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Derma Blend and How I Winterize My Makeup Routine

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Halloween has come and gone and we are officially headed in to the winter season. And much like one would winterize their home, when the seasons change it is also time to change up one’s makeup routine. In the summer I like to wear light BB creams or tinted moisturizers as I use self tanner during the warmer months and do not require as much coverage. But once the cooler temps arrive and my skin loses it’s “natural” glow I am all about a matte finish and more coverage.

Non Surgical Face and Neck-lift, Would You Do It?

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I have a distinct memory from when I was about seven to nine years old—of looking in the mirror and having a bit of an outer body experience. I was not upset, or crying and I was not thinking about being “too skinny”—the bane of my existence when I was child. I just stood and took a long look at myself—for the first time and I was not thrilled with what I saw in front of me

Spring’s Eden, Anthropologie, and a Light but Effective Hand Cream—Perfect for Summer

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like many in our population, suffer from dry skin and even had this problem as a kid. Seems this is something that funs in our family and can be rather a pain to deal with. But luckily along with antioxidants, using hand cream and body lotion and oils keeps this problem at bay. During the summer months the problem is not quite as intense

Kiehl’s Sun-Free Self-Tanner—a Light, Creamy, Pleasant Smelling Formula With Noticeable Results

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Yes summer has finally arrived here in the north east and that means we all want to glow with a “healthy” looking tan. And we all know that a tan via the sun is anything but healthy. Of course today we have many choices in achieving a sun-kissed look without the aid of the sun. The two most popular are spray tans, and self-tanners.

Retouching, Do You Do it? Should You Do it? And When Does it Go to Far?

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ast week over my morning coffee on a leisurely day off from work I was watching CNN and they were speaking about the controversy around Jane Fonda’s W cover and the obvious retouching that had been done to the photo. The news anchor commented that Jane Fonda looked like she was 35 in the cover photo, well I do not think she looks like she is 35 in this photo, but she also does not look she is 77 either

Natura Bisse and the Diamond Collection a Luxurious Way to Fight Free Radicals and Win!

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K the diamond collection from Natura Bisse may not list diamond dust as one of it’s ingredients but your skin just may think it is getting the royal treatment. Wow I love using this collection, it makes my skin feel super soft and hydrated and it smells divine. The secret weapon is not diamonds but artemai salina which helps protect skin from cellular damage. The Diamond Drops serum contains CHP-4 complex which has the ability to retain water so it is very hydrating but don’t use it under the eye if you suffer from puffy eyes.