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Zara Basics Mini Haul Summer 2024

Happy Summer everyone! Hope it is off to a good start. The change in seasons is always a good time to refresh one’s wardrobe so when my Parisian niece was in town I used this as an excuse to do a little shopping. My shopping adventures included both new and second hand shopping, and I bought three times as many second hand pieces as I did new pieces. I picked up four new pieces from Zara and about twelve pieces shopping second hand. All in I spent about $250.

Today I am sharing with you the four pieces I picked up at Zara; all of which are basics, I purchased two tops and two bottoms. Do you shop at Zara for basics? I find I shop there for basics and for the super trendy pieces, which I do not buy a lot of, and know I will not wear a lot. I try to live by the 80/20 rule when I can: %80 classics or non fast fashion and and %20 trendy pieces and fast fashion. How do you handle this shopping dilemma?


  1. Nice

  2. I love basics. And Zara can be really nice if you picked them right. Plus they won’t break your bank.

  3. Your haul was very nice to watch, I would choose exactly the same 🙂

  4. Nice purchase, the jeans look fabulous on you.

  5. YES! I used to shop basics from Zara!

  6. Hi,
    I never thought about percentages, but I believe I’m almost on a 80/20 rule!
    I prefer to buy basics at local stores.


  7. It is a great idea to invest in basics. I love Zara basics. xoxo

  8. Great pieces!

    Curated by Jennifer

  9. Zara is great for basics. I love the white and black bodysuits.
    Julia x

  10. Very nice

  11. Zara does seem like a nice store to shop at for basics, and it’s always good to have basics you can turn to when putting together your outfits.
    Also, that’s great to hear you got 12 pieces secondhand and the 80/20 rule seems good to follow!

  12. Loved watching your haul. Zara has nice collections.

    Annies Food Diary

  13. Love the white bodysuit, but the fabric looks a little thin. You look beautiful, and I love the tulips behind you!

  14. loving this haul! thank you for sharing this lovely video!

  15. I have not shopped Zara in a really longtime. Thanks for sharing, the bodysuit tops can always be worn. I just bought a couple resort dresses for summer, and will likely live in it during the weekends, because I love them so much, haha.

  16. Very good selection. I like Zara. Thanks for sharing.


  17. OMG.

    I love Zara!

  18. I love shopping at Zara, I really love their basics too – a great video! x

    Lucy | http://www.lucymary.co.uk

  19. The basics are always essential in the wardrobe, they all seem very appropriate to me and you will surely get good use of them. Kisses!

  20. I’m in your boat- I’ll hit Zara up for basics (I really like their tees and their jeans!) and then super trendy pieces (just got this collared tennis dress that is so fun). Those jeans are killer!


  21. Hi Allie! Your Zara Basics haul is fabulous! Mixing classics with a few trendy pieces is smart—it keeps things versatile without overspending. Zara’s great for staples, and I love how you’ve balanced it with second-hand finds. The bodysuits are sleek, and those jeans fit perfectly!

  22. Parabéns pelas compras, parecem ser ótimas peças. Adorei assistir o vídeo.

  23. thanks for your sharing

  24. Great purchases.. love those pleated pants!

  25. You got some great versatile pieces on your Zara trip! I can never find a great bodysuit, so it’s nice to hear that this one is actually long enough to not cause discomfort! I’ll have to order a few for myself now!

  26. The 80/20 rule is a good one. I find myself going back to my basic tops and jeans so often. I don’t even own any prints anymore, besides a few dresses.

  27. 80/20 sounds really good, I think most of my wardrobe is classic. Love these jeans, you look really gorgeous in them.

  28. Beautiful basic and essential clothes.
    The 80/20 rule is interesting.
    I really love your bodysuits.


  29. That’s one of the best reasons for going shopping I’ve heard in an while! Glad to hear you got some second hand bargains as well as new – I love a good rummage around the charity shops, you never know what you’ll find. 🙂

  30. It was very smart to keep hot summer weather in mind!
    I love the appearance of the ALC top you wore while narrating the video..
    it looks comfortable and pretty. You looked fabulous showcasing
    the Zara outfit piece!.
    Best wishes for keeping cool and healthy,
    throughout the hot summer months and beyond.
    Best, P.B. 😀 <3 xx

  31. Basics are great. I doubt Zara carries my size, so no, I’ve never shopped there.

  32. Basics are always cool 😀

  33. Wow, da sind wirklich tolle Sachen dabei. LG Romy

  34. I really like Zara, but this is a much more expensive store. I only buy it on certain occasions or when it’s on sale.
    I love the pants there, they are my favorites.
    I loved your haul! 🙂


  35. Good collections. Zara is great for basics.

  36. Oh, I love all of these pieces you got from Zara, Allie! We don’t have a Zara store here in Ohio, or that I’m aware of, but I would absolutely buy each of these. Those jeans look fantastic on you and so do the other pants! The bodysuits look great too, I’ve never bought one but have been thinking about it lately. What a great price those were!!

    Wishing you a wonderful upcoming weekend!! 🙂

    Make Life Marvelous

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