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Do you Blush? Or are a sans blush kind of girl



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I wore blush on a regular basis when I was in tenth grade, and I have not really worn it since. With naturally ruddy English-Irish skin, blush seemed to be a bit redundant. And I found it difficult to work with, it just did not blend well with my naturally red tinged cheeks.

I remember in high school using a tri-colored blush that came with a lighter colored high-lighter, a darker color for contouring, and a third color for the “apple” of the cheek. Yep, in tenth grade I did the full make up thing, and then I become a goth and left the blush in the dust.

I did out grow my goth stage, but never returned to wearing blush. It did not seem sophisticated to me, and I felt I looked too made up. So when it came to makeup I focused on evening out my skin tone and, if anything, playing down the red in my skin. And playing up my eyes instead. And as many of my readers know I don’t wear lipstick opting instead for glosses. So for me it was all about the eyes. But recently I have been rethinking my ban on blush.

Whoa, it kind of freaked me out. But I blended it in to best of my ability and then I used an eye shadow highlighter over it it. And, honestly? I kind of liked the end result.

I tried it out, just a wee bit the other night when I was meeting Elle of the Elle Diaries for a drink. I have a small travel sized makeup kit which I keep at work  for going out, and it includes a blusher. I didn’t have a brush handy so I used my fingers and when I first applied it, I was bit taken a back. Whoa, it kind of freaked me out. But I blended it in to best of my ability, and then I used an eye shadow highlighter over it it. And, honestly? I kind of liked the end result. Especially with spray tan I got for my trip to Florida.

So now that I am in the market for blush, what should I try? I am thinking of going with NARS’s Orgasm as it is a very natural warm pinky-peach shade that works on all skin tones. It is fairly sheer and can be built up. Though still not sure if I will do blush during the day to the office, but a night out? Yes most certainly. Baby steps, baby steps…

And what say you? Do you do blush? If so what it is your go to blush and when and how do you wear it?


  1. I rarely ever do blush, perhaps because my cheeks almost always have the ability of being more red/pink than the rest of my face. But I love that blush is prending now though, it’s so pretty and gorgeous makeup to do for spring! Xx


  2. I adore blushers and honestly it’s one of my biggest weakness as I am tempted to purchase all that I lay my eyes on. I need blusher or I would look sickly so it’s a product that I constantly use. Or at least that’s how I justify my huge blusher collection. 😛

  3. I’m a makeup minimalist but blush is always an must because it makes me look more alive and awake. I wanted to like NARS Orgasm but the color just doesn’t look good on me so NARS Sin is my color and I like to layer it over my RMS Lip2Cheek in Illusive for max staying power.

  4. I thought that pink was from your tan, or maybe the sips of wine? Looked great, so yes, to blush. I use a cream blush, it loos better as the day wears on.I use Tarte with a bit of Skincuetical moisture cream, the color is called “inspired”, it is a ruddy pink, and I think it would look good on you! It was great seeing you. I am working on my Allie and Elle post.

    Note to all: Allie is that rare creature who is prettier in person, and very warm and sincere!
    xx, Elle

  5. I used to avoid blush, but lately, I like it more and more 🙂

  6. Great post my dear, thanks for sharing! <3 – http://www.domesticgeekgirl.com

  7. You met Elle?!! She and I comment on each other’s blogs every post. I haven’t met her yet and envy you for having done so.

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