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Love Link Express #14

Today I am back with another installment of Love Link Express where I share with you some of my favorite finds; be it the internet, social media or word of mouth you will find a treasure trove of useful and fun places to shop and people to discover. In this installment there will be a little bit of everything we girls (and boys) love : fashion, beauty, and home decor. So lets’ get started!

1) NeuBryne. Neubryne is an independent apparel company founded by Martha Gottwald and is known for its’ vibrant, can’t be missed, color-infused pieces. I first discovered Neubryne at the Nolcha Shows and Martha even used one of the photos I took at the show on her Instagram feed. We stayed in touch over the years and I have seen her brand continue to grow, she was even a contestant on the first season of Making The Cut, and I must say I feel like they had it out for her from day one. She was the first to be cut, but that did not deter her and her brand is bigger than ever. My regular readers will know that I used a number of her pieces in my last editorial shoot, and I wore a few of these pieces to NYFW and was stopped and photographed and had my photos appear on both Getty Images and The Cut style section of NY Magazine. Proof positive that her clothes are show stopping!

2) Karla Cosmetics. Next up is Karla Cosmetics I discovered Karla Cosmetics via Vincent Ford’s Instagram account. I am writing more about him in the next link. If you are a fan of striking editorial statement making makeup looks then this is is the brand for you. They specialize in metallic, iridescent bold colored eye shadows.  This is all they do, it is all about eyes, and all about creating out of the box eye makeup looks with the center stage being on the portals to ones’ soul. Personally I have always been more of an “eye” girl then a lip chick. If I am focusing on one feature I alway’s like to play up my eyes more then my lips, so I just love bold shadows like this. And I hope you do too!

3) Vincent Ford. Vincent Ford I discovered on Instagram, I think his profile just popped up on my feed one day and I was stopped in my tracks by his quick and super effective makeup tutorials. Vincent is both a makeup artist and a photographer—he took this photo. How cool is that? Super impressive in my book. You must check out his Instagram and his YouTube channel. Seriously you will not be disappointed. 

4) Lone Fox. And speaking of YouTube, one my favorite channels is Lone Fox. Lone Fox is an interior design focused channel started by Drew Scott, his channel features home make overs, D.I.Y tutorials and shopping advice for the home. Drew also has a website and his own line of home decor products. I love to watch his videos on a lazy Saturday morning with a cup of joe. I find his style and his makeovers super inspiring, and I find him and his channel to be calming and a true joy to watch. Think HGTV only a lot more zen. Really, hop on over, you are going to love him!

5) Where I Glow. I adore when I can share an influencer/bloggers success and I try to pay it forward anytime I get a chance. Where I Glow is a candle shop on Etsy. The shop is owned by Juanita of the blog Juanita Likes. I have been reading and following Juanita’s blog for a few years now so I was super excited for her when she announced she had started a candle business.

Personally I can’t live without scented candles and I have quite a few of them in my home. Seriously it’s an addiction. The candles sold in the Where I Glow shop are soy based, vegan and eco friendly. So a win, win, win. You must read her descriptions as there is no smellavison, you will be totally hooked, based on these descriptions I am sure these candles smell divine! 


  1. I need to check out those candles! Thanks for sharing.

  2. so many great products!

    Curated by Jennifer

  3. Thank you so much for sharing. Off to check some out. Hope you’re doing well.

  4. Off to check out your recommendations. Hope you’re doing well. Regine

  5. Those pink bow clothes look amazing!
    have a great week,

  6. This is truly an amazing post. I love the creativity everyone has here. The brand Neubryne is absolutely stunning. I love the use of colours and textures AND love even more that the black Palette was not left out : ). I can not believe Martha got cut from “Making the Cut”, so unjust.
    Karla Cosmetics, oh my how gorgeous! The last photo is so dreamy, it has that 70’s vibe I love so much. I love to play with eyeshadow more than lippies too.
    Vincent Forbs certainly has brought the 90’s vibe in this stunning red lip photo. A total sex appeal.
    And Drew sounds lovely, nothing like watching a YT video and the person seems down to earth and relatable. So cool that he has he own Home Décor designs too.
    And thank you again for a shout out, this means the world to me Allie!
    I hope you had a great weekend and an even better week : )


  7. So many fun things to check out! I absolutely love Lone fox’s DIY projects, they’re so high quality! Super exciting about Natoya’s candle business – I’ve also followed Juanita Speaks for years so excited to see her business grow x

    mia // miasdiyprojects.com

  8. Amazing article, thank you for sharing!!!

    Love and Wellness

  9. What a fun mix! I especially heart the pink and maroon looks from Neubryne. They’re so eclectic and Valentiney! 🙂

  10. OMG, I LOVE those pink and black outfits by Martha Gottwald’s NeuBryne in the first photo –
    and it’s obviously fabulous that photographs of you wearing her couture were featured by Getty Images and in NY Magazine’s ‘The Cut’!!!!!!
    I am also loving the lipstick, eye-makeup and nail-art in featuring Karla Cosmetics in the second photo, and loving your ‘Love Links’! 😀

  11. Hey Allie, I hope you’re having a good week so far!

    I loved all the recommendations and the way you are sharing your recent findings with us. I love discovering new people around the globe. My favorite projects is probably Where I Glow by Juanita, she is super nice!

    And I’m taking a look at Lone Fox youtube channel right away! I love interior design too so this is definitely a good discovery for me!

    Take care!

  12. What a list! I need to check out Karla Cosmetics, stat. I love playing with fun eye looks, even if I don’t have anywhere to really wear them, haha.


  13. Congratulations on having had photographs of you wearing couture by Martha Gottwald featured by Getty Images and in NY Magazine’s ‘The Cut’!!!
    I am loving the pink and black outfits by Martha Gottwald’s NeuBryne in the first photo (as well as the colourful prints on the outfit pieces featured in the header photo).
    I also love the appearance of the lipstick, eye-makeup and nail-art in featuring Karla Cosmetics in the second photo, and the inclusion of the “Love Links”!

  14. Thank you for this selection – great finds :))


  15. Great selection need to check the interior decorator youtube and awesome a blogger follow her dreams doing a candle business.

  16. Thanks for sharing all these favorite! I need to check out Lone Fox and that candle shop on Etsy. Great recs Allie!


  17. Such a beautiful post, lovely suggestions!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  18. Great finds! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful weekend

    Abdel | Infinitely Posh.

  19. these are very nice things! The red lipstick is great!

  20. That eyeshadow is amazing! Thanks for introducing us to these brands!



  21. Such an amazing post sweetie!

    Danielle | thereluctantblogger.co.uk

  22. Such an interesting read about discovering new talents, thank you for sharing, Ally

  23. Thank you for the heads up on these brands and creatives that are not necessarily mainstream, Allie:) That’s so awesome that Martha Gottwald kept going despite the setback on the show. If you’re talented, there’s no stopping you! And will check out that Lone Fox channel:)

  24. All things that I love!
    Thanks for sharing!


  25. Wow, seeing the NeuBryne clothes, I love the style too now. Fun and chic!

  26. So many wonderful and talented people you reccomended us. Can’t wait to discover their content. Your initiative is very useful, to really applaud!

  27. I love that teal Eyeshadow, and I need to check out those candles! Thanks for sharing Allie!

  28. Love your post, thank you for sharing 🙂

  29. Amazing stuff 😀

  30. Great post dear, thanks for sharing! I miss your frequent updates!! (But I know you must be busy!) – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  31. Will have to check all of these out! The Neubyrne collection is seriously fun

  32. Neubryne clothes look absolutely amazing and the candles Where I Glow are really beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  33. Fabulous finds. It is so easy to get sucked into the internet with so much inspiration and beauty! Where I Glow candles sound lovely. Having a variety of scents around is so great for our different moods.

  34. Such beautiful finds! Thank you for introducing us to them. I have watched Lone Fox a few times but you have reminded me to watch Drew again. I am obsessed with candles too! xx

  35. Great recommendations Allie. Need to check them out in detail 🙂

    Via | https://glossnglitters.com

  36. Great post, have a nice day

  37. Your recommendations are always the coolest!
    havve to check many of of these products rn!

  38. Great links. I used to love everything HGTV.

  39. Thank you so much for sharing, I´m obsessed with candles, so I have to check them out. Have a fab summer my dear, love x S.Mirli

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