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Vlogmas #3 Getting The Tree

Here is Vlogmas #3 getting the tree! It was a warmish day and sunny so a good day to go. I picked out a small but cute and full tree. I put it up and have started to decorate it. Now I have to wrap the gifts, and get my baking started. I hope you enjoy joining me on this holiday excursion! Happy Holidays everyone.

And note my bangs in the bedroom shot. I am not making this up when I claimed that the last stylist I went to did not do a bang up job, excuse the pun. The next person I go to is going to probably rate me as their most high maintenance client ever. But I am going in for a pre-consultation and then I am going to direct them every step of the way. I will not just be sitting back and letting them do their thing, because apparently that doesn’t work.


  1. You hair looks great and love your shopping outfit.


  2. you make me want to go and get a christmas tree too
    The Glossychic

  3. Oh those star jeans are fab and ay for getting your tree. We always talk about getting a real tree and then end up just hauling out our pink tinsel tree every year. You’re paying to get your hair cut so you should get what you want. Most stylists don’t mind a little direction when their clients want something specific.

  4. Love that you are vlogging now! Merry Christmas! <3 – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  5. Your star jeans are so cute. I love the whole outfit.
    Have fun baking and good luck with your new hair appointment.


  6. The tree shopping looks like so much fun!

  7. I don’t think your your fringe is as bad as you think it is but if you’re not happy then the stylist did a bad job! You have ever right to tell the stylist how you want your hair to be, it’s YOUR hair! Love your star jeans, it’s very chic!

  8. Since we always use a fake tree, I’ve never been tree shopping but it looks like so much fun! Maybe one year we will have to get a real one!

  9. Christmas tree shopping is always super fun!

  10. very beautiful vblog dear
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    a big kiss

  11. Happy Holidays! I think you look great, but for the holidays it’s always good to get your fringe cut fresh. My parents are Christmas fanatics and usually, go to a farm, but we just go to a local shop. I love real trees but this year I have my first faux one and you cannot tell, it looks quite real.

  12. I want to get one of those snow flocked trees next year. And I like the necklace in the video. Sorry about the bangs. I think you’ll get them done right next time.

  13. Great video! Happy Holidays!

  14. This looks so much fun! Would love to get that kind of tree next year.
    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

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