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Silver Hair With Nataliya of Style Tomes and Quite The Unexpected Fashion Trend

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Silver hair, there was a time when those words made woman shudder. Today it seems anything goes: from letting your gray hair grow in and wearing it with abandon like Carmen the world renowned model who defies the agism of the beauty industry, to dying your hair every color of the rainbow, which can seen on the likes of such big time celebrities l

Cynthia Rowley Beauty The Game Face Eyeshadow Palette

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Happy Holidays to me, oh boy another excuse to whip out the plastic. But it is challenging to work in Soho and not shop. Last week I got together with fellow blogger Renata who took photos of me for this post. We met outside the building I work in, and decided to do a bit of window shopping before heading to dinner at The Dutch.

Tarte Holidaze a Fun, Chic and Glamorous Gift for the Beauty Lover in Your Life

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Yes it is that time of year again. Time to brave the crowds and the cold and head to shops. I usually do my Christmas shopping through out the year as I do not like crowds and can be put off by large crowds, especially in stores. I just can not concentrate in large crowds of people. But this year I was so busy that some how time got away from me and I just didn’t manage to do my Christmas in July shopping.