the physical factor, so each case is a different story.


    1. Yes I agree if you are in the right headspace and keep it to a minimum and it is a means to an end it is usually fine but yes when people are having it done for the wrong reasons.

  13. I agree with you, if it makes people happy and more confident, why not go for it. I was personally never thinking about it, but when the procedure is done properly, it can truly improve some features.


  14. Although getting plastic surgery is not for me, I think it is important to clarify vanity vs. health urgency. If it is for health reasons, then I think sometimes people have no choice. When I worked in fashion, a friend of mine had to get a nose job because she broke it on holiday skiing or something so that was urgent for her. I don’t judge others who get any work done if it makes them happy, but I think if you do get anything surgically, you should own it, and, of course, learn the risks involved. To each their own.

  15. In my opinion plastic surgery is a very personal issue and it has several factors to be done or not.


  16. It’s a nay for me personally but no judgments if someone wants to do it.

  17. Sucha great topic. I say yes to plastic surgery if it needs to improve ones life, it’s a personal decision!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  18. Great post, Allie! My right eye is blind, so your opinion is so clear! I haven’t get plastic surgery yet. When I sometimes works with editors and models in beauty industry, I start to hate my face… after that, I see my black pug at home and I start to love my face. Now I am curious about optical illusion more than plastic surgery.


  19. I love that you’re so open about it and you bring up a lot of good points to why not. I’m open to it at well, and have done botox and laser treatments, and I think if it makes someone happy and feel better then why not!

    Eileen | yesmissy.com

  20. I am all for whatever makes each person happy. The more happy people, the better this world would be. Deciding to get plastic surgery is totally up to the person getting it.


  21. I understand when someone corrects protruding ears or corrects their nose. However, I do not like when someone places implants, it usually looks unnatural. Many people should go to a good psychologist instead of plastic surgery.

    1. Yes in some cases I think therapy is better, it is sad how some people ruin their looks

  22. There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery as long as you enhancing what you have and not trying to look like someone else. I will consider if and when I get there. I do not judge anyone try to better themselves.

  23. Plastic surgery isn’t for me and to be honest I don’t understand why people all want to look the same – but in saying that, I completely understand and support people making informed choices about their own bodies. I think someone feeling they need to have surgery to conform to some beauty standards is upsetting – that they don’t feel confident to be themselves – but I guess it’s through dealing with cases like that that surgeons get practice so that they can help people who want surgery to fix something they perceive as a problem, rather than what society is told them is a problem. If that makes sense!

    Hope you are having a nice week 🙂

  24. I understand why some people opt for plastic surgery. Ultimately though I think confidence in ones own skin is most attractive. Surgery may help a little but probably not enough if confidence was a problem to begin with. It is sad that our culture is so obsessed with beauty. Social media makes it so much harder for us ladies (and men).

    1. This is very true

  25. This is such an interesting discussion! Part of me thinks that people should embrace their natural beauty from their ancestors and another part of me believes this life is short and people should do whatever they want with their bodies. I think I would never have plastic surgery personally, but I also don’t want to judge others who do want it


  26. My SIL and I were just talking about this…looking at the Friends Reunion shots, there’s a stark difference between the work done on Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox! Seriously….I don’t understand how people who are already beautiful go through the knife! I don’t want to judge though coz I know this stuff goes much deeper….a lot of insecurities and psychological issues, and frankly, don’t we all have that? I do think some people go way overboard, like the Kardashians…well, mainly Kylie and Khloe. I so agree with you…Khloe I thought was so attractive before. Why all the work? And the thing is, she has such a big following that is inspired by what she does:( I hope girls realize that you don’t need all that to feel beautiful.

    1. I know she was totally attractive, no she does not.

  27. I think ‘to each their own (I think that is the quote anyway. Plastic surgery isn’t something I would think of getting, I would be worried I wouldn’t look like me afterwards. But, if someone thinks they need to have it and can afford it, then go for it. The tricky part is when surgeons take advantage, or the person becomes addicted to it. Then I think they need support with the deeper route of the cause of why they feel the need to keep getting it (if that makes sense).
    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo

  28. No judgement from me either! xx

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog 

  29. I don’t have a problem with it! I totally agree about Khloe. I hope she gets the help she needs body image/dysmorphia can be so hard.

    S | Je M’appelle Chanel

  30. I would definitely be too scared myself to get cosmetic surgery but I really think it’s a personal choice! I wouldn’t even 100% rule it out when I’m old ha – but for now, I’m good! http://skylish.co.uk

  31. While I would say it’s not something I’m interested in doing, I would never judge someone for doing it. I think if it makes someone feel better and they are in a good headspace, then I think that’s completely okay. I think the ugly side of plastic surgery is when some people get addicted to it, or they feel like they need to continue doing multiple surgeries and it’s not actually boosting their confidence.

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  32. I don’t have a problem with anyone getting plastic surgery either & if plastic surgery can improve someone’s life or make them feel better about themselves, then they should do it if they really want to. But I feel like there are some people who will continuously get the same surgery over & over to make themselves look perfect, but they are never satisfied with the results. There’s this show in Denmark that translates to “My Plastic Nightmare” & I remember there being a woman who had breast surgery 10+ times & she came on the show because she was not happy with the results & she hoped the surgeons on the show could fix it (I believe they just offered to remove the implants). Also, there are many people on the show who went to a different country to get cheaper plastic surgery done & now they’re on the show because the surgeon messed up…don’t get discounted plastic surgery!

    1. Yes it can be a sad addiction though not sure if addiction is the right word but yes some people do it for all the wrong reasons

  33. I’m totally all for what people do with their bodies is their business. And if plastic surgery makes them feel better (TRULY, and it’s not a band-aid for some underlying issue that nips and tuck cannot solve), I say GO FOR IT. I do think it’s super tough when celebs/models don’t own up to the surgical procedures because then they end up perpetuating societal beauty standards that are unattainable for so many. An open + honest convo would help!

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  34. Amaizing post, very informative!

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  35. Very interesting and thought provoking post, Allie! Thank you for your thoughts. I don’t have a problem with anyone getting plastic surgery, but plastic surgery for vanity reasons is not something I would consider for myself. Of course this is not an absolute affirmation against plastic surgery. On the contrary, if it was available after something catastrophic, of course it would be considered. However, I think the way the world is now with all the “perfect” people on social media and the push to be “perfect,” I can see why people could be led astray. And not all doctors are good … so, it’s important to do research and find a good doctor if plastic surgery is the path to be taken. Great topic!


  36. I think women need to do what they believe is right for themselves. I try to not judge others. Being 50, I’m starting to realize that appealing to the world is the not the answer. The only love we need to receive is the one inside ourselves. This is so hard to do and I’m trying to do this. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.


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