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What I am Currently Craving—I’m Influential Print from Made by Girl



I love decorating all most as much as I love fashion. And I am slowly starting to acquire items for my future home as most of my regular readers already know. And some of you may already know that I have an original Made by Girl pineapple painting and a gold “LOVE” print. Well I am now adding this to my must have list. I mean an “I’m Influential” print? I don’t think this could possible be more perfect for a blogger, no? And besides it is gorge! Who doesn’t love gold and black? I think this time I just may take the plunge and buy it framed. And if you are as impressed with this as me be sure to head to Jen’s shop at Madebygirl. There are plenty of items to choose from and if you are on a budget the unframed print is only $22.00, not bad right?



  1. Great statement like it to me display in my home.

  2. The gold and black is so chic! This print is totally gorge!

  3. I like the message and how it looks. Your home is going to be gorgeous Allie.

  4. The “I’m Influential” print is so cute. I also love your verse print, such a good one. <3 I love the golden chain too. Decorating is one of my favourites! Good luck! <3
    Bohemian Romance

  5. It’s strange something this simple can be so chic and I absolutely agree with you that it’s perfect especially for a blogger. Two words but these words are empowering! Thank you for the introduction to Jen’s shop, will head over there and have a browse.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  6. Loved your photographs !

  7. I would love that print! It’s so pretty, as well as, inspirational!

  8. What a fantastic print!

  9. I love this print! I could totally get on board with hanging it above my desk.

  10. Love Made By Girl! That print is so adorable. I have a yellow LOVE print and I have the couple’s print with the alphabet. Now I want this too…


  11. $22! Hell yeah I want this print. So perfect for a blogger hehehe


  12. Great message and the decoration look amazing! I love black and gold, it looks so chic!:)

  13. I just love her prints! They are absolutely perfect. This one is really nice, it must be new because I haven’t see it until now!

  14. I love everything on that gorgeous wall! That print is awesome, I may have to get myself one! Great post!
    xo Kiki

  15. Too cool- I love this! Gold is my jam. 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  16. Lovely pieces! Before I moved out I started stock piling decor as well as houseware, appliances, etc, so by the time I moved out I was all set! Great idea Allie 🙂 Oh, and re: to your last comment, I too have a kittie cat and she’s quite the hunter, like yours, so those pesky flies do not survive long.

    PS I followed you on Bloglovin so that I could better keep up with your posts!

    Enjoy your day!
    House of Illusions

  17. That reminds me that I need one more print to add to my gallery wall! 🙂

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