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BLM Protest Long Island New York Part Two

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Here is part two of my photo series from the Black Lives Matter protest I attended on Sunday June 14th. As I explained in my last post I decided to post these photos in black and white. In some ways I find black and white photos to be more expressive when it comes to profound news events like this. With black and white photography you are less distracted by color and advertising. The simplicity of black and white helps to reinforce and focus in on the subject matter, distilling it down to shapes and forms, to lightness and darkness, and the under lying emotion in the moment. I hope I was able to capture that in these images.

#BLM Protest Long Island New York Part One

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On Sunday June 14th I went to a Black Lives Matter protest on Long Island New York. I had wanted to go to the protests in New York and Brooklyn but was worried about Covid 19 as I live with high risk people. When I learned there would be protests on Long Island I figured it would safer as there would be more room for social distancing and the crowds would not be as large. I did my best but I don’t know how successful I was at social distancing, but I kept my mask on and did the best I could.