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Daniel Silverstain Spring-Summer 2016 Runway Show & Presentation

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Yes Fashion Week is upon us here in New York. And, as is usually the case it is either the hottest day of the year or the coldest. Last time I attended Fashion Week in February it was eleven degrees with 30 mile an hour winds and a wind chill of minus ten. But as true hearted fashionista I braved the cold and headed out to see the shows. This week it is one of the hottest weeks of year with temps in the low nineties with seventy percent humidity. Yes I was sweating—very unfashionable of me.

I thought about booking an Uber car or hopping in a cab, but I thought I would jump on the cross town bus—it looked easy enough, and then walk the five blocks north to my destination. Well things did not go as I hoped, first there was no bus on the east side of 8th avenue and I had to walk to the west side of 7th avenue, then the bus I was on turned down 8th avenue instead of continuing down 34th so I had to get off. Then when I ran to the bus stop right off the west side of 8th avenue it was closed. I then had to walk to 9th avenue—another two avenues and I would more or less be where I needed to be. But the thought of another two avenues in three inch heels (chunky boots but still) in ninety degree heat lugging around my heavy DSLR camera, umm, no. A second bus finally came and I hoped off at 11th avenue and thanks to Google Maps I walked in the wrong direction and when I realized what I had done, and that I would have to walk all the way back in the direction I had come, I was just about to sit down on the curb and have a good cry, but nope, didn’t do this, I hailed a cab and the driver turned around and drove me a block and a half to my final destination. He kind of laughed and so did I, but whew, I had finally arrived and on time.

In 1967, everything was wonderful. It was the year of love and the year of Expo 67

After giving our credentials and waiting in line for a bit we were escorted up in to the studio for the runway show and presentation. The studio was all white with dim lights and a metaIlic runway. It was wonderfully air conditioned and I quickly forgot my ordeal. I sat more or less dead center at the end of the runway, yes I said sat. And I must confess, this was one of the most civilized “pits” to date. Really, sitting with an unobstructed view, win win. The lights came up, the music cued—We Fade to Gray a favorite of mine from back in my club days—I knew I would be in for a treat, and so the show began. Inspired by the most successful World’s Fair of the 20th century, the Expo67 held in Montreal—which was a look at the future from the viewpoint of 62 different countries,  Daniel Silverstain’s interpretation of this kaleidoscope of influences was obvious.

Texture, color and finish reigned. Lace and crochet textiles are coated in metallic gloss, embroidered like paint splattered prints, checked patterns, stripes and even a confetti speckled chevron skirt romped down the runway in a happy declaration of the season it celebrates. A bit of a step away from the fall collection, there was plenty of color to be had in traditional primaries which represent the national flags displayed at the Expo, and were balanced by soft, pastel neutrals. Prints were layered over prints, and textures played against each other in a singular collaboration of elegance. Hemlines were mostly long, with the occasional hiked up hem, while some of the longer skirts displayed peak-a-boo side details, maxi dresses hung straight in an A-line shape and stayed inline with the stream-lined silhouette, seen through out the collection with fitted elongated pieces that followed the line of the body, which contrasted nicely with the more relaxed fit pieces such as the rose gold two-tone culotte trousers. Two piece dress sets with matching crop tops mirrored the two piece pastel metallic “pants suits” like it’s polar opposite doppelganger. Unexpected bands of red and green appeared across tunics and blouses and tied in with the banded sets of stripes that ran down the fronts of everything from maxi dresses to tops to jumpsuits. With the opposing elements of woven, embroidered fabrics colliding with the sleeker yet exquisite  multi-yarn jacquards and flowing gossamer materials, and the brilliance of silver and rose gold juxtaposing with solid primaries and earth tones, Daniel Silverstain’s collection for Spring-Summer 2016 is a feast of all that is tactile and beautiful. And I look forward to what lies ahead for this inspiring designer.


  1. Worth what you’ve been through,and you didn’t cry we can say haha now.
    xoxo Bing.


  2. Stunning runway and the design of his clothes are outstanding.

  3. I love the colors and designs here. Thanks again for sharing with us.

    It’s so easy to get disoriented in NYC. Coming out of the subway, I walk the wrong direction all the time. It’s gotten so bad that now I always check so I don’t lose more than a block or two before reversing course.

  4. What a treat to see in person Allie! Lovely collection and I love those dresses + skirts + tops! Gorgeous.

  5. These are such cool pictures! I love the way the model’s hair is styled. Great post!
    xo Kiki

  6. What a great collection. You are so lucky that you get to go to Fashion Week!! So jealous.

  7. My friend and I were just talking about how the crosstown buses are never there when you need them but it’s good you were able to make it to the show. I had an invite to this one but the timing didn’t work for me. I’m glad you shared it and now I wish I had been there. The details and silhouettes are so fun.

  8. Hi Allie, NYC public transportation in pretty got but when you need it somehow is not there, ahaha!! I am so glad you made it. Beautiful pics I love the inspiration.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  9. Fabulous photos Allie, and this line is truly inspiring! I love the high tech, multi media look, Everything is fresh and crisp and new!
    I commisserate, this week was atrocious for weather.. Fashion week 101.. flats only… ( heels in bag). Learning the hard way, you and I, but learning! Brilliant results!
    xx, Elle

  10. Wow what an amazing collection! I love the dresses! 🙂

    New post on GIRL ABOUT TOWN BLOG

  11. What a beautiful collection! I love all of the bold colors! And that’s quite a story there!! Glad you were able to make it to the show in time hehe. Btw, Seatlte has been having amazing weather this summer – we broke so many high temp records! You should come back 🙂


  12. These collections are fabulous. I love the touch of colours and textures.


  13. OMG…I’m sorry you’ve to go through so much shit to get to your destination. I’m glad you arrived safe and sound and showed us all these gorgeous stuff! The colorful cropped top and skirt are super gorgeous! I can totally see myself wearing it.

  14. I want to be at every fashion show at NYFW, what incredible photos!


  15. These designs are fabulous – so colorful and whimsical! I especially love the heels!

  16. I didn’t get to this because the timing was too difficult for me, but I am glad that you did! This is a good spring collection. I usually feel iffy about spring in general (is it bad to say that I think it’s boring?), and this is a good showing. A lot of looks, but they’re very cohesive.

  17. Amazing prints and shapes!

  18. Beautiful! I love the playful mix of colors 🙂

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