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Networking For A Dream Job


Last week we spoke about “having it all” and having it all definitely means different things to different people. So today I want to talk about “Dream Jobs” what that means and how does one find a “dream job”? When I was in school I worked in the customer service department for a well known company that sells all things related to dinning, cooking and entertaining. Sound like a dream job? Well, although what the company does can be considered “fun” the job itself was most certainly not. It was basically sitting for eight hours a day in a cubicle fielding call after call from angry, pissed-off people who wanted to know where their shipment was, or why the items they ordered arrived broken. I remember at the time being acutely aware that many of my fellow employes were women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. I remember thinking to myself, “is this what they wanted to do with their lives?” While their counter-parts sitting a few feet away in well lit offices have rewarding ,well-paying positions? I also remember thinking, that I was so glad I was in school and learning a skill so that I would not end up like them. But well, should I think again? Is a college degree enough today? Because sadly, I would like to add…they almost all had college degrees.



So hows does one find the dream job? Should one apply to every job posted online they are remotely qualified for? Does it mean signing up at a number of head hunting agencies? Is it luck? Privilege? Perseverance? Networking? We have all heard that networking is one of the most important aspects to finding a job. According to Refinery 29 via a report by NPR, 80% of available positions are not posted or advertised, and of the positions that are advertised—almost half (40%) go to candidates that are referred by another employee at the company. Ok, so these statistics are pretty sobering and if you find yourself in the position of looking for, or needing a job, they can seem fairly daunting. In fact one of the reasons I started a blog in addition to having a creative outlet, was to broaden my skill set and well…network. Networking in person can be hard for some people, but networking in cyberspace can seem less threatening and one is a bit freer to be themselves. But it should always be in conjunction with old fashioned face to face networking. Yes, this not always easy, and many times I have found myself intimidated by showing up at event that I am covering for the blog alone, camera in hand, and having to “network”. But done it I have. The first time, it was an evening event and I downed a glass of wine which helped. And not only did I manage to take a bunch of pictures which tuned in to a blog post, but I also met the marketing director of the company sponsoring the event, who was nice enough to promote and tweet my blog post on the companies social media channels. So if this company, decides to open offices in New York, will I be on their first must call list? Probably not, but hey you never know, never say never. Can networking like this lead to a dream job? Perhaps not via this one event, but if I keep putting myself out there and I keep networking maybe it could? We all have all head the old slogan “It is not what you know, but who you know” Right?

So what does a dream job mean to you? Do you currently work at a “dream job”? Or is your current job just to pay the bills? How did you find your current job? And if you did land your dream job how did you do it? Do you think people who come from wealthier backgrounds and who go to better schools are more likely to get ahead? And do you network? And if so, how do you network?

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  1. Hey Allie!

    If there was dream job 1 and almost dream job 2, I would say I am in job 2 right now. It’s not quite the field I want to be in but its the right part of the supply chain. Frankly I loathe networking, to me it feels false and forced but I have learnt over the years that all you can do is be your self and if someone does not like it, move on!! Great post sweets!

    x d

  2. Dream job is doing what you love and loving what you do… 🙂 At least, for me. That’s when you don’t mind doing it practically 24/7. I agree that getting one is not easy – you really have to work hard, but I do believe that everything is possible. 🙂

    P.S. Was a bit shocked to read the statistics… I had a feeling about that – I mean I witnessed it myself a lot, but I guess it’s one thing to feel that way and the other – to read the printed word that soft of confirms the feeling… Oh well…

  3. I do think those statistics are true, whenever there’s an opening at work we are asked first. Networking is very important and I started in College, a teacher refereed me to my first job out of college. And from the connections I made at work I was refereed to an even better one when I was ready to move. While it takes time, but building genuine relationships and having the reputation of being a good/hard worker will help.

  4. It is a really complicated question, because it works differently for everyone. i think and see around me that networking happens while starting out somewhere, you get a job and start building bridges from there, it is slow, but it works. And then there is luck, I got all my jobs that way. But a boring job can be a stepping stone to a great one.
    Simona/OFF DUTY GIVEAWAY: fuller, shinier hair with Phylia deM.

  5. A lot has to do with who you know example in my office people with no degree are establish very well. To me is important to have a degree.


  6. A lot has to do with who you know example in my office people with no degree are establish very well. To me is important to have a degree. Your comment box takes a good while to submit.


  7. Another beautifully written piece on “working” I know myself I don’t have any networks to speak of. I tried to branch out and it never really did much for me. I will admit the one job I was offered (turned out not to be my thing) had a little bit to do with a reference on my resume and the person knowing them. So I will agree it has something to do with who you know. For me right now I don’t know how to get out and meet new people that would lead me in the right direction, never ending story eh?

  8. Dream jobs are tricky – great post! Here’s hoping that we all find where we belong!

  9. wooooow! great post! good job honey!

  10. I am lucky enough that I have a pretty fantastic job – and I got it in a non-traditional way as well. Networking is key. Admittedly, anyone I’ve hired has been as a result of networking and the relationship we’ve built. It helps me to trust the person more and the quality of their work.

    This is excellent advice!

  11. Wonderful post! I do think networking plays a role in getting your dream job or in creating a dream job. Those statics are very interesting.

  12. I’m with you–networking is pretty hard and it’s easy to become intimidated. Social media and the internet are making it easier for people to connect, and LinkedIn, in particular, for jobs. But, from my experience, it is definitely about who you know. And it’s important to never burn bridges because you never know who will be in a position to help you someday.
    xx, Angelica

  13. I strongly agree most people get jobs through networking. Great post!


  14. Great Post! I’m familiar with those networking statistics and I know they are true because every job I’ve had has started with a connection whether from school or previous bosses/co-workers, it really is helpful to make meaningful connections, people who know you and can really vouch for your character and vice versa. Anyway, thanks for reminding me I need to be more proactive 🙂


  15. This is something I have been struggling with for a few years. To me a dream job is something you enjoy doing and something that leaves you feeling fulfilled and accomplished. I am definitely not in my dream job. I am pretty unsure what my dream job would be. (Please if you have any advice on figuring that out share with me). I am really not a fan of networking but I know that it is important. I am pretty much willing to do what it takes but another problem I face is that I live in a very small town. There is not really anyone to network with.

  16. i thought i had a dream job in my twenties – i loved what i did even though the pay was terribly low – but then i burned out. i think i was more passionate back then but then reality hit and realized that i needed to think about my future as well. i think networking plays a big part in getting the dream job. there were so many people i knew who got very prestigious position because they came on high recommendations from people. and they made it their “job” to get to know these folks and put on a “go getter” facade. but i also know folks who ended up in their dream jobs purely on their own merit because they were just really good at what they did.

  17. There are many variables to that question Allie! If you know someone or have the start up money, it sure makes things a lot easier. You can accomplish them quicker. It’s much harder starting from scratch. Although, those two things are NOT a formula for success. In the end, you have to be good at what you do OR HIRE the right people to make you look good. I’m in the Environmental field. It can be very stressful. Private business is ruthless, but makes big money. I’ve seen some low down stuff. I MUCH rather something more peaceful. HaHa

  18. I can def relate to this post. I think many of these reasons have me thinking a dream job is doing something working for myself. I hate the idea of being a dime a dozen and dispensable to my employer. I can’t imagine working my whole life for someone else, making someone else rich. Much easier said than done though!

  19. great post allie. i do think a lot of it is “who you know” or at least who knows you. this is all something i think about a lot! my business is my dream job, but of course i still need people in order for it to be successful. being an introvert doesn’t work in my favor, it’s definitely something i am always working on. but luckily i have my products to hide behind – i can put those out their first, and then peek around the corner when someone takes notice of them 😉

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  21. Gah! Those statistics are so upsetting to see in print. I’ve always believed that’s how things worked; but when you see it in black and white…incredibly disheartening.


  22. Allie,
    Thoughtful post topic and sad one that has no easy answers. it just just tough out there.
    I may so grateful,to be my age and to have enjoyed a career before I devoted my time to my family after I had children .
    networking is so smart, you just never know, and choosing cyberspace in addition to face-to- face is pragmatic .
    I am sure you will do well.
    Your blog is the most professional one I have seen, I really admire you .
    XX, Elle

  23. Currently I’m in between jobs, I’m trying to get a job asap, but not really my “dream” job, since I don’t know what it is right now. Though I love spending time on my blog for sure – and that makes me happy enough

  24. I am certainly working on my networking for that dream job! I am currently in entry level and know I have plenty of time. But finding it sooner than later would be ideal.

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  25. Great post and very relevant to me right now. I am a blogger trying to be a “successful” one. Which to me means simply being able to pay my bills while blogging full time. Networking I have found is ESSENTIAL! SOcial media of course, but also going to events and conferences.

    Speaking of, can you recommend a good conference to go to for a fashion blogger??

    Look forward to reading more!

  26. I find networking pretty intimidating! I’m pretty shy, so putting myself out there like that is scary. I do think it’s become essential though, so I’ve been trying to get better at it.

  27. I think it’s definitely a combo of all those factors you mentioned: who you know, perseverance, hard work and luck. Networking is the bane of my existence, but as those stats, prove, it’s oh so necessary. And that goes for every single industry. Awesome post.

    xx Hélène

  28. I think depending on the industry you’re working in networking is key. It’s who you know and all that. Especially in creative type industries. A lot of “famous” people have gotten there because of who they know or what they were born into. Hard work pays off but not everyone is fortunate in that instance. You can be the best at something but without a friend or two in the right place you’ll never really get anywhere.


  29. I dig my 9-5 gig most of the time- but it’s definitely not my dream job. I’m not even sure I know exactly what I would do if I had to choose; I’m still sorta figuring it out. Something to do with writing, fashion, and sleeping in until at least 9 am. 😉


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