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NYFW Fall 2020 Vlog Part One

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Here is part one of my NYFW Fall 2020 vlog. I decided to post the my NYFW coverage in two parts. In this video which is about twenty minutes long, covers the first couple of days. Personally, I prefer longer videos as when I am on YouTube I like to settle in and not have to keep searching for something to watch every ten minutes. But an hour is a bit long and I did’t want my computer to start smoking when I exported the video. At any rate, I take you to the shows at Spring Studios and Pier 59 as well as what I got up to between the shows. And stayed tuned for Part two coming next week.

OFS Fashion Week SS2020

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Today I am sharing with you the OFS shows from this past Fashion Week. The lineup for SS2020 was stronger then ever and was a joy to watch. Ten designers were featured: Manishii, MVR, Samantha Darryanto,Mayan the Label,Poli & Jo, NadineByNadia, Matt Sarafa, Samantha Darryanto. The collections span the range of fashion forward aesthetics.From futuristic streetwear to satin gowns, to utilitarian inspired bags, to minimalism, to club clothes and beyond it was found in this inspiring collective.[/dropcap


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And today we have the last and third set of shows presenting at the Oxford Studio Fashion Studio shows for Spring/Summer 2019. I enjoyed attending the shows and being able to see the work of up and coming designers. It is a showcase where inclusion is the heart of the events. From transgender, to plus-size to art inspired pieces and showcasing designers from around the globe the shows presented were anything but vanilla.