Etro Spring-Summer 2019 For Lookbook Friday

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Today I am switching things up a bit and going for a bit of a lighter tone then last week. Today we are looking at Etro’s spring summer lineup for 2019. I am a fan of looking at current collections as the items are ready to be purchased, no patience needed. Etro embodies the boho Sergeant Pepper mindset of easy breezy layered ruffles and retro sixties, mod-infused style. I have walked past the Etro store many times when I worked in Soho and was always entranced.

I love the brand’s aesthetic of romance, effortless style and whimsy. The collection for Spring 2019 is a true expression of these elements and brings the joy of being a women to fruition in a most delightful way. Vivd florals, stripes, geometric patterns, botanical designs, plaids, and regal embroidery are artfully juxtaposed; lending an air of playful sophistication. Suits, maxi dresses, capes, summer frocks adorned with ruffles, graphical tees and wide leg trousers, create a wardrobe complete, nothing more is needed, except your imagination, a free spirited nature, and lots of places to go! Yes? Which of these pieces speaks to you?

  • aditi oberoi malhotra
    June 21, 2019

    Looks really nice! Thanks for sharing.
    Adi xx |

  • Jennifer
    June 21, 2019

    Love all the floral prints!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  • Rowena @ rolala loves
    June 21, 2019

    The prints in this collection are seriously fabulous! I’m loving all the print mixing as well.

  • Kelsey Bang
    June 21, 2019

    such chic and cool looks!

  • Vanessa
    June 21, 2019

    What a great collection! I absolutely love the boho and tribal vibes in the designs with a great dose of femininity. They are statement pieces, perfect to look stylish and chic at the same time.
    I can see myself wearing these pieces. Love them!
    Have a great day,


  • Cris Santos
    June 21, 2019

    The entire collection speaks me I am in love xoxo Cris

  • Jackie Harrison
    June 21, 2019

    How cool you work in SoHo very artistic place love the fashion you always introduce the most coolest whimsical style.

  • Lizzie
    June 21, 2019

    Wow, amazing looks β™₯

  • Maria
    June 22, 2019

    Oh my gosh! The collection is AMAZING! I love all of the prints, especially the floral.

    xo, Maria

  • Nancy
    June 22, 2019

    I love that all of these outfits somehow connect to each other, whether it is the style of the pattern. Pretty cool to see different brands out there making a hit. I like the whimsy part of this brand. Thanks for sharing all of these styles!

    Nancy β™₯

  • Marie
    June 22, 2019

    I love the floral coat. Looks so ethereal…

    The Flower Duet

  • Dheera
    June 22, 2019

    The prints in this collection are so cool. The floral print suit is my favorite piece in this collection. I’m loving the boho-chic vibes!!

  • Olga Federico
    June 22, 2019

    Love the brand! They always have such unique prints!

  • Ivana Split
    June 22, 2019

    Well, to be honest all of these pieces speak to me. I can imagine wearing all of them, every single item. I probably wouldn’t wear those long flares with flats or sneakers, I’d opt for heels instead….but I do like the pants options they have as much as I do the dresses. That blue suit with pants is gorgeous. Their maxi dresses look great with flats, though. That would be a great comfortable option for summer. Etro is a brand I’m not familiar with, but I can definitely appreciate their boho, playful and feminine aesthetic. Their maxi dresses are a dream.

  • Jennifer
    June 22, 2019

    These looks are simply amazing! Nice Post! Have a great day!

  • evi erlinda
    June 22, 2019

    Beautiful collections!!

  • Shoppingholic
    June 22, 2019

    Such a cool way to combine those prints, love it!

  • Mica
    June 22, 2019

    Oh so many beautiful luxe peices here! I love the colours and prints together. I’m fond of that yellow maxi dress but everything looks so fun to wear! thanks for sharing!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend πŸ™‚

  • Melissa Kacar
    June 23, 2019

    I love all of these looks! Thanks for sharing! πŸ™‚

  • Radi
    June 23, 2019

    This is the first time I hear of Etro and I’ve got to say I’m in love. I really like that blue power suit.

  • Elisa
    June 23, 2019

    All these looks are amazing and perfect for Summer!
    xx Elisa | DIY & LIFESTYLE BLOG

  • Grace Louise
    June 23, 2019

    These looks are all so gorgeous, I love the florals and bold prints! x

    Grace Louise ||

  • Rena
    June 23, 2019

    Dear Allie,
    All the pieces speak to me! This collection is perfect and now I want to have especially the look with the red skirt and the grey shirt in my closet πŸ™‚ It is great you show here the current collections as I belong to those who can’t wait πŸ˜‰
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  • Sophia
    June 23, 2019

    So many super chic looks am loving these looks.

  • Jane
    June 23, 2019

    Love this beautiful collection!
    xo, Jane

  • Eena
    June 24, 2019

    These looks are so perfect for summer!

    ☼ cabin twenty-four

  • Sakuranko
    June 24, 2019

    Oh very cute darling

    *Please donΒ΄t publish links on my blog

  • Marina W
    June 27, 2019

    Your post is so interesting to read as always πŸ™‚
    Cannot wait to read more from you.

    – Marina W

  • Ashley
    June 27, 2019

    SUCH a cool collection- I love all the vibrant prints!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  • ieyra
    June 27, 2019

    These are very beautiful! especially the first 3 pieces in this post, they are more like my style πŸ˜€

    ieyra h. | beauty blog

  • Kara
    June 28, 2019

    This collection is beautiful! I love how the silhouettes are very sophisticated but the retro prints make each piece really fun. That blue suit with the beret is my favorite. And I love how you use different layouts for your posts!

    x Kara |

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