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Vlogmas #3 Getting The Tree

Blogging - alimackin@gmail.com - December 18, 2017

Here is Vlogmas #3 getting the tree! It was a warmish day and sunny so a good day to go. I picked out a small but cute and full tree. I put it up and have started to decorate it. Now I have to wrap the gifts, and get my baking started. I hope you enjoy joining me on this holiday excursion! Happy Holidays everyone.

And note my bangs in the bedroom shot. I am not making this up when I claimed that the last stylist I went to did not do a bang up job, excuse the pun. The next person I go to is going to probably rate me as their most high maintenance client ever. But I am going in for a pre-consultation and then I am going to direct them every step of the way. I will not just be sitting back and letting them do their thing, because apparently that doesn’t work.

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Vlogmas 2017 #1 oculus world trade center nyc

Blogging, Fashion, Life, Life-Style, vlogmas - alimackin@gmail.com - December 4, 2017

It is now officially the holiday season. Time to get out and about and see the festivities. It is cold and brisk but I am loving it. All we need is a wee bit of snow and I will be in full holiday season mode. Last week my friend Angela and I headed to the Oculus neither of us had been there so it was a no brainer. I did some Christmas shopping which I will share with you next week in a shopping haul.

So come along and if you are ever in New York be sure to check out the Oculus. And go during the week in the middle of the day like we did, it is much less crowded!

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