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Shopping at Celadon Home in Bellport NY, Long Island

CelandonHome Last weekend a friend and I decided to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. Not quite summer weather, but warm enough to throw on a light jacket and a pair of ballet flats. We headed to the east end of Long Island and to check out some of the local boutiques. In our travels we stumbled upon a very lovely boutique called Celadon Home. Apparently there is a large store in South Carolina called Celadon which sells home furnishings and an Etsy shop of the same name but neither seem to be associated with this cute little shop in Bellport NY. bellport2 bellport3The shop is so whimsical and such a treat for the eyes. They they sell a variety of items from jewelry, to scarves, to pillows, home furnishings, candles and soap, and everything is presented in such a clever and enticing way. I just love this display! It may be hard to tell, but it is made up of white clothes pins covered in sparkles which are being used as hooks to showcase earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Super cute, right? My friend bought a pair of the earrings, I mean seriously, how could she resist? bellport4 bellport6 bellport5I wanted to buy one of everything in the store. But I am on a bit of budget so I opted to buy one item—a bar of Avacado Soap. Ok, I realize that this probably does not sound particularly appealing, but this is one the best smelling soaps that I have ever smelled. A very clean and refreshing scent with just hint of perfume. I love it. If you look closely at the fourth image you can see it on the lower shelf to the right.  And if you are ever in Bellport NY, you must check this shop. In couple of weeks they are having an evening event with cocktails, a psychic and a local jeweler. You can bet I will be in attendance. sayville7 sayville8 sayville9 sayville10After checking out the shops we grabbed a bite and then headed to Sayville. My sister lives in Sayville so I am very familiar with this sleepy, picturesque town. It is one of the towns where you can catch the ferry to Fire Island, and there is a fun, albeit small beach and park that I love to frequent in the summer time. No this is not what I normally wear when I head to this beach. And soon it will be time to retire my black  Michael Kors satchel for the summer. I threw on this faux white leather cropped jacket I got last year at Forever 21 for $39.99. And it may not be the most expensive looking item out there, but it is fun and was the right price. The gray leopard print jeans are from H&M and the tee which you can not really see is from Zara. And the gold flats are Audrey Brooke. I love them, except I would occasionally blind myself when the sun hit the medallions, and I suddenly had the urge to jump up in the air and do Wonder Women style karate chops. You can see my lame attempt in the last photo, blame it on the spring air.


  1. This is the type of shop I will view all day very chic and cute nice items they sell.

  2. I love this sort of concept stores where one can find lovely trifles for home and soul. And avocado soap bar sounds really good. I love everything when it comes to avocado. So I easily get why you couldn’t resist;)




  3. This sounds like the perfect day, love the last pic haha! Happy Memorial Day!!!


  4. amazing shoes. the shop over has amazing small items! I am following you on bloglovin. If you are interested; we can follow each other on gfc and other social media as well. pls let me know.

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  5. Wonderful shop review – I adore boutique shops that you’ll find unique and often unusual gifts within! Lovely post and good coice on the soap! 😉



  6. So stunning! Love your leopard jeans, you look incredible as always! Truly magnificent!

  7. Definitely a treat to the eyes! Loving their jewelry and pillowcases. You look awesome Allie. Love your pants and jacket girl!

  8. Looks like a fun place to shop.

  9. Absolutely adorable shop. Great outfit, too.


  10. Lovely outfit!

  11. Oh, this shop is so great place! I would like to have alomost everything!

  12. Very inspiring shop full of pretty goodies for home. And you look so chic and trendy 🙂
    Have a look at my blog – I’m currently holding an international jewelry giveaway and some other contests for my readers.

    Lu, http://www.balgarka.co.uk

  13. Ha Sayville is one the places i happen to have been on long island, it’s so beautiful. I wish i had a car (and a license, for that matter) so that I could do a day adventure in those necks, that shop looks amazing. So many treasures in there!

    xx Hélène

  14. Oooh, loving all the pieces in the pictures- how did you not walk out with everything?! 🙂 You look great here- chic!


  15. love that last pic 😉 and would love to try avocado soap! sounds amazing!

  16. Looks like a perfect day and with perfect events!!
    Come stop by one day


  17. Oh…I’ll make sure to check out this store if I ever get outta Manhattan!

  18. Summar is sexy,and your body is more sexy

    Royal Wang

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