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Artifact Uprising and a Beautiful and Appealing Way to Display Your Photos


W hen I was in design school the whole carrying around a large black portfolio case was more or less on it’s way out. No one was displaying their work this way anymore, and if you did, you were dating yourself. But this was pre the iPad days so portfolios were still presented non-digitally. And a big trend was displaying your work as a book with examples printed on single pages and bound like a traditional book. I used a site that was intended to make photo books, but really anything can be printed between the pages. Well fast forward a decade and this trend is still going strong, only there are more companies to choose from and the end result is more sophisticated. If I were in school today I would definitely use Artifact Uprising.






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They offer hard cover books with jackets, softcover books, boxed sets of traditional sized snapshots, larger single prints for framing, photo holiday cards, photo calendars, post cards and more! Everything is printed on beautiful, sophisticated, luxurious paper and presented in clever and appealing ways. In fact I am so excited with Artifact Uprising I am thinking of redoing my portfolio. And you know us bloggers…what a perfect excuse to do a book of all our looks, right? I mean how cool would that be! And wouldn’t be awesome to star in our own coffee table book? Prices range from $18 to roughly $100 so it is certainly affordable. Much move affordable then any of this would have been back in the day via an offset printer. I would be exited to see the books you, my lovely readers would create.  So get your DIY on and make a statement!


  1. Happy New Year! I totally remember those design school days where I lugged a huge portfolio case! I LOVE the presentation of Artifact Uprising. It’s so modern, clean and sophisticated. I am in the process of working on my portfolio, and I am definitely considering using Artifact Uprising. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. OMG I must look into this, I have so many photos. Great find Allie.


  3. This is an amazing suggestion and cool for all the fashion bloggers,. Like the website easy to see what they offer I also safe it in my favorites never know when I want one. Thanks doll great presentation.

  4. Photo contains our beautiful memory , and we should style them, this is a 100% good staff for the photos, the quality looked so good, bravo my friend


  5. Super cute ideas <3

  6. I so need to check them out!! Love the picture sets.

  7. WoW! I love this! How refreshing and so many great ideas! X

  8. These are some really beautiful presentations! Now you totally have me thinking about redoing my portfolio! Great discovery!

  9. This is such a cool idea, and we’re in love with the postcards. We can seriously think of a million ways to play with this company!! Thanks so much for sharing love. xx

  10. i love this! such a beautiful idea to show your photos!


  11. These are amazing !!! I remember carrying my portfolio through London on the underground.. It was A1, HUGE heavy and just a nightmare to take around ! I have since upgraded to a digital portfolio (much easier to carry an ipad) however these are so lovely I love the little wooden blocks and box and I really like how they can be printed square such a nice design detail!!

    Love it!

  12. Really cool idea! I have been planning to print my portfolio book for quite some time now 😉
    Hey, maybe next week we can meet up? Let me know which day would be good for you and we can meet somewhere in Soho if its convenient for you. It will be warmer then too!:O 🙂

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  13. I have to agree, Artifact Uprising is a pretty great way to display photos. I’ll have to remember these for some home decor ideas I have for spring.

  14. This is such an awesome idea, it makes printing bigger things (if that makes sense?) that much more accessible. Thanks for sharing 🙂 If you do end up printing a new portoflio with them, hopefully you share it with us!


  15. It would be totally awesome to have your own coffee table book that’s done in your style to flow with a room that is all about you and your taste!


  16. What an awesome idea to create your own coffee table book!

  17. I really love this presentation. These are such great ideas and so versatile for so many spaces. Such a great find. Thanks so much for sharing this!


  18. Thanks Allie, I love this post, you are always sharing so many interesting and new things! thanks again. xx

  19. I’ve never actually printed from Artifact Uprising, but the last time I checked out their site I was in love! Beautiful printing, so many options to display photos… it kind of makes me want to just make a bunch of different books or photo displays!

  20. beautifull post and photos!

  21. This is so cool- and what a statement way to present favorite blogger looks!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  22. Very creative and professional way to display your work!

  23. This looks like such a great and unique way to display memorable photos. I’d love to use it to make some gifts for family members 🙂

  24. Hi Allie,

    Oh my! These are so gorgeous and you really captured the visuals beautifully! Well, definitely work checking them out. Your coffee book portfolio idea is brilliant. I have never thought of that.

    Looking forward to see yours!

    Have a great weekend ahead, my dear.


  25. i love the options! and such beautiful photos–nice to have just as beautiful to display them.

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