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Happy July everyone. I hope everyone’s summer is simmering along. We are almost at the mid-mark of summer if one can believe that. I installed my airconditioner this weekend just in time for the first heat wave of 2018. I got to the end of June with out using it so I think that is pretty good. In this installment of Link Love Express it will be a mixed bag of what I found out there in cyberspace

Blogging in 2016 — Will It Be a Conference Free Year?

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We are now almost three months in to 2016, another three and we will be half way through the year. At start of the new year in this post I looked at where blogging is going in 2016 and why bloggers blog and what blogging means to them. And it seems about this time is when all those resolutions start to fall by the wayside and get overlooked by the stresses and responsibilities of our daily lives