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Michael DePaulo Fall/Winter 2016 at the Agora Gallery



















The beautiful shapes and sculptural approach, attention to detail, and the innate ability to marry romance with sophistication are the elements that make this collection so breathtaking and unforgettable

Wow this is hands down one of the coldest Fashion Weeks I have ever experienced. And I almost didn’t make it to this show. Due to the extreme cold there have been a lot of problems with the commuter trains, as luck would have it a train was disabled and all train service was suspended—great. I kept checking the site, and about an hour or so later train service was restored. So I called the cab company and thought I would be on my way, but nope, there were no cabs, due to the suspension all the cabs were in Manhattan. Ugh. So I thought I would take a stab at Uber, I didn’t think they operated in suburbia but they do and a driver showed up at my door six minutes later! And I was on my way.

So glad I made it this show, this has to be one of Michael De Paulo’s most sophisticated collections thus far. Held at the Agora Gallery the stark white walls and wonderful mural made for the perfect backdrop to show case this sumptuous and impeccably curated lineup. Michael describes the collection for Fall 2016 as a modern day Marie Antoinette—with geometric beading, exquisite embroidering, layers of feathers and tulle, and silhouettes that feature both body conscious pieces as well as the more traditional ball gown shape, it effortlessly encompasses an old world splendor with a modern day girl aesthetic. The beautiful contours and sculptural approach, attention to detail, and the innate ability to marry romance with sophistication are the elements that make this collection so breathtaking and unforgettable. This is for the modern girl that doesn’t just want to make an entrance, she wants to make a statement. A statement that says she has taste, style and knows who she is, and is not afraid to let the world know.



  1. I know, it’s been freezing! I think Saturday was the worst. I made the stupid mistake of forgetting my gloves at home and had to use my phone to find the location of an event and no lie, within a minute of taking my hands out of my pocket, my fingers were shriveled and I could barely move them! Thankfully my fingers didn’t fall off! As for the presentation, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I adore the embellished jumpsuit, the dress with the tutu hem and that terracotta halter dress, so beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, keep warm!



  2. Wow this is what I call an outstanding catwalk fashion.

  3. The dresses are absolutely stunning. I love the red one best!


  4. Gorgeous! I can’t even pick a favorite because everything is stunning!

  5. Wow I never though NYC stopped but apparently snow happens. Even cabs?! That is unbelievable. So glad you made it to this show so you could share these images. Seriously, wow. These are all such show stoppers. I am smitten over that lace jumpsuit.


  6. I prefer the jumpsuit over the dresses, but the dresses are so amazing as well. So regal and royal!

    Heba xx || The Heba

  7. All the pieces look amazing. I’ve never heard of this designer, but his collection looks so elegant and sophisticated, loving all the exquisite details!


  8. What a stunning collection! I can totally see these gowns on the red carpet. So glamorous!

  9. Hope it warms up for you guys in New York, I saw on the news that it was the coldest weather on record! I bet you’re glad that you made it to this show, the dresses are works of art! The jumpsuit and the orange plunge sequin dress have to be my faves 🙂

    Rachel xx

  10. Wow, Ali! This is a stunning shot. I adore the mural background and the Marie Antoinette feel of the shoot. The clothes exude glamour and craftsmanship, that dress with the twisted tulle skirt and embroidered top, is divine, love the touches of veil at the faces.
    You captured this so poignantly! I am so glad you go to go and share this! It was cold outside!! That red dress!
    Yay, for Uber!
    xx, Ellehttp://www.theellediaries.com/blog

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