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Kendall Jenner—the Model of the Moment, Fair and Square


N o other family in recent years has the capacity to generate such fervent anger and animosity as the Kardashians. Love them or hate them, they are had to miss. I must say it always astounds me when I hear people go off and yell slurs at them or call them trash. So, it is not OK or politically correct to call a poor family that lives in a trailer “trash”, but it is OK to call a wealthy family that lives in mansion trash? Many will say that it has to do with the show itself, and I what I can only assume happens on the show. But the Kardashians and their producers are not breaking any laws, the show continues to be renewed, and  people are still watch it.  Is this fair? This is how this particular family chooses to earn an income, and they got rich doing so, kudos to them. If you find what they do offensive, that is a choice—you are choosing to be offended. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it. How hard is it to not turn on the TV? Or to change the channel? But really, the true phenomenon of the Kardashians is the mirror they hold up to society. When I see or hear people getting all riled up about the Kardashians calling them trash, or getting upset that Kim is baring her derriere or making a video, or whatever the current brouhaha is about, I often think to myself “what are you really angry about”? Yet these same people give no thought to how the food they eat gets to their table, how the clothes they wear are produced, or how the inner workings of their smartphones are manufactured. They will blithely walk past a person sleeping on the street then carry on about the immoralities of the Kardashian clan. And now it seems the world of fashion is being touched by this phenomenon as well, as Kendall Jenner’s star continues to rise.



Last season the internet and media outlets were rife with rumors of Kendall being bullied by other models, most of which were unfounded. However, there was one model that wrote an open letter to Kendall in which she lambasts Kendall and her easy road to success. This model as the letter may lead you to believe, is not from an eastern block country, but from Woodbridge Virginia and comes from a loving supportive family and graduated from The Institute of Miami with a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing—not exactly a rough life. [blockquote]They will blithely walk past a person sleeping on the street then carry on about the immoralities  of the Kardashian clan[/blockquote]Though the descriptions in the letter do accurately describe the situations that many models face who do come from less affluent families and countries. But I could not miss the pity party-life’s not fair tone of the letter. Again, this letter seemed less about Kendall Jenner, and more about the person writing it, how this person sees themselves as victimized and getting a less fair shake in life. Well I do not want to be (OK maybe I do) the person to bring this to her attention: but newsflash—life’s not fair, never has been. Is it fair to be born with a crippling spinal disease like a good friend of mine? Nope. Is it fair to have a stroke in your early forties, like another friend of mine? Nope. Is it fair to live with a painful disease since you were twelve, where just sitting in chair can be painful, like myself? Nope. So no, it may not be “fair” that Kendall was born healthy, wealthy, and beautiful and that she is living the dream of so many young women, but it is also not her fault. Bottom line, Kendall is beautiful and she possess the looks that we as a society and the fashion industry covets. She is good at modeling and actually models very well, and as most of us know—modeling is not as easy as it looks. And if I were booking a model for an editorial or a show, I would book her in a heartbeat. Because she is part part of the Kardashian clan? No, because she is stunning to look at and she is good at modeling. And to the young, attractive, healthy model who comes from the middle class family that loves her and treats her well, I ask, is this fair? Is it fair when so many young women do not posses the good looks we as a society expect of them? That so many young women come from families that do not support them and even abuse them? That so many young women may want to follow their dreams but they are unable to do so because of health problems? And what about the women from eastern block countries who are not attractive enough to be models? How do they get to America? And I ask, is this fair?
Image of Kendall via Vogue stop by to see more beautiful pictures of her.


  1. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog the other day. You’re making some really good points here. The hypocrisy of all the haters out there is indeed shocking and just pathetic. If the whole Kardashian family was so trashy and immoral, shouldn’t Kendall have it extra hard to become a respected model? Anyways…of all the sisters, shes definitely my favourite. I love her natural beauty 🙂

    Jasmin xx

  2. She looks like a young Ali McGraw, and I think she would have been successful regardless because she is gorgeous and has the perfect model body.


  3. Wow she looks completely different in this image. I agree life is not fair you have to make the best of it.

  4. Yes, Kardashians are Kardashians.
    And Kendall looks is among the best.
    She’s created to be in the runway 🙂
    She’s so lovable too.

    Check my new post.

  5. She may not be one of my favorite models but I don’t think it’s fair for Kendall to get judged liked that. Her family name may have had something with getting her in the door but she still has to do the work and she seems to be the hardest working member of her family.

  6. Very well said! I read that open letter to Kendall and these are my thoughts exactly. Thanks for sharing.

  7. GREAT write up!!! I love Kendall. Period. Whether people like how she made it or not you can knock her craft. She’s beautiful and KILLS it every time. People need to quit and worry about themselves. Loving your blog you officially have a new follower 🙂


  8. She looks fantastic. And I am in love with the hat!

  9. You’re so right about this, Alicia. People just love to hate and bully from their computers. I love this family. They make mistakes,but so do we. I’m so happy for Kendall right now – She’s killin the runway everywhere. I love this post! :))


  10. Hello! I am swooning over this post! I just happened to stumble upon your blog and love it! Looking forward to your next post! Have a great week!


  11. Hello Allie, I like her too, she is talented., if some people do not like them they should not even waste their precious time talking awful things about them. I do watch the show because i do not have the time and when I get some me time I check my fave blogs like this one! :D! xx

  12. I love Kendall! I think she is fantastic and great at what she does!!

  13. Kendell has taken the fashion world by storm..the girls got talent..gotta admit!


  14. Kendall has been EVERYWHERE lately! I am so over the Kardashians, but I feel like maybe she is a little more genuine… or maybe I am just crazy.


  15. So glam! That hat is a statement in itself.

  16. Love this post! I think people are far too quick to criticize Kendall- I don’t even think they take in the fact that she is an incredible model in her own right!

    Rachel xx

  17. We are so with you, she definitely worked hard for what she has and Kendall is a really incredible model. So glad you wrote this!! It’s totally necessary. 🙂

    xx 365Hangers

  18. Not a fan of the show but most comments are just from haters who would like to be like them!! Kendall is not the usual “model kinda beauty” but it’s great, we need more diversity on the catwalk! x

  19. Gorgeous photo of Kendall. I have to say, I do enjoy watching the Kardashians from time to time on TV – it’s pretty addicting! But you’re right, Kendall is a great model regardless of who her family is.

  20. This argument about Kendall is completely lost on me. I’m still looking for more ethnicity on the runway to worry about the Kardashian clan. Not a fan of the family, but I do believe NO ONE deserves to be bullied. Great post.

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  21. I think this post has a lot of good insights. While I think there are some people out there who are less fortunate, never forget that if you have a roof over your head, food to eat, and clothes to wear, that you aren’t as bad off. I don’t understand why some people who have good things like to shame others into thinking that they are “trash”.

  22. Yup. Life plays out the way it does. There’s only so much we can control. She’s fortunate to have had an “easy” route to the spotlight via her family, but she definitely holds her own.

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