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Ladies in Lace and an Evening With Lucky Magazine at Topshop in NYC






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L adies in lace and so much shopping to do! But alas Renta (of PurseFixation.com) and I were not on a shopping spree but were actually at Top Shop for an event sponsored by Lucky Magazine. Though of course I did not walk out empty handed stay tuned for a post on that! But on this lovely evening in NYC, Eva Chen, editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine hosted a fashion panel along with stylist Sophia Pera, model and fashion blogger Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge and former market editor turned baker Amirah Kassem of Flour Shop. It was a wonderful evening filled with anecdotal stories, fashion tips and insider tidbits of what it is like to work in the fashion industry. Sophia spoke about coming to NY from France and how blessed she was to find work doing what she loved. [blockquote]and unlike a certain well know author, she did not complain about this position but used it as an opportunity to grow in her career. Allie of ALLIENYC [/blockquote]She was fairly lucky in her career and spoke about her first job in fashion as assistant to Anna Wintour. And unlike a certain well know author, she did not complain about this position but used it as an opportunity to grow in her career. She moved up the ranks and eventually become associate fashion editor. No small feat and with those credentials is is not wonder her book is always full working as a freelance stylist.

And Amirah shared her desire to start her own business when she found the work she was doing not as rewarding as she expected. Amirah was a delight, and her enthusiasm and zest for life was obvious and I am sure Flour Shop is going to be a huge success. In particular I loved Even Chen’s story on what led her to hire her pink haired assistant who actually started out as an intern. Her smart and savvy assistant had been following Eva Chen on Twitter before she ever applied to work as an intern. In her cover letter she jokingly referred to one of Eva’s favorite movies that Eva had tweeted about, and of course this helped her stand out from the pack and needless to say she got the intern job and was eventually brought on as a full time employee, so let that be a lesson ladies. The “To Whom it may concern” generic cover letter does not cut it in the fashion industry.

 And you may notice my distinct lack of photos, blame it on a migraine but I had my camera on the wrong setting. You can imagine my dismay when I upload to my computer and a fair amount of them were distorted and blurry. Ah such is life, live and learn. However you can watch Renata’s super fun video of the event and don’t worry there will be more reporting from the front lines. Renata and I are becoming quite the team, don’t you think.

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  1. Looks like a great event
    And those lace you wear is so nice

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  2. glad you got to go to this event, I need to go to more.


  3. Wow how awesome is this and your lace top rocks on you doll. This event is so chic and I wish I will had attended. Great job with this post.

  4. Hi Allie, what a cool event I feel so jealous!! Wow the twitter follower that became the her assistant, I love that, your never know.
    Have a great week my dear Allie.
    Ps. do you remember the lady that took our picture at NYFW, she works for the New York Times.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  5. Sounds like a really cool event. I’m sure some of the anecdotes shared by these ladies alone were worth attending. Bummer about your camera setting but at least you were still able to catch some pics.

  6. What a great event to attend. You get to go to the best things.

  7. We so wanted to go to this and sounds like the perfect night!! Glad we got to live vicariously through you!! Thanks so much for the recap love

    xx 365Hangers

  8. This event seems like so much fun. And I don’t blame you for using that 20%, I so would have taken part in it lol. Amazing photos Allie as always :). I hope to see you at my new blog new week :).

    Kay of Pure & Complex

  9. What great stories they shared. It’s awesome when you’re in the right place at the right time and major opportunities present themselves! The wall of clothing in the first pic has me salivating a bit LOL


  10. That looks like a fabulous event and I love your outfit for the night! The black lace top is really pretty and gosh, how tall are you? The jeans made your legs look endless!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  11. The event seem like so much fun.


  12. can’t explain to you how much I love the name of your blog (and the blog itself) x
    Much Love | Trillu.com

  13. Totally drooling at those Topshop clothes! This looks like such a great event and very informative. Plus- you ladies look lovely i your lacey get ups

    Rachel xx

  14. OMG I would have attacked Eva Chen and begged her to be my best friend. I love her!! What a fun event!!


  15. Sounds like so much fun ! Great event !


  16. What a cool event and great opportunity- and can’t wait to see what you scored with that awesome discount! 🙂

    Le Stylo Rouge

  17. What a fantastic event! The panel sounds amazing 🙂

  18. This sure looks and sounds like a good event. Great shots and y’all ladies look beautiful. 🙂


  19. That’s amazing! Those clothes are also gorgeous. What an experience. Wish I could be there too.

  20. Wonderful. It must have been great to be there, and hear what the ladies on the panel had to say. I also love your lace top.
    Comfort & Clarks

  21. This looks like such a cool event with such a brilliant speaker. I love TopShop AND Lucky Magazine so this partnership is just perfect!

  22. Seems like a really fun event and awesome experience!

    XO, Natalia from http://www.darlingtrend.com

  23. How fun! I’m loving that black lace blouse you wore!

    I’m finally back blogging again – have missed reading blogs, including yours!

    xo Mary Jo

  24. this is really cool thanks for sharing this! it’s always interesting to hear how people make a career for themselves in fashion.
    I totally feel you on the wrong camera settings! 😀


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