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NYFW My Style Look #2

Here is look number two which I wore on the second day of Fashion Week. On this day I had a show at nine in the morning and then my next show was not until 7PM that evening. The day called for rain through out the day, which put a bit of a damper on my plan to shoot street style in-between.

Due to the weather and the long day shooting I opted for comfort. With the rain, I decided on head to toe black which is not something I generally do for Fashion Week when attending shows, but with the day-long rainy conditions, I took the easy way out. I also knew that I was going to be on my feet a lot so wearing sneakers was a no brainer. I picked up these neon dad sneakers at Cross Roads last spring when I was thrift shopping with my Parisian niece which you can see first hand for yourself in my Thrifting Video

Really, the only thing new in this look is the hat which I got at Zara on sale for $10. I saw it, and loved it, and at that price I could not resist. The coat I have had for about four years is from Mango and it is still on trend with it’s classic cut. The top is from Loft, and the wide leg pants which some of you have seen before, I picked up at Macys about three years ago. The bag I bought a year ago is from PINKO and the sunnies I got at a sample sale at my former job are from Bottega Veneta. And the necklaces? Borrowed from mom!

The photos were shot by a fellow photog who you can find at VPVisuals.com or on Instagram @vpvisuals. I love his style, and so talented, I was super happy to capture this look.


  1. I love your bag!!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. My inner younger self is squealing of delight with that Hello Kitty bag!
    Thank you for providing us with a peak to the NY life!



  3. I totally love your style, it’s edgy and cool but still elegant and sophisticated!
    Those pants and coat look super stylish and the con trast with the bag is everything!!!

  4. Obsessed with your bag! It’s such a great color! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  5. I love this look babe! That hat and punch of color in the purse is everything! XO, Ellese


  6. Que look maravilhoso.
    Ficou super estilosa.

  7. Loving your look! That coat is so chic!


  8. Could you be any more beautiful? Such a great look, cutie!!
    Be well & healthy!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  9. Looooove the outfit the bag is amazing <3

    Serene xoxo


  10. I love the way you incorporated pops of color into this look! The bag and shoes are the perfect compliment!


  11. Ohhhhh that bucket hat was such a steal from Zara! I love the patent finish and it goes so well with the outfit. Have a happy and healthy week!

    aglassofice.com x

  12. Ooooh I am totally loving coat and bag!!
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  13. This outfit is gorgeous! I love the handbag, it adds nice pop of color x


  14. Love the look. The bright orange as an accessory is such a fun pop!

    XX Angelica

  15. Hello
    I remember that jacket at Mango !! I really liked the outfit, very cozy and classy too. Loved the photos !!


  16. Such a unique styling! Love the black with a pop of red and yellow.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  17. I love the pop of colors from the bag and the shoes!

    ✰ maidoesthings.com

  18. That coat is everything. LOVE the hat from Zara. You got such a good deal!. Keep well.

  19. You look stunning.
    I really like the bag.


  20. I love how you wear your wardrobe instead of buying new outfits, Allie! The coat is timeless!

  21. Fashion week sounds amazing. I would love to go one year. It has to be so inspiring to see so many different designs and types of clothing! This outfit was put together flawlessly as usual! I am loving the bag, it pairs perfectly with the outfit and adds a beautiful pop of color!

    xo, Sarah

  22. In love with your bag Allie, so beautiful!


  23. Love this outfit!

  24. Such a beautiful outfit !
    I love your rain hat and I love the pop of color with this cute purse.

  25. You look uber cool.

  26. Beautiful outfit, I love your coat!!


  27. Such a stylish and excentric look, I really love this coat and the choice of the hat. The purse is really fashionable too.

  28. This look is so, so good!!! I love these shots of you too 🙂 I had to change up some of my outfits too because of the rain and opted for comfort as well! Loving the dad sneakers xx

    -Nicolette Muro | thebrightestbrunette.com

  29. I love that jacket. A good pea coat is always key in the winter!

  30. You look so chic!

  31. Such a great dark look! I really like the necklaces complimenting the chains trap on your bag and it’s such a fun pop of colour with your outfit 🙂

    Hope that your week is going okay with everything happening right now!

  32. This look is honestly my favorite Allie. Totally chic, fashionable… The BEST!
    I love ittttt!


  33. Wow, that bag is so cool and unique!


  34. Your outfit for fashion week is so great!
    Those orange colors items, bag, and sunglasses are beautiful accent!!
    Your photographer, Vlad took your gorgeous pictures!


  35. Great picks! Those pants and coat look fabulous.


  36. I love your look so much. That coat is perfect and pop of yellow and orange is perfect. You look stunning.

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  37. Cool outfit and I like the color of the bag!!

    NEW // NUEVO POST IN MY FASHION BLOG!! ??: http://www.adrianosle.com/2020/03/renovar-o-morir.html

  38. I loooove that coat! This is such a great look, fashionable and comfortable!

  39. Pretty orange bag♥

  40. Looking fabulous Allie. I love this outfit and the story behind it. Especially those necklaces from your mom. Also that coat from Mango is a stunner. I have a cropped trench from them I brought over 10 years ago that is still relevant. I always found a lot of their pieces to be very transcendent, though TBH I haven’t shopped there for many, many years now


  41. Oooh! I love your outfit! It is super cute! Oh wow, you had a big gap and love that you made the most out of it. It is a bummer that it was raining. Love that you got your hat for such a great price! Have a great weekend! Stay safe!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  42. I love this outfit! It’s so chic and perfect for NYFW! Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  43. I love so much the look together! This bag is so cute I thought that there’s an Hello Kitty fashion brand but then I read Pinko 🙂 so cool!
    xx Dasynka

  44. Oooh Allie! How you doing? How’s the situation with virus in NY? Hope you’re doing good.

    And such an inspiring look, definitely something that I could wear and replicate to boy’s version. I love that you added clothes and accessories that could be used in a more relaxed outfit, such as the shoes and the hat 🙂

    And I also loved that you added a touch of color with the bag, is like the cherry on top to this OOTD 🙂

    Stay safe!

  45. You absolutely rock this dear!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

  46. Obsessed with the coat! Xx

  47. I love those sunnies and that coat. I’d never guess the coat was Mango at all! So good. Glad you were smart and dressed for the weather/long day.

  48. You look gorgeous Allie! Love your outfit!

  49. I love this entire look on you!!

    Make Life Marvelous

  50. I love the bag and sunnies. I like that you prioritised comfort.

  51. Amazing Outfit – love it!!
    Lots of love and stay safe, Elisa xx

  52. beautiful post, thanks

  53. Dear Allie, I think you decided right to wear this look on that day – sometimes comfort is really necessary. But your look is additional absolutely stylish and especially your bag is such an eyc-catcher. Thanks for sharing this look, I hope you are well and safe.
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  54. This hand bag has a really beautiful shade <3

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