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Katie Gallagher (1986-2022)

I came from work last week and as I usually do I sat down in front of my computer to answer emails and return comments on my blog and YouTube channel, when a video popped up on my feed about a fashion designer’s death being ruled a homicide. I looked at the thumbnail and I thought that the young woman in the photo looked very familiar. Then I clicked on the video and saw the name Katie Gallagher— and then it clicked.

I was shocked—I had attended Katie Gallagher’s shows a few times and covered them on both my blog and YouTube channel. It took a moment or two for it to sink in, but it did. I felt sadness, anger and even rage. Apparently her death is linked to a series of deaths where people are drugged and then robbed. Generally it is when they are leaving bars and they are offered drugs or in some cases it happened in the bar and then they are followed home. Back in the day people worried about the date rape drug scenario—now it has been taken to a new level by killing people and robbing them.

Creativity, beauty, love are all words that we as a society are supposed to aspire to. Katie Gallagher indeed inspired us through her creativity, beautiful garments and love for what she did. She was a bit of a free spirit and created garments that were fiercely independent, embracing a whimsical darkness that celebrated the unconventional. In her short life she achieved her dreams and gave to to the world a moment of sublime artful joy tinged with dark desire expressed in garments that will not soon be forgotten.

My sympathies go out to her parents, siblings and friends. There is currently a GoFundMe fund set up to raise money to be able to show her last collection. I really don’t know what to say anymore with this world we are living in. I would be lying if I said I see a bright future. I guess all any of us can do is take it one day at time and remember to always be kind when ever you can. Other then that I am out of advice, I have nothing…

Into Photo via RavelineMagazine where you can read an interview with Katie. Other photos by myself from when I attended the Fall 2018 show.


  1. Wow, I am heartbroken to hear what’s happened to Katie Gallagher. Thank you for sharing the GoFundMe. I’ll be keeping her family, friends, and supporters in my thoughts.

  2. This leaves me speechless. There are never right words for such a tragedy, but I think you found them anyway. What a loss. What a great human being. Lots of love to you, her friends and family, x S.Mirli

  3. This is truly so sad. You’re right…we got to enjoy each day because we never know when it might be our last.


  4. This is so horrible- I hadn’t heard of this happening before. My heart goes out to her family and friends and I can’t begin to imagine what they are going through right now. Thank you for sharing the GoFundMe link.
    Julia x

  5. Oh, this is so sad… she was so young and had so much to live and accomplish. My sympathies go to you too, who liked her and followed her work. It’s not easy to see something like that happen to someone you admire.
    May her beautiful work remain in the memory of everyone who liked what she did.

  6. This is so tragic. I don’t understand how anyone could do this to another human. I agree, it is hard to see a bright future when this happens. How does a family ever recover from this? My heart goes out to them. Thank you for sharing Allie and raising awareness xx

  7. Wow, what a truly heartbreaking story. This world is so crazy and maddening some days. I feel for friends, family and fans xo



  8. This is so sad!

    Curated by Jennifer

  9. My condolences to family and friends.
    This is really really sad 🙁


  10. Oh, how awful. I never heard of this happening before. So sad to see a life end way too soon.

  11. very sad to hear… heartbreaking story….

  12. These are dark times we live in.
    I feel for her family and friends.
    Every death is tragic, but when your loved one is murdered, it is much more difficult to deal with the loss.

  13. A lovely tribute to a woman whose life ended much too early.

  14. It is a very sad and tragic story! My condolences. We never know what life will surprise us with. We have to make use of every day. It breaks my heart, it’s very, very sad.

    1. Yes very sad and very true have to appreciate every moment.

  15. WOW .. what a loss. Thank you for sharing my love
    shy – https://www.shyyshianne.com/

  16. This is so heart-breaking to read, Allie:( Our society is getting darker and darker. RIP to Katie, and condolences to her family. To be taken so young:(

    1. Agreed so heart breaking. Yes the world is in such a dark place…

  17. This is so tragic! Thank you for sharing Allie! xx

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  18. This is incredibly sad. Thank you for sharing the Go fund me. I had not idea this had happened to her. Xoxo

  19. That is so sad to hear about what happened to Katie Gallagher.
    That is nice that you were able to attend a few of her shows, and my condolences go out to her family, friends, and fans.

    1. Yes I am glad I got to attend her shows. Not an easy industry to break into, she really was a shinning light.

  20. So sad, so young, this is so tragic


  21. I’m so sorry to hear such sad news, Allie. A beautiful light extinguished in this senseless tragedy. I do pray her family, friends, and followers will eventually find solace in their grief. Big hugs.


    1. Yes I hope her friends and family do find some solace I can not imagine being in their shoes.

  22. This is so sad what happened to Katie Gallagher, She was so young, creative and amazing person.

  23. This is so shocking and depressing.. what a huge loss…my condolences to her family and friends…
    Beauty and Fashion/Glamansion/Rampdiary

    1. Yes very, I was so taken aback and sad.

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  26. Hey Allie, I hope you’re enjoying spring season! And thanks for your latest feedback on my recent blog post.

    I can’t believe this! Such terrible news! 🙁 Specially after reading that you attented to her shows…. seems that Katie Gallagher had a lot to offer to the fashion scene.

    Sad to read this news, feel so sad for her family and for all the unfinished fashion projects.

    Warm hugs Allie and thanks for letting us know about these news.


    1. I am enjoying spring, so glad you liked my feedback. Yes beyond sad, very depressing for sure.

  27. Thanks a lot =) I like my stuff from Shein a lot. Oh yes the leopard print is super cute and the two pieces look really special.

    Great post. I don’t know Katie Gallagher but I like her looks and outfits a lot, pretty feminine.
    Greetings =)

  28. It’s so sad… I totally agree with your words, sometimes I don’t know where are we going as a society…

    1. Indeed, I know…

  29. What a pity 🙁 May she rest in peace..

    1. Yes it is, I hope so.

  30. Oh my god! I am glad you are talking about this. When I heard what happened to her, I was shocked. I wonder if they found out who was behind this. It is so evil and horrific. It just shows you even in 2023, we as women have to watch our backs no matter what. Thank you for sharing this. She will be remembered for her originality and wicked talent. https://www.bauchlefashion.com/2023/04/5-tips-on-how-to-actually-wear-white.html

  31. Oh my, this is absolutely heartbreaking!! Thanks so much for sharing a bit of background on Katie Gallagher, she sounds like she was an amazing inspiration! I am right there with you friend, evil people keep finding more and more ways to hurt others and it is so scary. I pray that her family sees justice out of this horrific tragedy!

    Make Life Marvelous

  32. This is so saddening! Someone so young, creative and with a bright future ahead whose life was cut short so abruptly and violently. The world gets more and more cruel and violent towards women and it has to stop.
    I hope her legacy lives on and that those responsible for her death face justice as deserved.


  33. What a lovely tribute to someone who contributed so much to the fashion industry! Those unexpected deaths of people who have contributed in some way to the world hit hard.

  34. Oh wow, she was far too young. Such a talented designer and I hope that her final collection can be released at some point.

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


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