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Vlogmas #3 Getting The Tree

Blogging - [email protected] - December 18, 2017

Here is Vlogmas #3 getting the tree! It was a warmish day and sunny so a good day to go. I picked out a small but cute and full tree. I put it up and have started to decorate it. Now I have to wrap the gifts, and get my baking started. I hope you enjoy joining me on this holiday excursion! Happy Holidays everyone.

And note my bangs in the bedroom shot. I am not making this up when I claimed that the last stylist I went to did not do a bang up job, excuse the pun. The next person I go to is going to probably rate me as their most high maintenance client ever. But I am going in for a pre-consultation and then I am going to direct them every step of the way. I will not just be sitting back and letting them do their thing, because apparently that doesn’t work.

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