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R+CO a Delicious Scented Way to Care for Your Hair

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During NYFW I was lucky enough to be invited to Pop Sugar’s Shop Style event and I am looking forward to attending their event in the fall. It was a day filled with fashion, beauty, champagne and meeting and mingling with fellow bloggers. We got to pull clothes to wear to the shows, received some nifty swag

Zara Lace-up Shoes and a Lovely Night Out in Soho

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Last week I wrote about the black suede lace up shoes I picked up at Zara in this post, and here I am sporting these gorgeous kicks. As I said in last weeks post these shoes are super comfortable and easy to walk around in for a relatively long time. I wore them to NYFW to a number of shows, and here I wore them to go out to dinner with a couple of fellow bloggers

French Connection, a Non Body Con Look and a Night Out in Soho

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pring has arrived in a big way this weekend, in fact it felt more like summer. With temperatures above normal after two months of temperatures being below normal it was a bit of shock, but in a good way. Friday started out cold and rainy and ended warm and sunny with temperatures in the low seventies, it was a perfect evening to step out for dinner and drinks with some fellow bloggers.

Rent The Runway and How I Found a Clover Canyon Irish Box Print Bomber Jacket

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Rent The Runway is one of the hottest break out companies and success stories in the last few years. Launching roughly five years ago and offering their services online only, they now have brick and mortar stores in three major cities as well as styling services. And hold on to your hats ladies, but they are now offering a monthly service