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Blancore A/W 2020 @NYFW

I was lucky enough to attend the Blancore show for Fall 2020 and it was truly a breath of fresh air. With it’s minimalist approach and focus on shape and form the brand offers the wearer an independent expression of modern day attire. And the lineup for Fall 2020 working within this aesthetic was a fete of the idea of function and form coming together in a playful expression of elegance and grace. Calling the latest collection “Lost Elf” the label seeks to bring our attention to the looming environmental disaster by showcasing, albeit subtly, the waste created and left behind by the average person.

With it’s unexpected incorporation of toys into the collection, the label highlights that which we discard so readily as a society. This theme could be felt through out the collection and was further enforced by the lack of adornment and simple closures. Patterns were kept to a minimum and were mainly expressed in checks and tweeds with one decidedly out of the box graphic print with a sixties pop art vibe. Tactile textiles like velvet, lace and suede added an earthy element, while less traditional silhouettes infused the collection with a youthful vigor. Masks were worn by a number of models and gave the lineup a vaguely apocalyptic feel, though this was not the only show that had their models donning masks. A dark commentary on our modern day society to be sure. Though Blancore’s lineup for Fall with it’s’ whimsical, spirited and ultimately cheerful ambience, will no doubt, be quite the sought after label.


  1. Wow… I haven’t seen anything like it before. I love the “lost elf” concept behind it.
    Must have been an unforgettable experience!


    1. It was! And I can not wait to share the show with everyone on my vlog

  2. Superb and fantastic!
    I like the asymmetric and kind of zigzag patterns so much!
    Their accessories, google, reminds me when I worked in Chemistry Lab.

    1. Yeah, a great out of the box collection. And the show itself was great too. More to come on the NYFW vlog soon!

  3. Great photos. The colours are gorgeous.

  4. Amazing show, loved the stunning designs!
    Have a nice day!


    1. Yes it was truly amazing!

  5. I like how this collection is minimalist yet filled with so many great visual details. The pastel palette for AW is a little unexpected and also fresh at the same time.

  6. The fashion for the pure fashionista to loud for me lol.

    1. Haha yes indeed!

  7. That is a different show and I agree with you, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air.

    1. It is, it was great to watch. More to come on my FW vlog coming up

  8. With corona virus epidemic and everything, those face masks really take on a new meaning and add to the apolitical feel and the environment worries reflected in this collection. This Blancore collection is both beautiful and unique.

    1. Ah so true and quite insightful of you.

  9. So many quirky outfits, and quite thought provoking too xo


  10. Wow, I loved this show !!! Great Blog post and your style is amazing !!! XO – C Mosi http://www.christianmosi.com

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