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A Textured Vest From Mango—Put Your Best Vest Forward

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Yes Fall is finally here in NY and one of the things I love to do when the weather is so delightfully crisp and inviting is to stroll the streets of Soho on my lunch break. Seriously girls it does’t get any better then this. I love to people watch, window shop and get inspired by all the wonderful street style around me.

A Top Shop Shaggy Rock-n-Roll Sweater and a Vegan Fringe Bag

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have always been a bit of a rebel at heart. I was never quite a mainstream girl and I never tried out for the cheerleading team. And I am going to admit to a secret—The Royals is a guiltily pleasure of mine. And my favorite character of course is the princess. I Love her snarky, I can see through your bullshit attitude and her edgy to die for wardrobe. Plus she is gorgeous, I wouldn’t mind looking like her! So a few weeks ago when I attended an event

Spring Coats and a Girl Who Can’t Make Up Her Mind, What Do You Look For in a Spring Coat?

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pring is finally here in NY and I am so ready to do a little spring shopping. I feel like after the major spring cleaning that I did a few weeks ago I should reward myself with a little spring shopping. I got a fairly nice tax return and even had a dream I went out shopping and spent $500…well I will not be doing that, but I will be purchasing a spring coat. As I have spoken about before on the blog I struggle with coats—it seems they never quite fit right, t