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Erin Fetherstons’ Fabulous and Cozy Tribeca Apartment—the Perfect Solution to City Dwelling

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ast week I wrote about a color scheme I am thinking about for my future home. The grey trend has been quite popular for some time now and it is a nice alternative to white, but there other options. There was one color that I thought I would never consider and that color is—green.

Raquel Allegra’s Pre-Fall Collection for Lookbook Friday

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appy accidents and unexpected expectations are always cause for celebration; and in the case of Raquel Allegra, an aspiring songstress from California who discovered her latent talents of constructing garments from recycled fabrics, led her to explore a career path she had not considered, the world of fashion’s it girls have a new go to designer to champion.

Gray, Violet and Mauve—And a Little Inspiration for My Future Abode

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he other day at work I had to run to the Benjamin Moore store down stairs to pick up some paint for an upcoming shoot. After selecting the colors and handing them over to the colorist to be mixed I had a little time to browse. So I headed over to the paint chip selection wall and picked out a number of shades that caught my eye. When it comes time to decorate my future home

How I Style a Long White Shirt for the Summer

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number of weeks ago in this post I wrote about how to style a white shirt. And today I am showing how I styled my white shirt. I picked up this shirt a few weeks ago at the Zara in Soho. This shirt is super comfortable and perfect for the hot weather. It is light and airy and the long relaxed fit means it won’t be too clingy in the more warm humid days of summer. I

Stella McCartney’s Pre-Fall Collection 2015 For Lookbook Friday

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exture and structure are the elements that dominate in Stella MaCartney’s striking pre-fall collection. The unexpected lines of the coats and their unusually placed closures sets the tone for the quirky aesthetic found throughout the line. With a mix of an early sixties tone and elegant asian influences the collection

A Beautiful Illustrated Tote From Anthropologie and My Answer to too Much Black

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eing a consummate New Yorker I wear a lot of black. Black clothes, black shoes, black coats, black accessories, but when summer roles around the last thing I feel like doing is carrying around a heavy black bag. Last week I spoke about the blush suede bag I picked up at Zara, well here is a beauty that I picked up at Anthropologie a few weeks ago and you will not believe how much I paid for this stunner.

Mango Pre Fall 2015 for Lookbook Friday

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few weeks ago we looked at Mango’s Spring Summer 2015 collection which featured a lot of 70’s inspired boho looks, with the pre-fall collection the 70’s vibe is still present but it has given way to a more stream lined urban feel. Prints are kept to a minimum and are expressed in stripes, leopard print and the occasional floral pattern. S

Spring’s Eden, Anthropologie, and a Light but Effective Hand Cream—Perfect for Summer

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like many in our population, suffer from dry skin and even had this problem as a kid. Seems this is something that funs in our family and can be rather a pain to deal with. But luckily along with antioxidants, using hand cream and body lotion and oils keeps this problem at bay. During the summer months the problem is not quite as intense

Chloé Resort 2016 for Lookbook Friday

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he Chloé aesthetic is certainly my aesthetic. I love the independent yet girly vibe of the brand. And the Resort Collection for 2016 fully embraces this aesthetic and adds a new bohemian twist to the looks. From the over-sized flare jeans to the studded man tailored trousers to the flowing eyelet dresses and repeated use of leopard print, the line straddles the fence between boho chic and London Mod Carneby Street style.