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Gray, Violet and Mauve—And a Little Inspiration for My Future Abode

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he other day at work I had to run to the Benjamin Moore store down stairs to pick up some paint for an upcoming shoot. After selecting the colors and handing them over to the colorist to be mixed I had a little time to browse. So I headed over to the paint chip selection wall and picked out a number of shades that caught my eye. When it comes time to decorate my future home

The Bar Cart — a Stylish Don Draper Staple to Dress Up Your Home

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remember as a kid when my grandmother watched her soap operas that it seemed everyone on the show owned a bar cart. They were always getting all riled up and storming over to the bar carts, quickly dashing in a jigger or two of booze and downing it, eyes blazing as they gripped the empty glass. And I remember thinking “we don’t have one of those” alas the bar cart trend did not carry over