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Wild Fox— and The Feeling of Summer Lookbook 2015 for LBF


Y es boys and girls we dangerously close to summer, I can already smell the salt air, the smoke from the barbecue pits and the “now I know it’s summer” scent of coconut oil. Those hazy lazy days of leisure, sun and sand. And when I am looking to pull on slouchy faded tee, a hippie inspired sundress or vintage patterned tank I look no further then WildFox.














Known for the low-rent chic aesthetic the company embodies, the Feeling of Summer lookbook 2015 masterfully captures the dreamy summer days of our childhoods. Those days when we had nothing to do except swim, layout and sleep. When the nights promised a game of capture the flag, followed by lying in the dewy grass and star gazing as fire flies intermittently flicked in and out of view. When the future was still before us. This collection has me longing for those days or a long weekend on fire island—for uninterrupted days of sun bleached warmth and breezy ocean air. Where a fashion forward look is no more complicated then a baseball tee and a simple pair of button up shorts. Combining a palette of nautical whites, faded pastels, unfettered primaries and dusty grays the overall effect of this collection is of carefree effortlessness and basic attire. With tees emblazoned with fun snarky comments in retro cuts and uncomplicated fabrics, to lobster print long johns and flouncy shorts, to track pants and crop tops, this line will have you more then ready for that much needed summer vacation by the sea.


  1. This lookbook is stunning.


  2. This editorial reminds me of looks in The Hamptons now that the season started to go for weekend. Great post enjoy your Memorial Day.

  3. Hi Allie, Great look book, the pics are so pretty. I hope the weather is nice in NYC, spring and fall season are the best in NY!! Have a lovely weekend.
    Glamoury Armory Blog

  4. What a creative lookbook, not the usual studio poses. It really captures the sense of summer and fun. I love the white dress in the first picture.

    Accidental Icon

  5. With the temps hitting the 80’s in NYC, it’ll be feeling like summer next week. Love how this look book is infused with such a care free and laid back attitude. That’s what summer should be!

  6. This post definitely puts me in the mood for summer as it is getting closer and closer with each passing day. I love the sundress…it looks so comfortable!!

  7. the pieces are so beautiful
    great post dear

  8. What a comfortable looking collection, I like that it’s very casual and laid-back but I can’t help feeling it’s geared towards the early 20s? Maybe it’s just me who’s getting old…sigh.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. I simply love how they embodied summer in just a few shots. I am also loving all the neutral colors on the models as well. Beautiful. Thanks for posting this Allie.

    Kia / House of KTS (formerly known as Pure & Complex)

  10. Amazing collection! I love all these young and fresh looks!
    Have a great weekend!:)

  11. Gorgeous! Love the high socks x


  12. Wow, stunning pics 🙂 great looks 🙂


  13. Such a gorgeous summer lookbook!
    Dresses & Denim

  14. Great lookbook of summer pieces! The backdrop is also perfect, perfect summer in the Hamptons or (if you’re from my home state of Massachusetts) Cape Cod looks!


  15. Lovely look book.
    I love it
    So summery feeling!

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

  16. I love how comfortable these pieces are. Definitely something I wouldn’t mind wearing at all. Have a lovely weekend, Alicia. 🙂


  17. Wow!! This lookbook is just…mind-blowing! I love how chic, and yet at the same time, comfortable these looks are!! <3 Just gorgeous!! 🙂 And it's soo nice to come across your blog 🙂 Totally in love!!

  18. Allie,
    What a perfectly written editorial, and I do a free with Jackie, this is what the summer looks like here in East Hampton…( just not on me!)
    Love this resource and Lookbook!

  19. Love this! Wild Fox always does an amazing job with their lookbooks 🙂

  20. Easily our favorite wildfox lookbook so far. Soooo perfect!!! All about those summer vibes.

    xx 365Hangers

  21. Love the carefree vibe of this line!

    House of Illusions

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