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Shame, Shame, Shame, Die You Skinny Bitch

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Recently Victoria Beckham came under fire for using models that were too thin or the fat word for thin—skinny. I clicked on the pictures and video expecting to see walking skeletons and well I didn’t. Some of the models were thinner then others with their upper arms as thin as their lower arms, which is what can make someone look very thin. Although that said there are a lot of people out there (guys too) who have builds like this, especially when they are young, but they are not sickly or starving.

Link Love Express — Number One (#1)

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i all, today I am sharing a new post series called The Link-Lovely Express. I will be sharing some of my favorite links and breaking news in the world of fashion, beauty, interior design, and art. I have shied away from this type of post in the past, but over time I found that I have discovered many wonderful websites, blogs and businesses via this type of post so I figured when in Rome, may as well join the fray!

Next Issue and old school subscriptions for those who love the art of publishing.

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remember when I was a kid how excited I was when I got to look at my mom’s magazines. They transported me to exciting places and allowed me to escape from the drudgery of my daily life. When I would whine to my mom “I’m bored” and felt that I would die from the crushing weight of having “nothing to do” magazines were a godsend.

An Afternoon in Huntington Long Island

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few weeks ago I headed out for day of shopping, lunch and strolling with a good friend of mine and we head to the town of Huntington which is located on the north shore of Long Island. Huntington is a beautiful town with a wonderful downtown shopping district. And I must say it is pretty hard not to part with one’s money walking along this shopping avenue…