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Bling in the New year with two super chic jewelry designers

One of my New Years’s resolutions is to add more out of the box, well curated jewelry to my fashion closet. And although high end designer jewelry may be out of my price range, vintage jewelry and independent jewelry designers are an accessible alternative to low priced big box store accessories.

Jewelry is a wonderful way to express your individual style and add interest to a basic look. Wearing jewelry is a personal choice and finding that perfect piece can be daunting. So today I am introducing you to two up and coming accessories designers and curators. Each of them has a unique look and offers their own take on the body armor arsenal of style. From a rocker aesthetic to a more lady-like retro feel, the pieces here are sure to inspire you, and with many of them ranging between $60.00 and $250 you can get your bling on with out breaking the bank.


Emilee Anne who won the Blogger on Cusp competition from Neiman Marcus, combines her two passions: blogging and jewelry in to one successful career. After graduating from Parsons Emilee went on to work for Marc Jacobs and Kate Spade as a jewelry designer while continuing to passionately pursue her hobby as a vintage jewelry collector, she scoured flea-markets and estate sales searching for those perfect vintage pieces.



emilee-anne-7 emilee-anne-4



And today we get to benefit from her ceaseless passion for all things retro as Emilee now has a vintage shop where she sells all the wonderful pieces she so effectively curates. Seriously, now cool is this? I have always loved jewelry from the past, but who has time to shop in flea markets? So much easer to hop on over to EmileeAnne.com. Right?


Siam Patra is an accessories designer originally from Thailand and sites her homeland and the beautiful extravagant jewelry designs of ancient Egypt as the inspirations for what she describes as her maximalist approach, no minimalism here. Embellishments, bling and edgy details like zippers and gem stones express a wonderfully decadent and rebellious line of must have it girl pieces.




So luxurious right? Truly a bargain at $145 for a hand made designer piece this is so on my must have list



From cuffs, to bangles to chokers, statement necklaces and bracelets and gorgeously extravagant earrings there is a bauble here for you. I love when I can share the passionate success of talented entrepreneurial women and the best part? I get to shop for super stylish blingy treasures and I am supporting independent businesses.  To me this is what 2017 should be all about—celebrating that independent spirit. And I am staring with SiammPatra.com 


  1. Wow, those jewelry details are so beautiful! Falling in love with every single design!

  2. WOW, soooo gorgeous,chic and different, I would wear everything!! 🙂 xx

  3. her pieces are simply stunning, thank you for telling me about her.


  4. OMG! Obsessed with the jewelry! Chunky statement pieces are my fave!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  5. Jewelry is such a great way to personalize and finish off any look! Both of these lines have some real eye catching pieces and yes to supporting independent businesses!

  6. I am never one who wears lots of jewelry, actually I don’t even have much as I just don’t know how to style them. I really like Siam Patra’s piece though, very unique.

  7. Beautiful jewelry!

  8. Beautiful jewelry! I’m taking a jewelrymaking class at a museum, and these pieces are so inspiring 🙂

  9. Wow these jewelry are stunning!!!

  10. Omg, I am loving all this gorgeous statement-making gold!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  11. The post is great! I really love your photos 🙂


  12. Great resolution – these pieces are seriously fab!! Would love to have any of them in my closet.

    xx, Amy

  13. The pieces are all so amazing! Thanks for the share, I love how she incorporated different texture and style with gold, love the cuffs the most! 🙂 xo~ Lena

  14. Wow I love each and every piece here….these jewelries are so stunning and you look gorgeous hun…xx, Neha


  15. This is a great idea for a New Year’s goal! Haha I have to add this one to my list! Love to add embellishment to my outfits and preferably statement ones too. The latter ones with the zippers are too good though?! Love the fun twist on a regular zipper and the layers of chokers is just so good! Xx


  16. I’m a huge fan of finding new jewelry designers, especially since we’re in the new year! Thanks for sharing!


  17. I love reading this post- you know how much I love my bling. I will defiantly check out the sites here, And Emilee”s blog, love the cuffs and those shoes! Brilliant!
    xx, Elle

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