Throwback Thursday and a Throwback with Kitty Chloe

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appy Throwback Thursday everyone! Here is a picture of my kitty, Chloe when she was about six months old. She liked to sit on my desk while I was working and she would sleep with me at night— sleeping on my chest and waking me up in the morning by licking my face. She is more independent now and stays up night looking for mice. She also LOVES to catch bugs and knows full well what “Where’s the buggie” means. She answers with a quick meow and starts looking all around. She will go after tiny little gnats that I can not see and will leap about the room…and she eats them…blech! She won’t eat tuna, but she will eat bugs! I should call her the bug-o-nator.

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Throwback Thursday and a Throwback with Kitty Chloe