The BLONDES Fall 2017 for lookbook Friday

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Fashion is nothing if not dramatic. From the element of transformation to the empowerment of owning your style, fashion is the beating heart of desire and escapism. And much like theatre it can transport us to faraway places and other dimensions. OK other dimensions may be a bit much, but The Blonds fall collection for 2017 is a gorgeously in your face shimmering explosion of over the top looks. It should surprise no one, the duo specializes in designing costumes for some of today’s hottest performers. Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus and Madonna are just a few of performers to don a Blonds original.

… this collection will leave you breathless

With fabrics that do not seem to be of this world, The Blonds have created a lineup of fiercely sensual pieces that could bring out the show girl in all of us. From corsets adorned in pearls and over-sized feathers, to clingy metallic mini dresses in gun metal gray, to dramatically distressed jeans and matching bomber jacket, to a red velvet jewel encrusted frock to a stunning silver lame water fall evening gown, this collection will leave you breathless.

No, most of us will not have an occasion to wear such fabulous creations, but that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the unabandoned sexy appeal of this show stopping collection.

Do you Blush? Or are a sans blush kind of girl
The BLONDES Fall 2017 for lookbook Friday