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I was in a Rick Owens video! OK, not exactly. But I was lucky enough to attend the Rick Owens show for Spring/Summer 2019. My regular readers probably caught a glimpse of the Rick Owens show in my Paris vlog. It was held in the court yard of the Palais de Tokyo. I got there early to make sure I got a good seat and indeed I did, I had a birds eye view of the show sitting right above the staircase leading to the sunken courtyard. I found myself in the video as I remembered the two young men standing behind me in their white shirts and the German woman I was sitting next to and speaking with throughout the show.
Rick Owens certainly has his finger on the pulse of this dystopian pallor that has fallen across the globe…
It was a warm day and you can see me filming. I wrote in a previous post that I almost cried at this show—a combination of seeing all the hard work coming to fruition, the expression of creativity in the clothing, and the undeniably dark apocalyptic feel to this presentation.