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My First Day Out of Quarantine

Hands up who left home and got out of quarantine? I did for the first time last week. Though technically the first time was June 14th when I went to a BLM protest. On this day I met with a friend we spent the day at local park, got tacos and then headed to the docks to end the day and cool off. I hope you enjoying following me on my first day out. And here’s to a safe and happy summer…


  1. Such a shame about those trees. Damn fireworks. There were random fireworks in the city at random hours all the way up until July 4th and even a little after and of course the NYPD did nothing about it. Your new plants look great though. It looks like you had a nice day out. I’m still living in quarantine because I have enough physical issues right now that I can’t risk getting sick. We have gone out to doctor’s appointments and got x-rays but other than picking up food, we go right home. We hang out on our terrace and the garden downstairs but other than that I don’t think I will be goin out much because there are too many people who aren’t taking this seriously, not masking or social distancing. Stay safe and well Allie!

  2. We have been out of quarantine a couple of times, we didn’t meet anyone.. we found a secluded spot on the beach and just hung out.. and we go play tennis.. mainly just a lot of time hanging out with each other.

  3. Love your plant and the view perfect brought a smile in my face still had not gone anywhere.

  4. Yay, Allie! Glad you were able to enjoy the weather. Sorry about the fire. Yikes. Love your cute mask too. I have been venturing out a lot more lately. Even took a trip to Pensacola and did practice social distancing. :).


  5. First off, what a scary moment with that fire. Glad everyone is okay. So glad you were able to get out. Love your mask!


  6. I had one photo shoot back in June and that’s it. Remember when we thought quarantine was only going to last a month? Crazy!

    Curated by Jennifer

  7. Ah Allie I used to read your blog years ago and just stumbled across you again! Great to see you’re still blogging and well, loved the vlog x

    1. What a gorgeous day, Allie (except for the fire!). Love the look of those tacos and your mask – so cute. Hope you are able to a few more days out soon!

  8. It is good you were able to get out after being stuck indoors for so long. It must have been so scary seeing that fire, though. Those plants look lovely. Your face mask is cute!

  9. So sorry about the fire. I feel so bad for those plants but at least no one was hurt.
    I don’t remember the last time O had fish tacos. I’ll actually be perfect right now. I’ve only gone out twice since lockdown has been lifted and I still don’t feel comfortable.
    Love those sunglasses. The colour is it!

    Love the vlog!


  10. Glad you enjoyed.

  11. Oh no, so sorry about the fire!
    Such a cute mask… enjoy your summer Allie!
    Kisses, Paola.


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  12. I see you made the best of your first day out after quarantine. Thanks for the video and you really look fantastic!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. But sorry for the fire … xx

    2. My first day out of quarantine was yesterday. Felt so good to actually dine out.

  13. Loved this video – I’ve been out a couple of times – a couple of walks in the forest and a couple of dinners out (but on the terrace so outdoors!).
    The fire sounds so scary – so glad everyone was OK though!
    Julia x

  14. Beautiful video dear!!

  15. I have been going for walks in the park near my house with my friend too and it did a great job of lifting my mood! Thanks for sharing, I hope you are well xx


  16. Looks like you had a fun day! Love your sunglasses and I bet you enjoyed these tacos!

    lots of love, Miri

  17. That’s great that you after my dear. I suppose it was not easy to stay home for all this time xx

  18. I have watched this video on YouTube and enjoyed this. You are looking so pretty Allie <3 Waiting for your next video.

    Have a great day <3

  19. What a nice day! I think I’ve planned for my first day out every single day since this started. However, my region is far from ending lockdown: as cases increase, so does the amount of people organizing parties and hanging out without precautions.


  20. It must be amazing to be out of lockdown for such a long time, especially living in NYC. This city went through such a tough phase and it’s amazing to see you out and about! Stay safe tho <3

    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  21. Your plant babies look so healthy! I would have devoured those tacos. What brand/shade of lipstick are you wearing in the video? I like it.

  22. I love seeing your first day out! The docks are such a pretty place to go and unwind- and yum, tacos! Here for it!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  23. Hello
    We live in such strange times Allie !! I never thought to live a pandemic !! I pray that a vaccine is quickly found !!


  24. it’s so nice you got to get out of iso at home and enjoy the outdoors 🙂 We have been able to go out the whole time with iso although we haven’t been able to go too far from home. i can’t even think what our first day out was – maybe when they allowed us to travel 50ks and see one other person and my sister and I were able to meet in the middle of our homes at the 50k mark, haha! Until then it was just lots of dog walks around the neighbourhood!
    Seems like such a long time ago now!

    Hope that you are having a nice week 🙂

  25. Great post, kisses!


  26. Hope you are well.

  27. Pretty trees 🙂

  28. Finally girl! Hope you stay safe out there❤️ Seems like it was a great day!

    XX Angelica

  29. I have not been out much aside from obvious reasons, to the grocer, but if I do, it’s in the backyard. I did have to go out for a work thing. But everyone fortunately socially distanced themselves and wore masks. OMG about the fire! <3

  30. What a wonderful video! Thanks for sharing your experience



  31. Enjoy in freedom and beautiful sunny days.

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  32. It is so hard to stay at home all the time. I am glad that you got to go back out and enjoy some sunlight with all of the quarantine going on. Love the adventures that you had throughout the day! I try to be safe with going out, but it is very much needed!

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  33. It sounds like you had a lovely day. We’re not allowed to go anywhere yet, but I would love to go and get tacos xo

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  34. Happy weekend my lovely friend!
    Kisses, Paola.

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  35. Stay safe Allie!

  36. I haven’t been out really yet other then for groceries but hope to soon! xx


  37. It’s a nice feeling to get out after a long time quarantining 🙂

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  38. I’m sorry to hear about the fire! I’m so glad my city had a firework curfew this year. That’s great you were able to get out of the house. Be well and stay Allie!

  39. Great vlog, Allie:) Thanks for sharing. Dayum….that fire story was pretty scary! And yay for the new babies. I’m kinda wanting some new plants around the house now:) As for quarantine, my family and I are still not going out as much, but I do go to the stores to get some stuff and less fearful now because masks are now mandatory where we are, although there are still some stupid people who refuse to wear them…like WTF?!?!?
    PS Love the mukbang part:D

  40. So much interesting video


  41. Stay Safe! I enjoy every time I go out but I still limit myself with a real reason to go out, esp in public. I started doing outdoor workouts way earlier in the morning comparing to what I did before and I think it will stay forever

  42. Oooh Allie, good to know that you were able to go out, I imagine you also had a difficult season in NY, but luckily you’ll be able to enjoy summer days following all the healthy recommendations 🙂

    I loved the colorful mask and how you matched with the pink sunglasses, it seems that face mask will be part of our outfits for a season so at least we can make an effort to do “strange combinations”.? I’m trying to focus on the good side of the situation haha

    PS: I love your plant, looks so healthy !

  43. …and just like you, technically my first time out was a BLM protest I attended in early June.

  44. keep safe! 🙂

    xoxo, rae

  45. What a fun day! Loving your plant collection and the docks look like such a refreshing place to be!

    Eileen | yesmissy.com

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