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The Dress Edit—The dresses Currently in My Closet Spring 2020

[bigletter]Happy Monday everyone. Today I am sharing with you the dresses I currently have in my closet. From maxis, to ruffles to no wrinkle wonders I will share with you the dresses I wear, and how I wore them in the past. I have to say creating this video and looking back at happier and more robust times it made me a bit sad. Life was so different then, and it also made me realize that we here in the first world take much for granted. At any rate I hope you enjoy this video and find it inspiring.[/bigletter]


  1. Hey Allie, hope you’re doing good!

    I love to see your videos, you are a good talker and it feels like an honest conversation that I could have with a friend in a coffee about fashion and design.

    Hope you’ll be able to rock those dresses in the upcoming months, you have a very good collection with many options that can be suitable for many occasions, but my favorites are the one with flowers and ruffles (it reminds me of a summer in the Mediterranean), the one with sequins that I have seen in a previous blog post and the one with a tropical print, that one is stunning!

    Stay safe!

  2. totally love this video! glad to see your curated wardrobe
    that red dress is absolutely gorgeous

  3. I feel like you have sooooo many beautiful clothes!! your sytle is amazing!!


  4. I love that green ruffled dress and the summery tropical feels it has! You’re right, it suits you very well!


  5. I love this video! What a walk down memory lane and I remember some of the outfits here!

  6. I love your dresses, you have an inspiring closet. My dear, we are out of the lockdown and trust me, you will savor life as you never did, just be patient.
    Don’t Call Me Fashion Blogger

  7. Love how you layered the dress over Jeans! Very fashionable and stylish.

    xx Simone
    Little Glittery Box

  8. So many chic dresses! I’m a big fan of midi/maxi dresses too, especially when done in a chic pattern or with some fun details. I mean, just wearing the dress and a pair of shoes and you pretty much have your go-to outfit for spring/summer! Xx


  9. I love the green and white dress!

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  10. Gosh you have some beautiful dresses, Allie! I love dresses too and I wear a lot of them to work – I say why not dress up if you can? It feels so good. And yes – ruffles, I’m also a big fan! PS: Gotta love a Michael Kors dress for $25! If you are ever looking for someone to hand it down to, I am totally here for it 🙂

  11. Wow, I love love all your dresses! I love the green leaf print maxi dress!
    Great video, dear!


  12. A lot of fantastic dresses. I cant even choose which i like the most 🙂

  13. Such a beautiful dresses, love especially that with green leaves pattern!


  14. Hello
    You are a born communicator Allie, I loved watching your video and your dresses, my favorites the first white and the leaves print I loved it !!


  15. I love all your videos <3

  16. You have a fabulous collection of dresses! You know I’m also a big fan of that Shein maxi dress. It’s so whimsical and makes such a statement and we had so much fun on that shoot. I miss those days. I love the way you style shorter dresses as tunics and over longer skirts. I need to do that more.

  17. I like all these dresses, they are really beautiful but my favourite is the dark navy blu one, it is very classy and elegant and hope you won’t mind but it makes you seem an upper class italian Lady walking the streets of Verona or Firenze.

  18. I apologise in advance for the length of this comment – so many of these dresses merited it.
    I can see how you might feel nostalgic and depressed thinking back to your happier times when you were working and looking at your previous delightful blog posts.
    I love the photos of you wearing the dresses you included on the right side of your video.
    when you were busy working at what you love so much
    I enjoyed having this look at the dresses
    That first dress that your mum gave you looks very pretty.
    The bows on the shoulder of the red dress (3rd) do look cute.
    That black cap-sleeved mini-dress from Loft (4th) with the white pink and red print is pretty.
    The layered green ruffled dress you got in Brooklyn (5th at 4:19) also looks pretty.
    I also love the looks of the ruffled thin blue satin Sunner dress (6th at 5:34)
    The photos of you wearing the off light cotton white ruffled dress with floral print (8th) with the water in the background (7:57) are great.
    That black lace dress at 9:10 (9th) that you wore to Fashion Week in Paris look beautiful.
    The black crochet lace and red maxi-dress (10th) at 10:33 looks gorgeous and swingy.
    I also love the cute dress (last) dress fro H+M at 16:30 that you had worn to New Year’s Eve.
    Fabulous collection of dresses!
    Best wishes for many more happy days, fame, wealth, heath, fun employment and happiness!

    1. Wow thank you so much. So glad you enjoyed the video, and thank you for your kind words.

  19. You make the coolest vids, Allie! Love your style and love the music. What is the name of that music? Reminds me of a place I went to in New Orleans last year. I know what you mean about how sad it is to see where we are today vs last year. It feels like 2020 will be a “lost” year.


  20. What a fun video! I’m a dress girl too but have found myself wearing much more casual ones these days!

  21. Hi Allie, you’ve got amazing pieces….. Love all your looks.

    Glowyshoe’s blog

  22. Hi Allie,

    I love watching your video and all your collection. Those dresses are so beautiful and you look gorgeous in those outfit!

    Elvira | https://elviraedison.com

  23. Dresses are a great item to rely on, especially in spring time. I like you collection of dresses and it’s interesting to see how you wear them. It is true, these hard times are making us realize how much we took for granted, like seeing and hugging our friends and so on.

  24. Loved watching your video- beautiful dress collection!

  25. I really love to see your videos, You have an inspiring closet, you have a great collection of clothes and also an amazing fashion sense too.
    Stay safe.
    Kisses <3

  26. Beautiful dresses. Great style.

  27. I love them all, you are always so stylish Allie!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Instagram

  28. Wow, you’ve got many pretty dresses, dear!
    Very nice video, it was entertaining and lovely to see!

  29. Love your outfits. Please keep on posting. Keep safe

  30. Beautiful looks!

    Cores do Vício

  31. Without any doubt, my favorites are maxi dresses, especially on summer! 🙂
    Amazing video Allie, have a nice weekend!


  32. This is a great idea for a video! I have filmed something like this with my kimonos but I just need to get around to editing! It’s been so hard finding time for editing when the kids are home so much, haha! I have a few dresses in my wardrobe too, you know I love a good maxi dress! 🙂

    Hope you are having a good week 🙂 It’s a bit cold here – winter has arrived a week early!

  33. Your dresses are gorgeous!
    I love the green ruffled top and the green leaves dress!

    Thank you for sharing this video.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  34. Such pretty dresses !
    Sometimes there is just no need to buy new clothes with all the ones we already have in our closet.
    And it’s so fun to wear it through the years by styling it differently.
    My favorite may be the flowers ruffles one and I love the green printed one too.

  35. Wow.. love the video and your style… thanks for sharing your wardrobe … particularly the red dress was beautiful 🙂
    Beauty and fashion/Rampdiary

  36. Hi Allie oh I’m in love with the green dress! It remind sme of palmtrees and summer 🙂

  37. What a great collection, Allie! How do you pick which one to wear?!?!? 😀 The green ruffled dress is one of my fave dresses of yours for sure:) Also love that Shein (sp?) dress. No surprise you got a lot of compliments wearing it. You look fab in green for sure:)
    Have an awesome weekend! Stay safe.

  38. I have to say my favorite from your collection is the green leaves print long one perfect silhouette. Have a Happy Memorial Weekend and a safe one.

  39. I love all of these different outfits you’ve rocked! I really like the white with ruffles! Such a great wear. You look great in all of these different outfits. Love that you enjoy making videos. You do a great job with all of the elements with making a video!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  40. Gorgeous dresses! I miss having somewhere to go where I could wear a dress.

  41. OMG, I am a fan of dresses and I have a lot on my wardrobe.
    Love all your selection, they are amazing pieces.
    My fav one is the maxi dress with green sleeves, so colorful, inspires happiness.

  42. Beautiful dresses darling Lovely video Soon times will be normal again Enjoy your weekend and keep creating Much love Cris

  43. Wow, how many beautiful dresses! You are so stylish! You always have great outfits!

  44. You have lots of beautiful dresses! You have a great fashion style!



  45. Sounds colol! Amazing looks
    Rêtro Vintage Maggie | Facebook | Instagram

  46. Beautiful dresses Allie! I love the off the shoulder floral dress!

  47. I live in dresses in the summer, when its hot and sticky who wants to wear anything that doesn’t flow? I love the tropical print dress its giving me vacation vibes which I know were all dying for right now! xo ~Zia

  48. You have amazing collection of dresses. Thank you for sharing

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  49. Love that leaf print.

  50. Love the black lacy dress you wore with the big glasses and patterned bag. Such a cute outfit! All of the dresses were beautiful and look so easy to style.

    Loren | Plaid and Sugar

  51. Great post, kisses!


  52. I love this green dress ❤

  53. Great video!:)

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