The Last Minute Party Frock to ring in the new year

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Both of these super festive dresses from And Other Stories are sure to have you looking your sparkly best this holiday season






From ruffles to off the shoulder to velvet, Pixie Market will have you wrapped up for the holiday season.



Well Christmas has come and gone but we are still in the height of the holiday season and quickly heading to the new year. The last year may have been personally not too bad a year for me, but it seems it has been a very rocky year when it comes to world affairs and politics. I find I am much more stressed out then usual, complete with nightmares of nuclear annihilation and Trump troops in my bedroom—no really I had a nightmare like this.

And along with these nightmares I find myself shopping more. Retail therapy to be sure. Though I did score some bargains. Three pairs of high waisted jeans from the Gap for $114.00 (they were all %50 off), two coats for $160.00 at Macy’s (also %50 off) and then not so much of a bargain I paid full price for a top at COS. But it was one of those situations that I knew I loved it so much and that I would get a lot of wear out it, that I forked over the cash for the full asking price. But yeah, I need to calm down with the spending.

But as we all know a girl does have her engagements to keep, and New Year’s Eve is up there as the social engagement of the year, second only to Fashion Week. So for any of you that have not yet lined up a look to ring the new year I rounded up some affordable party frocks from a couple of out of the box retailers that I find myself paying more attention too; and a couple from traditional retailer Nordstrom—though this not so traditional white and silver sequined midi dress is a fun and edgy way to toast the end of the year.

I Hope you like what I found, and with all the looks under $260 your wallet will be happy too!

Gold glitter dress in top image available at AndOtherStories

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The Last Minute Party Frock to ring in the new year