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Perricone MD Replenishment Service and Streamlined kits for All Your Beauty Needs






T he winter is really taking a toll on my skin. It was looking so dry,rough and blotchy. I had always wanted to try the Perricone MD products but they are pretty costly. But when I heard they had sets available and a replenishment service I thought I would give it go. I have only been using the products a short while so the jury is still out on the long term effectiveness for the price point, but so far I have been seeing some improvements, and I have received a number of compliments on my skin this week, so it could just be working. But I do believe you have to use a product for two to three months to really know if it is effective and will deliver on the promises it makes. The sets are broken down in to specific concerns such as: deep wrinkles, enlarged pores, dullness, or redness, or you can purchase sets by the product line such as the DMAE collection or the Cold Plasma collection.

I decided to try the Cold Plasma line as I had heard so many good things about it—with the exception of the scent. Many people complained of the very strong, unpleasant oder, but I have to say it is not that bad. I can only guess the people who are not able to tolerate it must be very sensitive to oders, because I had no problem using this product. With the Cold Plasma kit you automatically get a Face Finishing Moisturizer which smells great, so I just put some of that on after the Cold Plasma and that seems to off set the scent. And did I mention that it is free and you get one with every replenishment service order? [blockquote]Because let’s “face it” the first thing someone see’s when they meet you is your face—Allie of ALLIENYC [/blockquote]Plus you get a freebie sample as well. And what is nice about the replenishment service is that it can be broken down in to 30, 45, 60, 90, or 120 days, so if you are on a budget and are frugal with your products you could choose to have them replenished less often and only get them three times a year. But considering a one time purchase of Cold Plasma is $155 singing up for the kits on the replenishment service is a pretty good deal. If you want to learn to learn more about the products and kits that they offer, or the replenishment service head on over to PerriconeMD.com. There are so many items and sets and ways to set up your replenishment service that there is surely an option that will appeal to you. Granted it is a bit steep but I find paying a bit more for quality products is worth it, and hey who doesn’t want beautiful skin, even if we have to give up a new bag or two. Because let’s “face it” the first thing someone see’s when they meet you is your face, and you will want that face to be it’s glowing best. Right?

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  1. I really like Perricone MD, but the products are so expensive. I didn’t know about the replenishment service, but that sounds like a great (and more affordable option)!

  2. The words high potency catch my eye lol makes me want to try it out!


  3. I am always looking for new skincare products. Sounds like a great line + service!


  4. Wow, Allie

    That sounds like quite a deal and it’s pretty flexible too on the replenish service package.

    It’s true that the brand is a little pricy but if one gets quality paying for slightly more, why not? We have this brand here too but have not tried them out. I believe they also have their own Makeup range :)) but we don’t carry the Makeup here.

    Lovely pictures. I do agree with you that it takes longer to see the effectiveness of a certain skincare on our skin. Cold Plasma? Sounds pretty high tech and cool to me *_^

    Thanks for sharing. Lovely post!

    Big hugs,

  5. I never try his products I will look into them now thanks for this detail information.

  6. I heard a lot of good things about Perricone MD products but have never tried them. My skin gets really dry in winter too and I have been playing with some natural recipes which actually do help to some extend. But it is always good to have an alternative at hand. I will definitely give it a try and see. Thank you for sharing this <3

    Mahshid مهشید


  7. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love his products especially the eye stuff! Money well spent.

  9. Good skincare products are always worth it. I’ve heard alot about the Cold Plasma and have been wanting to try it. It’s good to know it has been working for you.

  10. I have never heard of these products before! I bet they are fantastic, they seem like they work great!

  11. Wow, sounds amazing, and it is a nice deal for quality products. I do really love their products, but have only used several of them. I don’t sign up for auto-beauty kits anymore, because I forget about them, then when I’m finally back I have loads of parcels. So I just buy online or at a store now. <3
    Foodie Faves

  12. I agree, that the first thing people see is your face. I go to my dermatologist now, and she gave me a cleanser that doesn’t smell good, but it works.

  13. I have had the same reservations you have had in regard to price point, but you offer us a way to experiment without too much pain. The cold is absolutely taking its toll on my skin and my usual go-tos are not quite making it. Thanks for the suggestion.

    Accidental Icon

  14. I’ve actually haven’t heard of this line yet but love the way it looks and sounds fantastic!

    Much love xxx

  15. Sounds amazing. Can’t wait for an update post. You have to tell us how you feel in a few months!!

    xx 365Hangers

  16. It’s great that you have already been receiving compliments. I agree with you though that you really have to try a product for a few months to know how it really is.

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  17. I love the Perricone line, literally all of it!

    xx Cara

  18. I am a sucker for beauty products – especially those with fantastic packaging! I will have to check this out!


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