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I was born and raised in the NY Tri-state area. I know New York like the back of my hand and I love the city I call home. Yes it has its drawbacks and frustrations but what city doesn’t? I moved to Seattle after graduating from college and lived there for about a decade.  I earned my second degree there: an A.A.S in Graphic Arts. My first degree is a BA in Film Production and was earned at Hunter College in NYC.  I decided to move back to New York four years ago to pursue a career in graphic arts and I currently work as graphic designer in the publishing industry.

Hi! I am Ali which is short for Alicia. This is my blog where I will post and talk about fashion, beauty, interior design,  and what ever else strikes my fancy.

I started ALLIE NYC as a way to share my love of the better things in life. It has become quite a passion for me and I hope you love it as much as I do. I work hard and enjoy beautiful things. It is my belief that one does not need a lot of money to live a beautiful life. Beauty is where you find it! So look around! And it doesn’t hurt to find a great bargain.

Answers to your questions..

I posted answers to the most frequently asked questions here

What platform do you use?  
I use Word Press, I started out with Blogger but moved to Word Press for the more robust SEO features which I am still learning how to use.

What kind of computers do you use? 
I use an IMAC computer.

What kind of cameras do you use?

I use the Canon Rebel T3i and I also use my iPhone. I also use Photoshop and Instagram for photo manipulation.

What would you suggest a newbie or an out of towner visiting New York do? 
Oh my gosh were do I begin? There is just so much to do in this city no one could possibly fit it all in on one trip. However it seems everyone that comes to New York of course wants to visit it’s museums. And it seems the top of the list is always THE MET. Well besides the wonderful exhibits and artwork they also have a lovely rooftop cafe with views of Central Park. Really, check it out, the views are great. The meat packing district is a great area of the city to check out. Yes it does get a bit touristy, especially during peak seasons and weekends. I would recommend a weekday/night if possible. But it really is the place to go decked out in your in your finest threads. And make sure to visit the High Line Park, an old train line turned in to a park! You can read more about it here:  Depending on how much time you have, you should consider visiting one the outer boroughs. One of my favorite neighborhoods is DUMBO, which stands for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass“. It is located in the borough of Brooklyn and is easy to get to via the F train. You want to get off at the York Street station which is the first stop in Brooklyn. However a more enjoyable and scenic way to get to Dumbo is to take The East River Ferry, which is only $4!  Take the M34 crosstown bus east, which can be picked up anywhere along 34th street. Take it to the last stop where you can catch the ferry. Trust me, you will not be disappointed, it is $4 well spent! You can read more about Dumbo here: and the East River Ferry here:  For more ideas and things to do in NYC check out The L Magazine.