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The Luckiest Girl Alive Not What You Might Expect

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I wanted to like this book, I really did. The well designed eye catching cover was the first thing I noticed when I stepped in to a bustling brick and mortar book store in Soho—yes they still exist. I knew little about this book, had no idea it had been on the New York Times best seller list and had read no reviews in relation to it. I briefly read a quick profile about it on a well known bloggers site and I thought it would be right up my alley. It wasn’t.

Blogging in 2016 — Will It Be a Conference Free Year?

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We are now almost three months in to 2016, another three and we will be half way through the year. At start of the new year in this post I looked at where blogging is going in 2016 and why bloggers blog and what blogging means to them. And it seems about this time is when all those resolutions start to fall by the wayside and get overlooked by the stresses and responsibilities of our daily lives

Sunnies, Selfies and Self Aggrandizing in the Insta Age of Social Media

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Selfies, sunnies and self promotion have we crossed a line? Last week I wrote about attending Fashion Week and how I was struck by how many people were wearing sun glasses indoors at night. And I do not mean one or two people, I actually started to count and there were dozens of people doing this. I just could not for the life of me, wrap my brain around this.

Link Love Express # 3

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Hello all, time for another installment of Link Love Express. You can check out the first one here and the last one I did here. It is a new year so time for a new set of fun links to discover. As some you may already know this is an on going post series in which I will be sharing my favorite finds in the worlds of fashion, interior design, beauty, food and what ever else strikes my fancy.

Knot & Bow and a Lovely Way to Add Some Holiday Cheer to Your Gifts

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Yes we are roughly six weeks away from Christmas. Are you ready? I for one am not quite up to speed. Generally at this point I have purchased most of my gifts but this year I was so busy that I did not do my usual Christmas in July shopping. But one thing I can cross off my list is gift tags. Gift tags for me are always a challenge